Modern Day Teasure Hunt In the Rockies

Those of us who grew up on movies like Goonies and the Indiana Jones series have always wanted to go on a modern day treasure hunt. We scoured our attics for long-lost maps and pretended to fight Nazis for the holy grail in our backyards, all in the name of adventure and never growing up. Well, now we’ve grown up (mostly) and there’s a real-life treasure hunt for real gold in the Rocky Mountains!

Millionaire Forrest Fenn must have been one of these adventurers-at-heart, because the eccentric older man, in an effort to relieve financial malaise after the great recession, hid a chest filled with $2 million worth of gold, precious stones, and expensive artifacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in 2008. Fenn isn’t crazy, his friends say, nor is he one to create a wild hoax; for what it’s worth, everyone who knows him says the hunt is real. The only clues he’s given to the public about where to find this chest can be found in a poem written in his self-published book, “The Thrill of The Chase.” He estimates that about 65,000 people have gone treasure hunting over the last 6 years as a result.

Two of those people have died in the pursuit, unfortunately. Randy Bilyeu and Paris Wallace went missing two years apart. Their bodies were found days after they were reported missing, of undetermined cause. Though some have called on Fenn to call off the hunt after the deaths, he has only expressed regret and respectful concern for the families of the deceased, and urges anyone who goes hunting for his treasure chest to take GPS, a buddy, and to wait for the snow to melt fully.

Bilyeu and Wallace’s demise haven’t stemmed the tide of treasure hunters and adventurers who are positive that they can crack the poem and unearth the chest in the wilderness somewhere between New Mexico and Canada. And though none have come back with the treasure yet, they often do return with a newfound respect for the outdoors. “You go out, you look, you don’t find it, you come back home, you go through your clues again,” says adventurer (and retiree) Cynthia Meachum. “And you go out and you do it again. And I have actually seen some of the most spectacular scenery because of this that I ever would’ve seen.” We think Fenn would be pleased about that at least.

New Ideas For Your Fireplace (Even If You Don’t Have One!)

Nothing says winter like curling up by a fireplace. Unless of course you’re terrified of an open flame in your home, in which that full winter cozy effect never seem to come. Well cheer up because you don’t need a raging fire in a brick box to make the season seem bright.  We’ve got some stylish ideas for your home’s hot spot and even some DIY fireplace inspiration in case you don’t have one.

  1. Let’s start with the faux fireplace. Fake it till you make it! Well then kick your but into craft gear to make sure you’ve got the perfect place to hang your stockings in time for the holidays. Not the crafting type? Don’t worry, you can still chalk it up!



  2. Get your cozy on. Stock your fireplace full of baskets filled with blankets, throw pillows and a sweater or two. Top it all off with a lush rug and bam, you’ve got a new storage spot and a fireplace that will keep you warm sans flame.



  3. Utilize an unused fireplace for storage. Coffee table space comes at a serious premium, so go ahead and add some stacks of your beloved magazines to your fireplace. Or, if your kitchen is home to a fireplace, use it to hold cookbooks and tools. 




  4. Keep it colorful! Take that dark fireplace and liven it up with some pops of color. Paint the fireplace itself, or go a little more subtle by painting the ends of logs. Either way, that fireplace is bound to pop!



Reese Witherspoon Launches A Multimedia Brand For Women

With the news today being, well, as truly unbelievable as it is, the world could use more happy, positive, humorous and uplifting stories, and Reese Witherspoon couldn’t agree more. Witherspoon recently announced that her production company Pacific Standard will become part of a new company she is co-founding called Hello Sunshine.

Hello Sunshine aims to be a “cross-platform brand and consumer-facing content company dedicated to telling female-driven stories,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Planning to launch in 2017, the new site ( will create, curate, and bring you the most powerful content to uplift women worldwide.

Witherspoon’s production company, which produced Gone Girl and Wild, which starred Witherspoon herself, has been dedicated to creating films that tell women’s stories. Hello Sunshine, according to Witherspoon, will only help further her passion to do just that.

“My lifelong passion has been to tell women’s stories with authenticity and humor. This partnership will allow me to reach a greater audience that is eager for more female driven content,” said Witherspoon about the new venture.

The company will be chaired by other like-minded individuals, like Kerry Tucker who used to serve as Executive Vice President of Victoria’s Secret, and also used to be head of marketing for all aspects of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – both serious girl power brands in their own unique ways.

Hello Sunshine is on its way. See you soon! ☀️

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Witherspoon is both excited and hopeful for the future of women and Hello Sunshine.

“Hello Sunshine is deeply committed to creating content that will reach women where they spend time, whether it is at a movie theater, at home or on their mobile device,” said Witherspoon. “Women are looking for entertainment that speaks to them about what they value. Hello Sunshine will make content that entertains, educates and brings women together.”

Selena Gomez Finally Breaks Her Silence At AMAs With Powerful Speech

With celebrities’ faces plastered everywhere around us, it’s sometimes hard to remember that they are people too. So many clamor for fame and fortune, but when they get the fame and fortune they wish for, it’s a lot harder to deal with than they thought. That’s why Selena Gomez is serving as a shining example of maturity and grace in the face of personal crisis while balancing her fame.

The 24 year old singer recently made a raw and honest address to her fans and colleagues at this years 44th annual American Music Awards. Gomez has been in the spotlight acting and singing since childhood as a Disney actor, and has had to learn embarrassing life lessons in the public eye.

However, when her fame started conflicting with her health and mental well-being, she knew she had to take a step back. After being diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disorder, at the end of an extremely busy and successful year, she decided to take a step back and check herself into a rehab facility to focus on her mental health.

When she took the stage at the AMAs after winning the award for Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist, she opened up to fans to say thank you. Gomez also offered some clarity about her decision to step back and urged everyone to take care of themselves.

“I think it’s safe to say that most of you know a lot of my life, whether I like it or not—and I had to stop. ’Cause I had everything, and I was . . . absolutely broken inside. And I kept it all together enough to where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together, to where I let myself down. I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram, I want to see what’s in here,” Gomez said, pointing to her chest.