Mobile Phone Recycling

The use of mobile phones has increased rapidly over the last decade thus augmenting the problem of pollution. People must be made aware of recycling programs so that a culture for recycling mobile phones must be created to deal with this problem.

Government and nonprofit organizations are running many programs and have taken up initiatives to spread awareness among the general public regarding recycling and its benefits. Mobile phone take backs are a major part of these programs. All the major mobile manufacturing companies have launched this kind of programs to encourage the users to give back their old mobile phones. These programs are beneficial to the users because they get a considerable amount of cash on their old mobile phones which will otherwise, to go the scrap.

These companies use all kinds of media to reach out to the users. In this regard, they follow certain steps to spread awareness for the programs. These are:

  • Introducing the Agenda- Introducing the agenda to the public requires lots of planning. Companies try a combined approach to encourage people to recycle their old mobile phones.
  • Building the Infrastructure- Infrastructure for collection is of paramount importance to popularize recycling. Changing the mindset and habit of people, along with offering proper collection facilities, contributes towards the success of the campaign. Right communication combined with easy take-back options can do the wonders.
  • Building Partnerships to Expand Program- Collaborating with different partners can aid in developing the recycling programs. The programs need to be more efficient, convenient and attractive for the common mass.
  • Data Collection- Data collection helps in evaluating and improving the impact of recycling programs on the users. It also helps in planning logistics and collection methods.  

All these points contribute immensely towards building a mobile phone recycling culture. At this day and age, we need to realize the importance of recycling. Building a proper culture will go a long way in preventing depletion of natural resources and saving the planet.

Benefit The Earth By Going Green

Going green an essential part of preserving the earth. Here are a few easy ways of reducing the carbon footprint you’re creating on the world.

Energy saving lightbulbs

Installing energy saving light bulbs in every room in your house will dramatically reduce the energy you’re using. In turn, this will also lower your electric bill too.

Solar panels

Solar panels absorb natural light and convert it into electricity that you can use within your home. They’re installed on your roof, ensuring that they hit direct light all day.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are powered by electricity, and one small heater will comfortably heat a medium sized room. They cost pennies to run per hour too, so less energy and money is being spent.

Gadgets and tech

When a piece of equipment isn’t in use, consider unplugging it from the wall, or switching it off. Make this a habit because it will make the world of difference.


Not nearly enough people on the planet recycle. It’s so easy to do, whether putting an empty wrapper in the correct recycling bin, or reusing an empty bottle. You can upcycle furniture to refresh it, and recycle clothing by handing it down to someone who would wear it more, or tearing it up to be used as cloths for cleaning your home.


Be wary of what product you use because many products on the market are still harmful to our environment. Deodorant sprays are a prime example of a harmful product. It may not harm us, but it pollutes the air and ruins the ‘O Zone’ that’s protecting our world. Try switching to roll on deodorant.

Teach the whole family

Having the whole family involved in keeping our green earth will not only benefit us all, but it can be a fun thing to do for children. Chores like recycling could be made into games, or competitions. This will ensure that it will turn into a lifestyle option, and not something the family gives up on quickly. Love The Planet!

Tips On Turning Your Bedroom Green

Turning your bedroom green can help you get comfortable and improve your sleep while also being mindful of the environment. Waking up refreshed in a clean and sustainable room is the best way to start your day. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Is Your Bedroom Keeping You Awake?

The average healthy adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Here are some sneaky ways your bedroom could be keeping you awake:

  • Your room isn’t clean enough.

Your bedroom could be a haven for allergens that keep you awake. Sleeping with pets or opening your windows at night could be the reason why you’re sniffling and sneezing.

  • Your mattress and sheets aren’t comfortable.

Most people are sleeping on a bedding that is about 9.5 years old. Individuals who upgrade their bedding system alleviate their back pain and improve their quality of sleep.


  • You associate your bedroom with other activities.


The light transmitted from digital devices tells your brain not to produce a hormone needed to make you feel sleepy called melatonin. It also makes you associate your bedroom with entertainment or work and not sleep.

Turning your bedroom green is a good way to make your sleep environment more conducive to rest.


  • Get rid of allergens using green products.


Reduce allergies by cleaning your bedroom with safe, natural products. Invest in an air purifier that removes toxins to help you breathe better.


  • Rebuild your bedroom with sustainable products.


If you’ve had your bedroom set for a long time, upgrade using sustainable materials. Look into paints and polishes that are made without chemicals. Invest in an eco-friendly mattress with memory foam or try a box spring mattress and top it with natural wool. Both of these products are created without chemicals or plastics. Top your new bed with organic cotton sheets.

The color of your walls could also be keeping you awake at night. Calming colors like pale green might help you sleep. Avoid bright colors as these may keep you awake.

The Benefits Of Bike Riding

Bike is the way to go if you want to make a difference for your environment. Cars can be detrimental to the environment and sacrificing a bit of speed in favor of a healthier world is something that many will take gladly.  However, many are no doubt curious about what other benefits they can enjoy if they decide to switch to a bike.

Seeing the city

Driving around can make everything look like a big blur (literally). Even if you live in the same place for years, you might not be familiar with everything your city has to offer. When you’re riding a bike instead of driving, you get to see all the cool things you would have never noticed through a car window. Because you’re moving at a considerably slower pace, everything comes into focus and you suddenly realize just how pretty the surrounding area can be. Especially if you have parks or natural attractions on the way to your commute destination, you will arrive at work with a much better and fresher attitude.

Say goodbye to traffic

Sightseeing on your way to work and inhaling fresh air every morning isn’t the only way to eliminate stress. You will also have to deal with far less traffic. Riding a bike might be slower, but it literally opens new paths for you to explore. All these help you beat traffic and get where you need to be.You get an insane workout

Fitting in a full workout in a busy schedule is tough. However, you get a free, demanding workout just by riding your bike to work, and then back home. Even if you skip the return journey and catch a ride with a friend or the bus, you still have a great workout for the day. You can actually save money this way because you no longer need to go to a gym.  As a result, you are fresher, healthier and better looking, just like the environment you protect by riding a bike.

How Your Business Can Go Green

Here’s a closer look at how your business can benefit from going green and the easy ways that you can be more environmentally-friendly.

The Benefits of Going Green

Many businesses want to set themselves apart from their rivals, which is what a green agenda can do. A recent study on corporate social responsibility showed that:

  • 51% of consumers would buy lower quality products if the business was more socially or environmentally responsible.
  • 93% of consumers have a more positive image of companies who support environmental issues, with 90% saying they would be more likely to trust them.
  • 88% would stay loyal to an eco-friendly company and continue buying products from them.

Social and environmental policies cannot be ignored by companies who want to be successful as it’s high up on the consumer’s agenda when deciding who to do business with. So, how can your business adopt more green practices?

How to Be More Eco-Friendly

You should take a closer look to see if there’s any inefficiencies in your supply chain. For example, if you find that your delivery service is not eco-friendly, then you could switch to a greener delivery service, like FedEx and TNT. They have estimated that they avoided 1.68 million tons of CO2 in fiscal year 2016 due to their environmental initiatives.

Also, you could consider powering your office with alternative energies, such as wind power, solar power or geothermal power.

There are even ways where you can be environmentally-friendly whilst saving your business money, such as:

  • Lower utility costs when you switch to energy-efficient rated fixtures, such as LED light bulbs. Also, making sure all your electrical equipment is switched off on a night, rather than leaving it on standby, can make a big difference.
  • Encouraging carpooling or cycling to work with incentives.
  • Cutting out the amount of paper waste – encourage your employees to go paperless or print documents double-sided if necessary. Consider hiring a waste container rental for commercial waste.

. By being more efficient and more environmentally aware, your business could be more profitable.