Best Foods For Glowing Skin

Do you scrub, moisturize, and wear sunscreen, but still can’t get your skin to glow like some of your friends? It could be an issue with your diet. No matter our beauty regimen, what we eat and drink tends to come out in our skin, so to take your epidermis to the next level, try consuming some of these foods (on top of drinking A TON of water, of course):

  1. Cucumbers – these offer the benefit of being full of water, a whopping 96% full! They’re a delicious snack and go with everything from hummus to yogurt, but they also keep your body way hydrated.
  2. Green Tea – this wonder-brew contains polyphenols, some of the most powerful antioxidents around. It will definitly perk up your skin!
  3. Tomatoes – these acidic fruits carry a ton of lycopene, which protects skin from sun damage and the aged looks that come with it!
  4. Salmon – you’re probably tired of hearing about Omega-3s, but they really reduce inflammation and even out skin tone, and salmon is an excellent source.
  5. Berries – these fruits act in the same way as green tea, by proving antioxidants that slow down the aging process! Sweet potatoes are also a great source. Yes please!

Finally, when at all possible you should avoid excess sugar. Refined sugars (the kinds in candy and soda, not fruit) can age you prematurely by toughening your skin and making it less even. Replace them with some of the foods and drinks above and you’ll turn a negative into a positive!

Simple Fall Dessert That Wows

Cranberries are an amazing holiday harvest item, but a lot of people are scared of cooking with them because of how firm and sour they are when bought ripe in the produce aisle. However, their tartness lends itself perfectly to baked goods that cut through all the heaviness and decadence of holiday sweets, like in this delicious cranberry orange cake!

The base is essentially a basic vanilla cake, from scratch so it tastes extra delicious. Most people buy cake mixes these days instead of starting with basic ingredients, but you’d be surprised at how little extra time this cake takes! Cakes and baked goods almost always start with whipping the eggs and sugar together until they form a delicious butter yellow paste. That’s how you know when to add the butter!

Whip that a bit and then toss in vanilla and orange zest (your flavorings!). Finally toss in the flour and mix until combined, and then stir in your fresh cranberries! That’s right, you don’t even need to sugar them before you toss them in! Bake in a 9×13 inch pan (or go for two 8x8s!) and get ready to try the best finish to an autumn dinner around!

If this is too tart or plan for you, feel free to combine a little of the fresh orange juice from your oranges with powdered sugar, and drizzle it over the top! The perfect finish to a perfect dessert!

5 Superfoods You Should Consider Buying

Eating healthy can be pretty expensive. To make matters worse, there’s really no right or wrong way to go about doing so. There are unlimited diets, foods, and products that you can invest in that can help you live a healthier life, albeit a more expensive one. With that being said, there are some foods that are definitely worth splurging on for their health benefits. Here are five of them.

Manuka Honey

This spread is harvested in New Zealand and is chock full of vitamins and enzymes. It makes for a great healing agent, and can help combat tooth decay, acne, and burns. It’s also pretty delicious. With that being said, a normal sized jar can set you back ~$50, which is pretty steep for a jar of honey. Given its many health benefits, it still makes for a pretty worthwhile investment, just use it sparingly.


Reishi powder goes great in coffee, tea, and just about every other hot beverage. The powder, made from ground up reishi mushrooms, helps improve longevity, immunity, and relieve stress. A bag of the powder can also set you back about ~$50.

E3 Live

This organic, wild blue green algae is packed with fatty acids, vitamin, and minerals. It’s perfect for providing the body with energy, and stabilizing hormones. The algae can be be purchased in various forms, including as a frozen liquid, capsule, or powder.


These berries are high in iron, fiber and calcium, and can help fight off fatigue. Like normal berries, you can eat them raw, or incorporate them into baked goods, salads, and drinks. A bag of mulberries can cost anywhere for $10-15$, making them the most affordable superfood on this list.

Maca Powder

This powder is great for hormone balancing, and it also helps with increasing one’s energy levels. You can incorporate the powder into drinks, soups, and baked goods. This nutty tasting powder will set you back ~$25 on average.

Algae: Superfood Or Health Threat?

Beverages that provide substantial nourishment and energy are becoming increasingly popular in our every busier lives. The most popular among the is the blue algae latte, a new form of superfood being recommended by both fitness specialists and wellness influencers alike. Made using the blue-green algae called spirulina, the drink is a top seller in various cafes around the country. Other forms of blue algae latte made using chlorella or Blue Majik have also gained significant popularity due to its similarities with spirulina. While the medical community welcomed these algae strains with open arms, they also received some negative press, due to the fact that the drink was responsible for people falling ill after they consumed Soylent bars.

According to Dr. Edward Group, who has spent more than 5 years researching on algae and

its effects, there are thousands of varieties of algae, with the most popular variants being spirulina, AFA and chlorella. All these variants of algae come loaded with a high concentration of nutrients including protein, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and vitamins which make it an ideal ingredient for food manufacturers. Algae can also help in flushing out toxins from the body and keep one safe from diseases.

But like all things, algae has some negative aspects too. According to Dr Group, most types of algae found around the world are contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, lead or arsenic, which makes them dangerous. The major reason behind contamination are manufacturers, who add filler to algae when it is used to make different products.

According to Dr Group, one just needs to be aware of the source of the algae to prevent issues. He also recommends sticking with varieties that are organic, non-GMO and gluten free, and to also check out the brand’s website to check the source of their algae produce.

DIY Adult Lunchables

Lunchables, the incredible, pre-packaged meals of our childhood, seemed to become less and less of a part of our daily lunchtime as we got older. Thinking back, the tiny portions and lack of nutritional content (and taste) definitely had something to do with that, but the concept behind a Lunchables box isn’t actually bad.

Lunchables basically meet a few critical criteria. They don’t require any cooking, microwaving, or utensils. Furthermore each food item is in its own compartment on the lunchable tray. Lastly, each combination of food found in a lunchable compliments each other.

Once you know the criteria, you can make DIY Adult Lunchable trays. After all, just because lunchables are made for kids doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the convenience of pre-packaged meals. First, you need to determine a combination of food that works well together. For instance, a lunchable with grilled chicken, pita bread, hummus, and sliced grape tomatoes would go well together, since all those foods compliment each other.

Once you’ve got a great food combination, find a good container and use cupcake liners to break up the food into compartments. Now you can pop your makeshift lunchable into the fridge, where it will be ready for you next time you need to grab a quick lunch!