How To Hack Your Daily Workout

If you’re like most people, you probably wish you could work out more. It’s easy to be complacent when it comes to your workout regimen. You buy all the equipment, get a gym membership, and then you only end up working out 2 or 3 times a month if that.

It’s understandable. We’re all so incredibly busy, so we tell ourselves that we’ll work out when we have some time. The problem…we’ll we never have the time. There’s always something to do, whether it’s work, sleep, fun, there’s always something you would rather be doing (or need to be doing) instead of working out.

If you want to work out more diligently, waiting till you have extra time to get in a workout is a bad idea. You’ll find that making time to workout or incorporating it into the things you already do is a much more effective way to operate.

For instance, instead of taking the bus all the way to work or driving, you could walk all or part of the way. Instead of taking the elevator, you could take the stairs. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV, you can get in a quick, light workout while enjoying your favorite shows. Yes, incorporating your workout into these activities may result in a slightly longer commute or a slightly less enjoyable binging session, but tying exercise into things that you already do is probably the most effective way to get in a workout regularly. You can still hit the gym when you get a free moment, but you’ll also get in a little cardio on the days where you can’t spend an hour or two at the gym. It’s a lot harder to make excuses too, since incorporating the workout  doesn’t mean shifting your focus.

How To Avoid Feeling Gloomy

We all have days where we feel down. It could be after spending weeks preparing for a holiday, or even after receiving some bad news. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to deal with a bit of unwelcome gloom when it occurs.

Tip #1

Redecorating tends to be a very cathartic experience. Sometimes all you really need to cheer up is a change of scenery. Try rearranging furniture or buying new lights.

Tip #2

You can also try resuming your routine. Old habits die hard, so if your routine has been interrupted, that could explain why you may be feeling down. Getting back into the swing of things is a viable way to cheer up.

Tip #3

Reach out to your friends. Maybe plan a movie day, a party, or just get together and hang out. Being around company is a good way to improve your mood.

Tip #4

Try picking up something new. Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook a certain food, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano? Whatever the case may be, finding a new hobby is a great way to stay busy and lift the gloom. You can even find a hobby that you can pursue with friends, which can make cheering up even easier.

In short, if you’re feeling down, do something about it! Finding new hobbies or a change of pace can be a great way to keep yourself busy.

Making Sunday Meal Prepping Easier

If meal prep seems daunting or just doesn’t get you excited for one reason or another: you’re not alone. Here are some easier—and more fun—ways to get into planning and cooking your meals in advance, so you can actually stick with it.

Get Plenty of Containers You Love

If your plan is to prep all your meals in advance, you’re going to need a lot of Tupperware. Get good, sturdy containers that will last and are easy to take care of . Be sure to get enough containers for the week so you can portion out all of your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Include a lunch box or bag for taking your food to work with you, so make sure it’s something you won’t mind carrying around.

Find Recipes You’re Excited About

Try looking for  recipes that you’ve never made before. Just make sure they’re recipes that will store well, or that can be frozen.

Use Pre-Made Foods Whenever Possible

Buy pre-made foods, like a rotisserie chicken, and divide it up for the week rather than cooking chicken yourself. Look to the prepared foods section and the frozen section at your grocery store and get creative.

Freeze Meals (So You Can Change Things Up)

Instead of cooking multiple dishes for the week ahead, plan meals out of foods that can be easily frozen and saved for later instead, then stock up so you can choose different meals day-to-day.

It’ll take a few weeks before you have a stockpile of different dishes, but then you’ll be able to cook one set of meals for the week and swap out some of the dishes.

Tie It To Something Entertaining

Try tying the process to something you actually enjoy. Watch TV or bring your laptop to stream shows into your kitchen while you do your meal prep. An album or a playlist that you can sing along to while you get your meals together is also a plus. Whatever you love, find a way to incorporate it into your weekly meal prep time so you’ll actually look forward to it.

Guided Meditations For The Work Day

To become centered and relaxed throughout your day, take a look at these guided meditations free on YouTube – there are hundreds of videos to choose from that take you from stressed, back to a zen.

Waking Up

Here is a 10 minute meditation video that’s meant to start your day with positive energy and get your productivity going.

While You Get Ready

You can do this video as you put on your clothes and get ready in front of the mirror.

Morning Commute

This video can help you relax, allowing you to start your workday as your best self.

Lunch Break

Whether you need to de-stress from the work day, or want to center yourself and become more mindful for the rest of the day, this video will help you reset.

Unwinding At Home

If you would like to center yourself and find your inner peace, this video is excellent to wipe away stress, anxiety, and worry.

What Happens When You Walk Every Morning

A writer began walking each morning. Here’s how it went, and what she learned along the way:

Day 1: Monday

I’ll be honest, I was not excited to get up earlier and go for a walk on a Monday morning, so I decided the best way to ease into it was to work from home so I wouldn’t have to wake up quite as early as I would if I were doing this before going into the office. The rest of the day, I felt much more energetic than I typically do—to the point where for most of the work day, I was antsy and really wanted to get back outside and be active. I walked  to the gym and back—adding another 2 miles to my day.

Total Miles Walked: 3.5

Day 2: Tuesday

I got up without even hitting snooze once. I made it out the door before 7:15, came back, hopped in the shower, got ready and made it to the office earlier than I usually do. I felt great all morning—that same energy boost from Day 1 and a whole lot of productivity!

Total Miles Walked: 3.5

Day 3: Wednesday

I woke up ready—and honestly, excited—to go for my walk even though it was still super hot outside. I was so into my walk and listening to my music that I actually strutted right past where I was supposed to turn on my route and then had to turn around. I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty great and full of energy,

Total Miles Walked: 3.7

Day 4: Thursday

Day 4 was kind of a rough day for me for a few reasons. For one, chronic illness means that sometimes I just wake up not feeling so hot, and Thursday was one of those days. I went to bed early. I’m still considering it a win that I managed to not skip my walk even when I wasn’t feeling my best, and I’m glad to know that it helped.

Total Miles Walked: 1.5

Day 5: Friday

I woke up feeling a lot better and managed to get myself out the door in less than 15 minutes. My walk was great, and unlike Day 2, I managed to keep my energy up all day in the office. I noticed that I didn’t feel my usual end-of-week sleepy slump sneaking up on me, so I think that my morning walk actually helped.

Total Miles Walked: 2.5

Days 6 & 7: The Weekend

I combined the weekend days because they were both pretty similar. Rather than wake up early and go right out for my walk, I let myself be a little lazier—I had brunch plans both days, so I gave myself just enough time to walk the full 1.5 mile route before I had to head back home and shower and get ready. Both walks were super pleasant, and when one of my friends asked why I was still taking them on the weekends I told her that I genuinely was enjoying this little experiment and planned to keep it up even after the week was up—and it’s true!

Total Miles Walked: 3 (Saturday), 2.5 (Sunday)

Total for the Whole Week: 20.2 miles!