Proteins That Can Get You to Your Weight Loss Goal

As you begin your weight loss journey, the first hurdle you come to is the boring foods that you have found yourself consuming. After sticking to the same old for a week, your weight is not moving as fast as you would like, and all of the dieting has actually lowered your energy level. Your problem is apparent. You are not eating enough protein.

When the words diet and protein come together, we are sure you imagine grilled chicken, tuna fish, and boiled eggs. But protein, which is vital for anyone on the track to healthy weight loss, can come in many appetizing shapes and sizes.

Many dieters find it easy to prepare our meals ahead of time, and when we make the same salad for every day, by Wednesday we are over it. We end up tossing it out and attacking the nearest vending machine. So, how do you get out of the food rut that you are trapped in? Jump on the lean protein band wagon.

Your body needs protein to repair, maintain and grow lean muscle that will help you to stay full longer. Simply eating 30% of your calories from protein reduces your total calorie intake by over 400 points.

To help you on your protein search, we have compiled a list of healthy, lean proteins that will give you enough options to move your diet from boring to BAM.

Black beans, Cod, Eggs, Egg Whites, Flounder, Ham, sliced extra lean, Pork Tenderloin, Pumpkin Seeds,  Shrimp, Filet Mignon, just to name a few!

Now- Go forth and EAT PROTIEN! That scale will start moving in the right direction and so will your energy level!

Spinning Meets Netflix

We all think that having exercise equipment at home is a smart investment. Drop the gym fees and then you can work out whenever you want. The problem, your equipment is suddenly being used as a clothes rack and you haven’t had on your workout shoes in a month.

In a gym, you have an instructor pushing you with that in your face mentality, or a pack of riders pushing you to meet your goal. With that support, you are more likely to get through your workout and not have to hang the clothes up first.

A Dublin man with a similar issue found your, and his, solution. The fix for your home cycling lack of motivation. Meet Cycflix. This is Ronan Byrne’s stationary bike hack that makes it so that you can not tune into Netflix unless you are also moving your legs.

Through pulleys, levers and a little mechanical tinkering, Byrne’s bike works by pre-entering your workout details. You decide how long you’d like to ride, speed, calories, etc. Then you pick what you want to watch. Jump on, and start pedaling. If at any time during the ride you start to slack off of your goals, the TV will give you a warning, and if you don’t get it back together, the program will be paused until you do.

Ready for the bad news now that you have planned your ultimate Netflix workout night? The bike isn’t for sale! SORRY! You will just have to hack your own! But, the good news is that Byrne does offer a tutorial to allow you to hack your own bike. Now, you just have to follow the steps and you can have your own Cycflix!


Yoga Twice A Week Beats Depression

A series of studies found weekly yoga sessions can help relieve symptoms of depression while offering less of a stigma than seeking traditional treatment for mental health. It is believed that the combination of exercise and meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, low mood and also improves self-confidence. Many new yoga practitioners cite mental health concerns and stress reduction as a great reason for practicing yoga. The research on yoga has still not caught up with its current popularity, but studies seem to offer data to support it.  

Here are what studies are showing:

  • male veterans who took yoga 2X week for at least 8 weeks experienced fewer depression symptoms.
  • women 25-45 had reduced symptoms compared to those waiting to take classes.
  • 29 adults found taking Bikram yoga classes at least 2X a week for eight weeks significantly reduced symptoms of depression and improved quality of life, optimism, mental function and physical ability.

  • The more the participants attended yoga classes, the lower their depressive symptoms.
  • yoga can be used to treat people with depression when other treatments failed.
  • 74 mildly depressed university students responded better over time to yoga than simple relaxation classes.
  • yoga-based interventions have promise for depressed mood and that they are feasible for patients with chronic, treatment-resistant depression.’
  • The researchers also followed 12 people who took part in a 2.5 hour yoga sessions once a week for nine weeks. The patients’ scores for depression decreased and remained low 4 months later, showing lasting benefits.
    • Study participants received 30 minutes of instruction in either yoga or relaxation and were asked to perform the same exercises at home for eight days using a 15-minute instructional video.
    • Both groups showed reduced symptoms immediately afterwards, but two months later, only the yoga group showed significantly lower scores for depression, anxiety and stress.

At this time, we can only recommend yoga as a complementary approach, likely most effective in conjunction with standard approaches delivered by a licensed therapist.

3 Ways To Improve Your Personal And Professional Health

Have you found yourself feeling totally emotionally or spiritually exhausted, yet you are not physically tired. You are dragging, but cannot even go to sleep when you try. You may be experiencing a problem with your energy levels.

We all have busy lives, and they seem to get busier every day. Our schedules are packed with appointments, meetings, phone calls, and an ever increasing to-do list. Because we have a schedule that is bursting at the seams, we seem to have no time to fit everything in. Many people sacrifice a lot of energy just coordinating their activities.

When time constraints begin chipping away at our activities, the first thing to be scratched off of our lists are our wellness regimens. When we think about starting or continuing, many times we feel that we simply do not have time to fit it into our busy lives. However, research clearly states that you can not afford to stop your regime.

Of course, your wellness regimen isn’t just working out; it’s also about taking care of yourself to maximize energy levels.

Rewards that are paid through focusing on your physical wellness can carry over to all areas of your life; home, work, physical, spiritual, mental. Take care of the physical side, and the mental side is sure to follow.

In other words, you can benefit in your professional life by prioritizing your personal health. Here are three ways to help you focus on your wellness so that you can maintain a perfect balance in both.

1. Get Your Sleep!

Sleep is a crucial step towards total wellness because through sleep, your mind and body are both rejuvenated. Hearing about those who work all hours of the day and night may be fine for them, but for those of us who are actually human, we need energy to get things done. Getting the recommended hours of sleep is crucial.

2. Develop a positive attitude.

A large part of your wellness regimen is maintaining the mental capacity to do great things in work and in your personal life. Everyone has moments that make them angry, or sad, and these emotions can eat away at your positive attitude. Being helpful and affirmative in conversations, being reliable to others in time of need, and maintaining a positive outlook leads to overall wellness.

3. Set fitness goals.

If you are not used to working out regularly, or if this will be your first time attempting any type of physical activity, you can start by setting simple goals. Once you have achieved your initial goal, set another that is a little harder to reach. As you reach for and achieve the goals, you will begin to notice a change in your energy levels AND your attitude. You will feel more positive about yourself and others as well.  As your levels improve, it will become easier to keep up with your fitness regimen and eventually it will become second nature.

These seem like simple goals, but if you are not doing them, they may as well be impossible. Everyone wants to succeed professionally and live a long, healthy life. Focusing on a wellness program that takes care of your personal self will allow your professional self to grow positively as well.