A List Of The Best Air-Filtering Plants For Your Home According To NASA Study

In an increasingly post-industrial world, air quality is one of our chief environmental concerns. Most people keep their houses closed up when they feel like the air quality outside is low, but often unhealthy gases can get trapped in our homes and give us headaches, dizzy spells, or eye/nose/throat irritation. These gases include formaldehyde (famous for embalming but also used in paper bags, particle board, and synthetic fabrics), benzene (basically in all things plastic), and ammonia (in lots of cleaning products).


However, NASA of all institutions has a solution for this – get a houseplant. No, seriously. Pick one or a few of the plants from this list, which are the best houseplants for filtering the air in your home, removing all those unwanted chemicals and providing you with better breathable air! Who knew! Some of these are quite pretty, and all of them are tiny little air purifiers in that they suck up chemicals in the air along with the CO2 they need to survive, and they exhale oxygen!


Now, technically this study is quite old; NASA conducted it back in 1989 in partnership with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. However, their research has been proven right 27 years later, and these 18 plants really are the best to have in homes. They actually recommend one plant per 100 square feet.


However, don’t go right out and buy all of them. Note that some of these plants are extremely harmful to pets. Make sure to do your research before you bring home one of these leafy greens!


This Simple Task Helps Prevent Depression According To Recent Study

Happiness is a difficult thing to define. Sometimes we seek happiness in a fleeting sense, like a delicious piece of cake or a night out with friends. Most of the time, we seek happiness in a long-term sense, like being satisfied with our jobs, what we contribute to society, or building a family. However, sometimes try as we might to make ourselves happy, mental disorders like major depressive disorder cannot be escaped, especially if you’re a woman.


One in ten Americans report having major depressive disorder (MDD), with it being twice as likely to occur in women than men. When in a depressive episode, it’s hard to pull yourself out of it, but once out of the episode most people want to focus on preventing a relapse. There is a glimmer of hope out there for those that suffer from MDD, according to some new studies that have been released.


According to one study in Translational Psychiatry, adopting a minimal cardio routine and practicing light meditation on a daily basis can decrease one’s chance of depression as much as 40 percent. In support of this study, a new study to be released in Preventive Medicine suggests that people who do not regularly have cardiorespiratory exercise routines have a 75% higher risk of suffering from depression. Both studies suggest that the cardio workouts performed to stave off depression do not need to be of marathoner-intensity. Instead the exercise can be 30 minute workout sessions, “at at a heart rate intensity range determined by their individual baseline fitness assessment,” meaning within your own comfort zone, yet still challenging.


The combination of meditation and cardio is referred to as MAP Training, which has been shown to trigger activity in the hippocampus of the brain. In contrast, studies of individuals with MDD have been shown to have reduced hippcampal volume. MAP Training stimulates the reduced hippocampus in the brains of those who have experiences MDD, therefore, theoretically reducing the risk of another MDD episode.

Luckily, if either cardio or meditation is something you really don’t think you can stomach, other studies have significantly shown that either one of these exercises alone can still help reduce chances of depression.

Here Are The Best Financial Podcasts To Listen To While Living Your Life

As a card-carrying Millennial, I was broke for so long that I would laugh at suggestions from financial bigwigs that I save or invest 25% of my income. When you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, the idea that you have any income to save or invest is laughable, in that so-scary-it’s-funny kind of way. However, now that I’m making my way up in the world (inch by inch), I find myself in the same confused boat with many of my peers. We have disposable income… but what to do with it?

The following list may help. It’s of money-related podcasts and one of them may just be the push I need to move from a kid who hides $20 bills like it’s the depression to a fully-fledged adult with a 401k.

  1. We Study Billionaires – This podcast, under the guiding hands of Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen, explores the habits and practices of people with a high net worth in the hopes of picking up some smart tips.
  2. Freakonomics Radio – We all know what the quirky Freakonomics books are, but in podcast form Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt can cover more ground and connect with their fans over the weird money questions we all secretly want to ask.
  3. Money Girl – Despite the name, this one is not just for the ladies; host Laura Adams explores the basic financial challenges that young people face every day: how to budget, how to save, understanding credit, etc…
  4. The Dave Ramsey Show – Dave is famous for his seven steps to getting out of debt, and in his podcast he expands on those principles.
  5. Mo’ Money Podcast – Jessica Moorhouse uses real guests with real financial stories to help her younger, inexperienced listeners become literate in financial terms and idea.
  6. Martinis and Your Money – This one is geared more for women, and features peppy and relatable host Shannon McLay as she tries to guide her listeners through building assets while also managing their debt.
  7. Afford Anything – This one is brand new, but host Paula Pant has been a veteran of the blog scene for many years. Her podcast focuses on financial independence on an individual level through discussion with real entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  8. Be Wealthy and Smart – If only, am I right? Linda Jones provides her self-acquired business acumen to her listeners in the hopes that they follow in her successful footsteps.
  9.  Stacking Benjamins – This team of hosts takes a different approach to learning, providing open discussions in which several people can discuss their personal methods of wealth management and acquisition!

NASA Reveals Why New Delhi Is Covered With Dangerous Smog And Has Pictures To Prove It

There are some things about big city living that city-goers come to accept. Things like traffic, congestion, and a Starbucks on every corner. As a result of so many people commuting to and from work in such a concentrated area, air pollution and smog are unfortunately also an accepted factor of city living. Most countries have laws in place to help decrease air pollution, but many countries, who are just getting their foot in the global industry, may still have some hard lessons to learn.

India, for example, has recently been blanketed in severe smog. New Delhi specifically is suffering from an air quality index rating of 943 AQI PM2.5, which is 15 times higher than the acceptable air quality standard put forth by the Indian government. PM describes particulate matter, which is defined as particles measuring in size of micrometers. The AQI rating describes the concentration of PM2.5 material in micrograms suspended in a cubic meter of air. This means a 943 AQI PM2.5 says that in one cubic meter of air, there are 943 micrograms of particulate matter.

Source: Mashable

This most recent smog crisis was at first blamed on celebratory firecrackers from Diwali celebrations. But, as officials continued to look into the surge of smog, that explanation seemed too simplistic. Images published by NASA are now showing that the surge in smog may be due to a traditional Indian custom of burning crops.

Farmers in neighboring provinces burning their leftover straw are resulting in high levels of, “fires and thermal anomalies,” according to NASA. Though the government has tried to deter farmers from this practice over the years, many are not ready to give it up.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

The air quality that New Delhi is dealing with is dangerous to citizens, as the particulate matter can disturb lung function, especially for those who are already suffering from other diseases. The government is trying new practices to improve the AQI in the near future, including vacuuming the air and spraying down roads and construction sites to decrease dust.

Confident Woman Decides To Gain Weight And Has Never Felt Better

Florida woman Allison Kimmey has been posting her before and after body transformation photos on Instagram for a long time now. They started as “fitspo” pics of her amazing 90-pound weight loss, but soon after they turned into before and after weight gain transformation photos. Her weight gain transformations serving as a stark contrast to those many people see on Instagram of women shrinking to half their original sizes.

Hey babes! It's been a while since I introduced myself and a lot of you have asked about my personal story. So here goes… My name is Allie. I'm a mommy to two cute toe-heads and a pup, wifey to my high school sweet heart and lover of the beach. As you can tell, I spend a LOT of time in swimwear, confidently living in my size 16/18 body. But it hasn't always been this way. I spent most of my adolescence as an overweight, shy teen trying to avoid any situation that pushed me outside my comfort zone or put me in front of people. I worked desperately hard to lose weight at the age of 14, when I began my first diets, restricted eating and over exercising habits. I equated happiness to thinness. That once I was able to fit into hollister jeans I'd be the popular outgoing girl I thought I wanted to be. For 12 years I spent my existence completely consumed by my size. Fluctuating 100 pounds over the decade. Constantly comparing myself to others and never feeling enough or worthy. Even as a size 2/4 on my wedding and honeymoon, I could only see my perceived flaws. After the birth of my daughter in 2012 I had visions of her growing up and looking exactly like me. I verbally said that I wished that she wouldn't look like me. And at that moment I realized that I needed to change…not only for myself, but for my entire family- especially my children. And so I took the first steps to trying to find myself again, uncover my purpose, and retrain my mind to see beauty instead of imperfection. Over the course of the next 3 years I poured myself into the self help section of the book store, attended seminars, paid for expensive online courses, and began my spiritual journey. I constantly pushed myself to do exactly the things that scared me most, and the more times I immersed myself into the things I had been avoiding, it became my new normal. And one day, after seeing one too many transformation Tuesday photos of a grumpy fat woman turning into a happy thin woman, I looked back at my own journey and realized it happened to be exactly the opposite of what we are taught to believe. My hope is that these reverse transformation photos allow one person to find happiness NOW!

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Why is Kimmey proud of her weight gain? As a woman who constantly struggled with weight loss and trying to and successfully conforming to the socially accepted body norm, she realized that in 2007 when she was around a size 4-6, she was the unhappiest she’d ever been.

Constantly worrying about how she looked, what other people thought about how she looked, and uncomfortable with the amount of people noticing how she looked in general, she struggled with self-confidence. “I was unfulfilled and lost,” says Kimmey.

Fast forward five years, Kimmey gained weight and was back to the actual societal average woman’s size of 12-14. According to Kimmey, “I’ve gained a lot more than just size and weight. I’ve gained confidence.”

I feel it's fitting that I am able to introduce myself to all you beautiful new souls on #transformationtuesday . Usually a day that's filled with comparison, and thoughts of not being good enough, and why didn't I just try harder I could be there by now, and a complete buy in to the diet industry promises that happiness comes from a before and after photo. I opt out. I opt out of the idea that skinny = happy. That the only thing worth fighting for is to be liked by other people. That my worth is dependent on what size I wear. That life can start on the other side of weight loss. I unsubscribe. I unsubscribe from the notion that I should listen to the opinions of others. I unsubscribe from the idea that I should be quiet, and not make too many waves. I unsubscribe from the pressure to be perfect. I unsubscribe from the expectation that I should be unhappy in this body. 10 years ago I was a size 4. I gave up friendships, a college experience, and passed up on some of the best cuisine available all to be able to say I got my dream wedding body and felt confident in a bikini for my honeymoon. I used to use photos from my honeymoon to remind me of how good I used to look and motivate me to get down to that size again. But the truth is, the girl on the right might be fuller figured, but she's also full of life, and love, and light, and possibility, and creation, and power, and strength, and confidence, and conviction. There is nothing waiting on the other side of weightloss. The real work happens internally and you can start right now! All you need to do is decide that now is your turn. So happy you all are here to share in this journey! If you need extra help, grab my free e-book with the link in my bio! And give me a 🦄 if you agree that happiness is not a size! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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Allowing herself to live in her normal, natural body size allowed Kimmey to live a life free of restriction and self-judgement. Her constant struggle with her body was too much for her soul. “I carried my (weight loss) story with me everywhere, it was so heavy: shy, introverted fat girl, just trying to make everyone happy and win friends by giving too much and losing too much of myself,” she said.

Just because Kimmey isn’t the picture-perfect image of what many people believe a healthy woman’s body looks like doesn’t mean much to Kimmey. She lives an active lifestyle and has a booming business as a health coach, encouraging women to be happy, healthy, and comfortable in their own bodies.