Daughter Saves Terminally Sick Dad With Simple Facebook Post And The Help Of Her Friend

When he was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney failure, Jeff Charters knew he had to start looking for donor right away. Soon after, Jeff learned that he would need an open heart surgery to fix an additional health concern un related to his recent diagnosis. That heart surgery took a serious toll on his body and pushed his Stage 4 renal failure into Stage 5. “We knew it was going to take a toll on the kidneys and make them worse, but you really don’t have a choice,” said Jeff.

At that point his daughter, Kim Charters, knew that her dad desperately needed a functioning kidney in order to survive. With over 120,000 Americans needing an organ transplant, waiting for a donor to just fall into their lap could take five years or more. Her dad didn’t have five years to wait, and Kim took matters into her own hands by creating a Facebook page called “Find Jeff Charters a Kidney.”


Soon enough, Kim heard back from an old high school classmate of hers, Rachel Milks, offering to get tested to see if she was a match for Kim’s dad. While Kim was on vacation in Hawaii, she received a call from Rachel informing her that she was a match for her father, and that Rachel wanted to give him a kidney. Kim broke the news to her dad by handing him a postcard upon her return from Hawaii. “It took a moment to finally hit me,” said Jeff, “But when it did, I just dropped. I was bawling.”


Jeff and Rachel met for the first time the night before the transplant operation, hugging and thanking each other. After the two had recovered, Jeff offered to repay Rachel. “She said ‘You don’t owe me anything,’” said Jeff. “If she only knew how much I owed her. I’d give her the world if I could.”