Never Go To Airport Bars Again!


Airports seem to be all about hurry up and wait. Hurry to the airport just to wait in line to check in, hustle through security, wait to get a pat-down, and rush to the gate… only to find out that your flight has been delayed and you are now on a 3 hour layover. You are then stuck in a crowded  concourse with uncomfortable seats and other grumpy travelers.There’s another way to make a trip to the airport less of a chore: airport lounges.

Yes, we mean those places reserved for first-class passengers, celebrities, and people who spend more time in airplanes than they do at home.

But here is the deal. Airport lounges, are, in fact, completely accessible if you’re willing to shell out a little cash. Cash that’s frequently less than you’d spend in an hour at the in-terminal Chili’s. Got a two-hour layover? At most mid-terminal watering holes, you’re not getting away with a burger, two drinks, and a tip for less than $50. For just a little more cash, you can get waved into a catered, less crowded and comfortable lounge, fit for first class passengers .

It doesn’t stop there. Knowing how to navigate lounges will change your whole outlook on flying. You will — unbelievably — look forward to going to the airport.

Selfie Ruins $200,000 Worth Of Art


We all take selfies while visiting famous places and usually that isn’t a problem. However, for one tourist at the 14th Factory in LA inadvertently caused $200,000 worth of damage by attempting to take a simple photo.

The incident, which was caught on camera, shows the woman crouching in front of a row of sculptures. When she loses her balance and bumps the first sculpture, the unfortunate placement of the pedestals holding the sculptures created a domino effect, knocking over at least 10 pedestals containing crownlike sculptures.  

The Gallery, which is described as  a “monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience conceived by the Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch”  is a non profit, independent, temporary art project located in Los Angeles.  

The exhibit, titled “Hypercaine” consists of a series of crowns created with different mediums. Though only showing for a short period of time, this exhibit is worth the viewing. However, just be careful when taking those selfies.

What To Do With Lifetime Supplies



What do people REALLY do when they win lifetime supplies of products? These people had some interesting ideas.

  • Mars Bars. I get a box every month and I deliver them to a food bank.
  • 8 EA Sports games each year for life. We took a cash option worth $24,000.
  • Apple Jack’s. The entire neighborhood ate AJ for months.

  • My teacher won a lifetime supply of Tide.He gave it away as gifts.
  • I’ve sat in a container filled with my won skittles, made giant balls of compressed skittles, and made it rain skittles style at my friends wedding.
  • Won a year’s supply of pretzels. Two years later and we’re having peppermint bark with pretzels embedded in it. Yup, same pretzels.
  • I won a year’s supply of kraft mac n cheese. All i wanted to win was a trip to Sea World.
  • Ever since I participated in a TP survey, I have received a free 4 pack of Charmin, once a month. This has gone on for over 20 years.
  • Snapple gave us a truck full of every one of their product types. We had a Snapple-only double fridge.
  • I won a lifetime supply of of ice cream. The fact is I’m lactose intolerant.

  • Tic Tac’s – it was pretty awesome, until we ran out of orange ones.
  • My wife won a lifetime pass to the circus. Almost 20 years of trips, she still get’s VIP seats every night for herself and 3 other people.
  • Roommate and I won a “lifetime” supply of butter. Stocked it up, got drunk, and tried to make a slip and slide with it.
  • I won what was supposed to be a year’s supply, of Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, over 1,000 boxes. I just gave it all to a food bank.
  • I won a year’s supply of ChickfilA. They gave us 52 free meal vouchers I worked next door and ate nuggets for lunch every. Single. Day.

Why Drinking Makes You Poop

A night out with friends can be priceless. Ok, not priceless. The price you pay is physical. Bluntly put, alcohol, gives you the runs.

The drinks that seemed like a wonderful idea the night before suddenly want to quickly leave your body. So why the urgent movement?

Why your body is making you suffer?

Because Alcohol is a diuretic, during a night out we normally end up in the bathroom many times. The drinks enter the bloodstream and cause the pituitary gland to inhibit the production of vasopressin, which regulates the body’s water retention and constricts blood vessels. The kidneys then send water straight to the bladder. The next morning, it is no longer pee you are worried about. The alcohol increases the gut motility and doesn’t get broken down before it reaches the colon, which bacteria then feasts on.  The increase motility means everything moves faster, meaning the colon has less time to absorb water, which results in watery stool and diarrhea.

And the worst offenders are…

Studies show the more concentrated the alcohol, the worse the reaction- meaning hard liquor will be worse. Sadly, beer is not your friend either. The body produces enzymes to assist in breaking down the complex carbohydrates found in beer as they travel to the small intestine. Drinking beer fairly quickly means some of the carbs will make it to your large intestine without breaking down. The bacteria in the large intestine start fermenting those carbs, resulting in gas, cramping, loose stool, and diarrhea.

How to (un)soften the blow

Pay attention to what you’re drinking! If beer seems to be the most likely culprit, try switching to wine or clear liquor. Everyone is affected differently, so it’s going to be a personal call.

Since alcohol increases the acid content in your stomach, eating helps reduce alcohol’s abrasive effect on the intestines. An empty stomach means more alcohol is moving to the small intestine and getting absorbed by the blood, which can affect other organs like the colon.

Does This Happen When You Sleep?

Sleep is glorious, we all know it. But we rarely talk about how sleep can also be really weird. People sleep walk, they swear their dreams are real, they talk in their sleep. It’s sometimes funny, but also sometimes it can be really unnerving. What causes these and other odd sleep behaviors, and how can we avoid them?

For things like sleepwalking, the answer is unsatisfying. While about 5-10% of the population sleepwalks, we have no idea why it happens. Sleep talking, however, is much easier to explain: it’s a result of too much stress (and oddly, occurs more often in men and in children). Reoccurring dreams is another very common sleep event. One prevailing theory is that we have reoccurring dreams because our subconscious is trying to make us pay attention to one particular aspect of our life, and that we’ll stop having the dream when we give that area more focus. Interesting, right?

Then there’s the scary things that can happen when you sleep. For example, sleep paralysis is extremely scary. When we sleep, our body “freezes” so we don’t sleepwalk; with sleep paralysis, the brain wakes up before the body and the person is left unable to move, and with the terrifying feeling that there is another presence in the room. Yikes! Or what about dreams where we think we’re dying, and we get the sensation of falling before waking up abruptly? We think this occurs because sleeping is similar in some ways to dying (slower breathing and heart rate, low movement). The brain may get scared that you’re sleeping “too well” and will wake you up suddenly, hence the feeling of a “thud”! What are some of the scariest sleep-related incidents you’ve experienced? Comment and let us know!