Move Over, LinkedIn! Facebook Is Testing A Feature That Will Allow You To Search For Your Dream Job

Every day over 1 billion people worldwide use Facebook. 1 billion people perusing for hours on the social media platform to check in on their ex-significant other, checking out what their friends ate for the day and maybe even finding gainful employment? Finally, maybe all those hours we spent scrolling and liking were actually productive!


Even though the social media platform has over 1 billion users, they are actively working to find ways to draw in even more users. The latest step in Facebook acquiring more users sees them branching into the world of job recruitment.

A spokesperson for Facebook recently said, “Based on behavior we’ve seen on Facebook, where many small businesses post about their job openings on their Page, we’re running a test for Page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.”

With the new Jobs functionality, companies would be able to drive even greater traffic to their Facebook pages and pay the social network to ensure that their job openings find their way in front of potential candidates, similar to how Facebook Ads or sponsored posts work today. Of course, the new Jobs feature also see’s Facebook taking a competitive stab at LinkedIn which has served as the primary online career focused social media platform.

The new Jobs feature announcement comes just a month after Facebook enabled their Marketplace. Marketplace allows users to directly buy and sell items locally, up to a 100 mile radius of where you are. A quick glance at the Marketplace shows countless listings for clothes, shoes, cars and even services like window tinting.

Next time someone tries to judge you for spending hours on Facebook, just tell them you’re job hunting!



Genius Skunk Lock Stops Bike Thieves By Making Them Vomit

There are few things that feel worse than realizing that someone stole something from you. It’s even worse when that something is one of your main modes of transportation, like a bike. If you’re a bike rider, choosing the right bike lock can be a tough decision. What lock takes the longest for a thief to unlock or cut through? Which one will make it the hardest for your bike to get stolen?


No lock is perfect, but one San Francisco entrepreneur is hoping to make the idea of even stealing a bike revolting to bike thieves. Daniel Idzkowski has introduced his game changing invention. The Skunk Lock looks like a basic U-lock that many cyclists use today, but it has a catch. If a thief tries to cut through the “U” of the lock, pressurized noxious gas gets emitted, hopefully deterring the thief from finishing the job.


After cutting into the lock only 30% of the way, a gas is released that according to Skunk Lock induces vomiting in 99% of people in a two foot radius. Even 10 feet away, the company says that the the odor is, “definitely detectable and very unpleasant.” A mix between pepper spray and just a terrible smelling odor, the pressurized gas in the lock hopes to serve as a deterrent, not a preventive, for bike theft.


The key lock on the Skunk Lock could still be picked by a thief, but it takes much longer than cutting through the lock itself, which is what most U-lock bike thieves choose to do.


The lock itself is emblazoned with the “Skunk Lock” brand, hoping to keep thieves far away. Technically, a thief could still cut through the lock and escape with your bike, but as Idzkowski puts it, “you’re basically just puking on yourself the entire time.”

Currently available only on their IndieGoGo page, the company hopes to start shipping out their first shipments in June 2017.

Oreo Comes Out With New Candy Bar Just In Time For The Holidays

Lately it seems like Oreo cookies come in every flavor known to man. From the magically wondrous mint and cookie dough crunch flavor to the eclectic Peeps and Swedish Fish flavors, the classic cookie company probably makes something for you. But what if you want something that tastes like a cookie but has the feel of a candy bar? Well until now the world has had nowhere to turn, but all that changed with the recent partnership with European candy company Milka to make candy bars!


They announced not one but TWO kinds, and we have to say that both candy bars sound delicious! The first is the Milka Oreo Big Crunch Candy Bar, which will be a mouthful in more ways than one! It’s a reverse Oreo bar in that the cookie is the center, the classic Oreo creme sandwiches that, and then the whole thing is wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. The best part is, this bar hits shelves in just a week!

The second will be coming out sometime in January but sounds no less delectable! It’s the Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar, and it is a softer bar made of Oreo creme that has bits of chocolate wafer in it, which is then wrapped in that same amazing Milka chocolate!

If you think these sound like a sweetness overload, you might be wrong. Initial reports from taste testers are saying that the bars are like having a traditional Oreo cookie with a glass of milk, but only portable! We can’t wait to try these in the weeks to come! YUM!

Best Buy’s Epic Holiday Deals Will Make You Want To Start Shopping ASAP

Since 1932, the day after Thanksgiving has been widely regarded as the start of Christmas shopping in the United States. Every year since then, the day has gained traction as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Even in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!


In years past, many shoppers spent hours of time on Thanksgiving day plowing through printed newspaper ads. Eager consumers looked for the best deals and biggest sales all the while plotting their route to different retail stores in order to swoop them up before other shoppers. People waited in lines for hours in the middle of the night, waiting for stores to open up so they could be the first ones in the store to get one of the five super cheap TVs on sale.


Today, while Black Friday still has its reputation as one of the biggest shopping days, it’s become a little less extreme. Now shoppers want good deals but don’t want to spend the night in line outside of Best Buy. As a result most stores release their Black Friday ads or Black Friday previews weeks before Thanksgiving. And, as the retail landscape changes and shifts to online shopping, many stores are also offering exclusive online only deals.

While Black Friday is creeping up faster than we realize, Best Buy has announced some of its deals for the year already. The electronics retail giant will open on Thanksgiving Day at 5pm, enticing shoppers in with door buster deals. They are also offering many other sales and deals throughout the weekend too. Ranging from savings of up to $400!

If you’re in the market for some new electronics, Best Buy’s Black Friday sale is not to be missed! Shop happy and shop smart!