People Who Have Their Priorities Straight

In the real world, most people barely have time for socialization, let alone cleaning the whole house. It would be great to wake up to a magically clean house, clean dishes and laundry that has found its way into the drawers. Sadly, this does not happen and we find ourselves bogged down in the mundane tasks that we are forever behind in.

However, if you feel you are sinking, chances are your priorities are in better order than you assume. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder to get your head back on straight.

Here are 12 things that people with a good mindset will tell you are true. 

1. Laundry should sit on the couch for at least 3 days.

And should only be moved to make room for Netflix binges.

2. Spot cleaning is still “cleaning.”

At least right before you’re about to have friends over.

3. Don’t use dishwasher until you’ve run out of glasses.

Coffee mugs and wine glasses included.

4. The food in the back of your freezer has been there for more than a year.

And you never plan on eating it.

5. Running your ceiling fan on the highest setting counts as dusting.

At least for everything in the immediate area.

6. You’ve never buffed or waxed a bathtub in your life.

Probably never heard of such a thing

7. You technically don’t have to own a mop.

As long as you have a fresh pack of wet floor wipes handy!

8. Handheld vacuuming is still vacuuming.

As long as you remember to shake out the rugs first.

9. You haven’t swept under your bed in months.

And the dust bunnies love it.

10. A trashcan is only full when you can’t close the lid.

Or you’ve run out of scented candles.

11. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy new socks than to actually do your laundry.

And dish rags and underwear, too.

12. You have to create reminders on your phone to remember to water your plants.

Or you bought a fancy vase that does it for you.

Man Proposes to Woman… and Her Sister!

Normally, a marriage proposal is only between two people. While you may invite people to watch, you almost never ask them to join in. However, when Will Seaton decided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Ashley, he knew that he had a very special proposal to make to her sister Hannah as well. He drove them both to a field in their hometown in Indiana, got down on one knee, and asked Ashley to marry him. He then, knee still bent, asked Hannah to be his best friend. Both sisters happily accepted.

When they first met, Ashley told Will that her little sister Hannah was a huge part of her life, and that if Will wanted to be close to her, he’d have to be close to Hannah too. “Hannah and I have a very special bond,” Ashley explained. “She has Down syndrome and diabetes, and I look after her and protect her. To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.” He did, and the three soon became thick as thieves. When Ashley and Will moved in together, they made sure it was close to Hannah’s home, and they hang out and fish all the time.

Because of their closeness, the happy couple knew that Hannah had to be a huge part of their wedding as well. Not only was she the maid of honor, but she even said vows along with them, promising to Will “to always care for one another, share secrets, make jokes and go fishing, as that’s one of their favorite things to do together.” We can’t think of a better way to show the bond of these two adorable sisters – they’re both lucky to have Will in their lives!


Grandpa Gets Stood Up, Goes Viral!

The dating scene certainly isn’t what it was before the internet, and one 73 year old grandfather is learning that the hard way. Jim Moroney isn’t exactly what you’d call tech-savvy, but at the insistence of a neighbor he decided to create a profile on and see what all the fuss was about. As a widower, Jim was ready to get back out there, and when he got his first connection, he was very excited to make a date.

Jim put on his best sweater (adorable), bought the lovely lady roses and chocolates (double adorable), and got in the car to drive almost an hour to meet her (TRIPLE ADORABLE). He waited at their agreed-upon meeting place for a long time, but the woman he had connected with never showed up. Instead of getting angry and going home, Jim took it in stride and headed to his 16 year old granddaughter’s house to give her the flowers and chocolates instead! Gabby was touched that her grandpa had been so brave as to start dating, not to mention the lengths that he had gone through for his date, only to be stood up. She tweeted a photo of Jim and the flowers, with the story and a frowny face.

Little did Gabby and Jim realize that the tweet would take off, getting 8,000 shares and 29,000 likes! The responses varied from people offering Jim support to offering to go out with him themselves, but they were overwhelmingly positive. Jim, for his part, looks at the incident with his characteristic optimism. “You know what, this is the way the dating scene is,” he said. “I hope I find someone truthful, loving and that has compassion. I’m looking for that special woman.”

Life Before Air Conditioning

For those of us blessed with air conditioning, life without it can be pretty hard to imagine. Even that quick walk from the comfortable coolness of our car, across the sweltering asphalt to the sweet relief of a store’s AC can leave you wondering, how did people survive without air conditioning? Prior to its invention in 1902 people did manage to survive summers even in the hottest of cities. Here’s how they managed the heat.

As odd as it may sound, the invention of the air conditioner radically changed the way we built buildings. Prior to AC structures were built with much higher ceilings, allowing the heat to rise. You’ll still notice this in older buildings, especially in the south. Long covered porches and shade trees planted on west and east sides of the house were more often utilized for additional shade as well. Architects also planned according to air flow, making sure there was plenty of cross ventilation by placing windows opposite each other in a room.

A porch may seem like a quaint if not a bit vestigial architectural feature, however in the past they were actually incredibly important. Not only did they shade the home but inhabitants would spend hours relaxing on their porches. They were both protected from the sun while able to catch some fresh air and a breeze. Some porches were even screened in so people could actually sleep outside without being bothered by bugs.

People found many other creative ways to beat the heat without AC. It was once common practice to nap during the hottest hours of the day, getting some rest in and continuing their day later into the evening. Even though the AC was invented in 1902, it was much too inexpensive for most people. The one place in town that could be counted on for air conditioning was the movie theater. During the heat of summer people would flock to the movies to escape into the cool air. People would even hang wet laundry around their house or put their undergarments in the icebox.

Next time your AC goes out just remember you can survive and get a little inventive while waiting for that repairman. Or finally start making use of that porch

Is Feng Shui A Useful System?

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing and balancing your environment using color, sound, lighting, etc. You can sort of think of it as decorating to achieve harmony and maximum balance. So how useful of a system is Feng Shui exactly? Cara Gibbs found out first hand with a little Feng Shui experiment in order to determine it’s usefulness.

Gibbs is a freelance writer, who turned her home into both a living space and an office given the nature of her work. Her problem? Her tiny home became incredibly crowded with poorly arranged furniture. When she decided to make her living room into an office, that meant moving around furniture into various inadequate locations within her home. Gibbs eventually determined a working arrangement, but it left her home environment cluttered and messy. So on the advice of an acquaintance, Gibbs decided to try some Feng Shui.  

According to Gibbs acquaintance, Christine Bushell, the best way to achieve good Feng Shui would be to follow a Bagua Map. The Bagua Map lists attributes in areas that you can correspond to your living space. For example, the top left of the map lists attributes for wealth and prosperity, as well as the element and color that should be used to achieve that. In order to maximize on your wealth and prosperity, one would in turn go to the back left area of their living space, and clean/de-clutter, making sure to implement the proper elements and colors into their surroundings

Gibbs struggled initially, mainly because most of her “organization”, was really just poorly disguised disorder. Shoving things in drawers may afford the illusion of order and cleanliness, but you can’t cheat in order to achieve good Feng Shui. As Gibbs learned, you won’t gain anything from Feng Shui if you attempt it half-heartedly. Gibbs ultimately may not have drawn forth all the spiritual benefits of Feng Shui, but she definitely benefitted from the system by creating an environment more conducive to productivity. She also picked up more organizational skills and habits in order to maintain a great environment.