Ariana Grande, Chili Peppers, and Internet Fame

It seems like there is no price to big to pay for internet fame. In case you need proof, there’s a video making its rounds on the internet of an Ariana Grande fan who challenged himself to eat a hot pepper every time she said um during her acceptance speech at the American Music Awards. This one definitely requires a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer, but in case you’re curious, these weren’t your average peppers. Reddit’s pepper experts (yes, Reddit has it’s own resident community of Pepper specialists), determined that this fan was eating Fresno chili peppers for this challenge, a pepper with a scoville level ranging between 2,500 and 10,000. Definitely not the hottest pepper around, but still hot enough to make for a pretty uncomfortable experience. You can watch the video here

She Refused Cancer Treatment And Did This

At 90 years old, Norma had lost her husband of 67 years and then found that she had a large tumor in her uterus. Prognosis was not good.

Normal refused treatment. Instead, she decided to hit the road with her family!

The doctor had an unexpected reaction. He said, “You are doing exactly what I would want to do in this situation! Have a fantastic trip!”

Hitting The Road…So, for the last six months, they have traveled from one coast to the other, crisscrossing the map.

Taking In America…Norma wants to see all that she can so they’ve stopped at many national monuments and parks.

The View From Above…Eager to experience everything, Norma even put her fears aside and took a trip in a hot air balloon!

The Little Things In Life…She discovered her love for “shelling” visiting Sanibel Island, off the coast of Florida. She shared just how excited she was as soon as her toes touched the sand, saying that It’s the fun little moments like this that give life meaning.

A Love Of Food… One of Norma’s favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to taste the local cuisine!

… And Drink…Norma loves a good craft beer from time to time – several breweries even sponsored her trip once they got word of her story!

Last Bit Of Advice…Norma lives her life to the fullest, but the last six months have been especially spectacular! She says, “Just keep on going every day, that’s about it. Keep praying every day and God will take care of you, even when it feels like you can’t care for yourself.”


Child Dies Due To Birthday Balloon

Children love birthdays and birthday parties. These are normally happy occasions, meant to bring families and friends together in celebration. But for the parents of 8-year-old Jaina McGloghlon birthdays will never have the same meaning. Jaina’s final birthday will always be remembered as a time of tragedy and loss.

After enjoying her party, Jaina went to bed with a goodnight kiss from her father. He had given her the party of her dreams, and she was exhausted. The family went back to cleaning up the party mess after she fell asleep.

Hours later, Jaina’s dad peeked in on her. She looked peaceful, but suddenly he realized she was too still. Her covers were over her face, and one foot was sticking oout. He pulled the covers down, and his heart stopped. He yelled for someone to call 911. Jaina had a balloon over her head. He took her from the bed, placed her on the floor and began performing CPR.

Jaina’s grandmother, Pat McGloghlon, made the emergency call and then began praying for their birthday girl. The happy birthday party that had happened earlier that day had taken a tragic turn.

It was unclear why the balloon was in the bed with her, but it contained holes and the girl may have been sucking the helium to change her voice.

Despite her father’s best efforts, she never came back. Although she showed no signs of life, he refused to give up. Everyone in the house prayed for a miracle as paramedics arrived and took over. They hurriedly placed Jaina into the office and sped to the hospital. For an hour, doctors tried to save the little girl. They could not, however, and she was pronounced dead as a result of the accidental suffocation. The family was devastated. Their only hope is that their story keeps another child from suffering Jaina’s fate.

These Flight Attendent Packing Hacks are Genius

If you’re headed out on vacation there is nothing like the airport to start your trip off the wrong way. Nowadays air travel can fluster even the most zen of travelers. Even if you manage to survive the trip with your piece of mind, it could be quickly lost if you find the airline has lost your luggage.

As a result more and more travelers are downsizing their bags and traveling with just a carry-on. It is absolutely possible to fit all your essentials in a carry-on. After all, flight attendants do it for a living! Here are their top tips to pack quickly and efficiently:

Have a routine

Flight attendants always use the same bags and place items in the same order in the same compartments. This makes packing become second nature so even if you’re running late or a little spacey from too many Mai Tais the night before you’ll still make your flight with all your belongings in tow.

Use baggies

Use baggies like vacuum sealed bags. It’s a genius space saving move that will give you space for some extras and keep you organized! Simply place your clothes inside and then presses the air out.

Smart layers

Wear your layers on the plane. You’ll be happy to have them in cooler cabins and can always remove them in warmer cabins. Either way it will be a few less items that need to make it in your carry-on.

A few designated travel items

Consider purchasing a few items that are striating for travel and stay in your carryon year round. Suggesting include an extra long charging cord and external battery pack for your phone or a cozy scarf that can also be a blanket or pillow during travel.

Roll it up

There may be a hot debate between whether to fold or roll while packing, but the pros weigh in heavily on rolling. Not only can you fit more in your bag but your clothes will have fewer hard wrinkles.

Plan for the worst

With extra full flights there is still a possibility you could have to check your carry-on, so its best to be prepared to sneak your must need items into your purse or backpack.


These Daddy – Daughter Photos Take 1st Place

There may be nothing cuter than an adorable Daddy – Daughter duo! But this dad is taking things to a whole new level! Parents always want to chronicle their children’s lives and capture the cutest and most significant moments. Now, they have a new role model to pull inspiration from.

Sholom Ber Solomon and his nine month old daughter Zoe pose in elaborate make believe scenes. Sholom himself creates the magic with props, full sets, and costumes. The result is truly priceless.

The themes have a wide range, from Kentucky Fried Chicken, to Hawaiian dancer, gnomes, and  safari explorers this duo has already experienced a lot together in Zoe’s short nine months.

Originally from Hackney, north London, the first time father now lives in California with his wife, Carli. Sholom says he will continue to do the creative photography with Zoe as she grows up. Sholom says, ‘I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me’ and hopes to embarrass her well into her teenage years.

Sholom was amusing friends and family with his imaginative photos long before Zoe was born, complete with full costumes for staged photos. But after her arrival she soon became featured and made everything cuter! Sholom says, ‘She definitely makes all the pictures a lot cuter as without her I’m just a fat chubby guy who likes to take silly pictures. The ideas for what me and Zoe will do next is endless.’  Hopefully thats true and this adorable duo will continue to share their adventures with the world.