Make Content Marketing Work For You

Content marketing has become the most essential item on most large companies’ ad lists, for the simply reason that it connects customers with the brand in a way that has them seeking out more and more. Its one of the only forms of advertising that consumers value and crave, and, as with any advertising campaign, there are ways of making it more effective.

For example, predicting what your consumers’ needs are going to be in the future (as opposed to why they might want your product now) is an increasingly effective way to get them to buy. They already know about all the cool tech features your product has, so have ads focus instead on how effective this product is at being cyber-secure, or kid-friendly. Let them know just how easily the product will fit into their lives without adjustment or worry.

Also, learn to trust the intelligence of your customers. Modern consumers aren’t fooled by clickbait anymore, and they can smell an exaggeration from a mile away. What they want is research, clarity, and facts from their ads, and they won’t put up with gimmicks anymore. Content should be enticing but not cheesy, natural instead of over-the-top.

Finally, when in doubt, don’t create anything you yourself wouldn’t find interesting. If content is boring you or you think it’s too transparent, scrape it rather than harm your brand by publishing it as “fluff.” One bad ad is worth ten good ones, so pick your subjects carefully and with the consumer in mind. Hook them and then continue to provide them with quality and intrigue, and they’ll keep coming back for more!

Shape Your Company’s Culture

Creating a company culture is one of the more mysterious and elusive parts about forming a company, but it’s vital that you have a firm one in place. A company that knows who it is and what it wants from it’s customers and employees is one that will stick in the minds of both parties. Turning customers and employees into happy advocates of your product is worth more than your whole marketing budget in terms of attracting new consumers.

Where, then, to start? While you can settle on any number of cultures to define your company (driven, ambitious, friendly, helpful, innovative, etc…) you have to make sure your customers see that culture as valuable to them. Therefore, outreach is key in promoting this image of your company. Poll your consumers often to find out if they’re satisfied with your brand, and note what would bring those numbers up. Use your new culture to make those changes!

Also, make sure your customers are aware of your company values. Include them on your emails, have employees reference them when talking to customers, and make sure they’re posted around the office. The more management uses the values language in everyday business conversations, the better the employees, and thus the customers, will be familiar with what you’re about.

Finally, ensure that your culture isn’t stifling growth within your company or your field. It’s okay to revise your values or reassess how your want your company to be run, and customers love it when you’re open and honest with them about the changes you’re making!

Plan The Perfect Product Launch

If your product launch isn’t a hit, selling that product after the launch will be ten times harder. Launches help garner buzz and attention, plus they allow people to test the product and review it before it’s available to the public. Preparing a launch is stressful enough, so in order to ensure success, make sure you follow these five tips:

Use social media to your advantage. Build mystery and hype around your product by hinting about it across all platforms, and revealing facts slowly. Suspense draws attention every time.

Get “influencers” both to try the product ahead of time and to come to your launch. You can usually get their attendance for little or no money, and they’ll provide excellent cheap advertising to all their followers for you.

Along this same vein of thought, make sure that you give your product to experts to review well in advance of the launch. Their (hopefully) positive reviews will also build expectations and anticipation around your product.

Another way to get your fans involved is to host a giveaway of your product. Often people will sign up for giveaways without even knowing what the product is, and then they’ll just get more and more excited as it gets closer. It’s a perfect way to control hype.

Finally, if you’re already established and have a fan-base, definitely create a pre-order option for your product. This means that you can ship on the day the product is available, and that you’ll have an idea of your first-week sales before you even launch! Perfection!

Learn To Love That Subject You Hate

It’s often necessary for us to spend a significant amount of time learning and using a subject or topic that we hate, that bores us to the point of tears. It can feel like pulling teeth, and ultimately we end up spending more time going over the material, trying to make it stick in our brains, than we would with a subject we found interesting. We’re going to share a life hack that will allow you to find these topics more interesting, and thus easier to learn. After all, wouldn’t you rather learn something you like than plod through a topic you loathe?

First, think about why you want or need to learn about the subject in the first place. Often we want to learn something as an end goal to bettering our lives. College courses, learning how to do our taxes, even learning CPR falls into this category. When you narrow in on the why, the action of learning can become easier.

Still, though, the urge to procrastinate on something we don’t like is very strong. If you find you’re a big procrastinator, follow the Pomodoro method: hide all your distractions, focus intently and purposefully for 25 minutes, and reward yourself with 5 minutes off. Repeat!

Finally, recognize that learning takes time, and not everything comes together all at once. Read a chapter on something and, if you don’t understand 90% of it, come back and read it again the next day. Give your brain time to absorb things and mull them over while you focus on other things. Coming back to a subject the next day (and every day) will help you grasp it better as a whole.

Killer Ways To Boost Your Blog

Does your blog showcase your unique outlook on the world and contain great insights and content, but for some reason you’re having trouble getting it off the ground? When it comes to something as personal as blogs, we can often forget that just like anything on the internet, in order to be successful and gain traction, they have to be marketed correctly. So while content is paramount, here are a few tips that might be able to get you from a few hundred likes to several thousand!

First things first, make sure your title kicks butt. Whatever that means depends on your subject and the nature of your blog, but a title is the first thing your potential readers will see. Make sure it has buzz or power words, and when applicable, include a number. Studies have shown that numbers will increase your clicks greatly.

Now that that’s out of the way, make sure your blog is easily shared by the people who read it. You can tout it all day long, but a fan who reposts or shares it is worth ten of your own “check out my new entry!” posts. Have all your social media share links visible and easy to use every time. On that same vein, make sure all your photos are Pinterest friendly (which means the additional step of adding a “pin it” button).

Finally, continue to do your outreach regimen, which should include things like using buzzstream, reaching out to topic-relevant influencers, and being active on social media yourself. The more presence you have on the internet, the more your blog will have!