Thousands Of Red Poppies Spill Out Of Welsh Castle To Remember World War 1 Soldiers

A beautiful display of red poppies in Wales is leaving people awe struck and stopping them in their tracks.  Nigel Hinds, the executive producer of the exhibition, created it to honor World War 1 Soldiers.The artwork is called Weeping Window as the flowers are pouring out from a window.

“We have got over 5,000 poppies here, representing probably a fraction of the Royal Welch Fusiliers who died in the First World War,” said Tom Pipe, the projects Designer. The work marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, which was a battle where Welsh fusiliers played an important role.

A portion of the flowers come from a sculpture that was a part of a show at the 2014 Tower of London show which attracted five million visitors. Paul Cummins the creator the project created over 800,000 poppies;  each red flower was handmade and represents the death of a member of the Allied forces.

“The poppies have a remarkable ability to bring generations together to share stories of the First World War,” said Hinds. “Caernarfon Castle is a poignant and fitting place for Weeping Window to be presented as part of its tour of the UK.”

Family Celebrates Every Holiday For Dad Before His Deployment To Afghanistan

As soon as summer wraps up, fall rolls in, which is truly the season of holidays! The months of October to January are jam-packed with holidays, which makes fall both busy and fun, but also an important time of the year to spend with your family.

A family in Florida recently learned that their beloved father and husband is going to be deployed for about 100 days overseas in Afghanistan, meaning he’d miss out on celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, his birthday, and Christmas with his family. Kathy Clenndennin had the brilliant idea of helping her husband, Al, celebrate all the holidays he was missing in a whirlwind of time before his deployment. Their 15-year-old daughter, Olivia, shared photos of the quartet of celebrations on across the internet, touching the hearts of families across the country.

Source: Twitter @OliviaNoraC

The Clenndennins started out by celebrating Halloween. Kathy took Al out for a massage while the rest of the family decorated and hurriedly gathered costumes, and then partaking in their annual tradition of watching a scary movie together.

Next, they jumped ahead to Al’s birthday, which is in December, gifting him with a new laptop so he can stay in touch while overseas.

Source: Twitter @OliviaNoraC

Christmas was up next, with the family using a mini-Christmas tree decorated with lights from Olivia’s bedroom, complete with a video of a burning fireplace on their TV.

Source: Twitter @OliviaNoraC

The family whipped up their traditional Christmas morning breakfast of waffles, bacon, and French toast before they “traveled back in time” for Thanksgiving, when they celebrated with their favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Source: Twitter @OliviaNoraC

Olivia and the rest of her family hope that their whirlwind weekend of holiday celebrations will help their father get through his deployment quickly, happily, and safely. Wrapping up the photo series Olivia shared across Twitter, she added, “I love you and I miss you – I have a big surprise for you when you get home.”

U.S Navy Sailor Unexpectedly Gives Birth To Healthy Baby On Aircraft Carrier

The crew of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower got a big shock this week when one of their sailors gave birth while onboard! The sailor, who hasn’t been identified, complained of stomach pains and went to the ship’s medical department where she safely delivered a healthy, 7lb baby girl.

US Naval Forces Central Command Spokesperson Cmdr., Bill Urban, announced that both mother and child were doing well. “The family practitioner aboard, Ike, who delivered the baby, is certified in child birth and has experience delivering babies. A number of personnel assigned to Ike’s medical department have received training to deliver and care for a newborn,” explained Urban.

Source: PilotOnline

However, the Navy is not familiar with its sailors giving birth while on board. They require sailors to disclose the fact of their pregnancies within two weeks of a doctor’s confirmation, but it is unclear whether this particular sailor, even knew she was pregnant! Usually pregnant sailors can stay aboard their ships as far as 20 weeks into their pregnancies, given that a medical center is at most six hours away.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower shipped out of Norfolk, Virginia on June 1st and has been in the Persian Gulf assisting with Operation Inherent Resolve. Mom and baby were airlifted to Bahrain for some much needed quiet time.

Urban added, “While it would have been preferred to send her to her homeport earlier, per policy, we are now focused on caring for the health and welfare of our sailor and the newest member of our Navy family.”

What a crazy cool story to tell your daughter when she grows up!