The Hottest New Wallpaper Trend Will Stun Visitors

Marble is one of the prettiest building materials in the world. It calls to mind gorgeous bathrooms larger than most living rooms and lush Roman courtyards with water gurgling gently in the background. However, because of the high price marble is valued at, homes usually only feature it in bathrooms and kitchens, and sometimes only as an accent. All that is about to change, however, because one of the latest home decor trends is well-crafted marble wallpaper, and it’s affordable, easy to use, and classy as all get out.

Marble comes in many colors naturally (due to the distribution or veins of minerals running throughout it). The wallpaper version is no different, meaning that while it looks like stone, it doesn’t have to be in neutral tones. We love this teal hued version, which looks soothing and stylish all at once. However, if you’re more high drama, try going for this gold tinged paper, which makes a wall instantly glitzy – perfect for an accent wall!

If your aim is a minimalistic space, why not opt for this mellow white and gray pattern, perfect to add texture and personality to a wall without all those pesky picture frames or wall hangings. And if authenticity is your jam, try hanging your marble wallpaper in blocks, so your wall appears to be actually made out of real marble tiles. If you use them in your entryway, first time visitors to your house will instantly be impressed by the cool yet classy vibe… before they even come in! All in all, we’re super excited to try this new trend (and if you’re really bold, you can put it on things besides walls, like stairs or accent trays!). Happy decorating, Dwindlers!