Comedian Wears Wedding Dress On First Date

Source: Laura Bubble

Picking the right outfit for a first date is super challenging. Girls have to decide what they want the outfit to say: do we want to seem sweet, sexy, sophisticated, or a combination of all three? We put in a ton of effort to look like we took no effort at all, and just rolled out of bed with gorgeous loose curls and perfectly even skin tones!

Well British blogger and comedian Laura Bubble is having none of it. She released a video chronicling her first date escapades, for which she wore a wedding dress. Seriously. No agonizing over details, just throw on your favorite white gown, grab a bouquet and stroll out to meet a complete stranger you’ve been chatting with online. What could go wrong?

Source: Laura Bubble

Well, it turns out, a lot could go wrong. Laura got responses like, “I’m… not doing that,” to “Did Dave put you up to this?” to no responses at all. One guy just took a look at her from a distance and turned right around and walked away.

However, many were game for a laugh, which says something positive about online dating we think! Though they were hesitant and nervous at her appearance, most tried to chat with Laura normally, although they did seem to keep their distance!

Turns out the whole prank video was to raise money for the campaign Stand Up to Cancer, for which she admirably raised plenty of moolah. However, Laura did get some legitimate dates out of the whole process; one guy even took her to the movies after he found out about the prank, wedding dress and all!

Father/Daughter Find 2 Carat Diamond!


Have you ever been interested in prospecting for gold or gems? Putting on your suspenders, ten-gallon hat and getting knee deep in a river to try to find your fortune among the pebbles sound familiar?

Well, you can do just that at an Arkansas State Park called Crater of Diamonds! There, visitors can pay a flat fee of $5 and go gem hunting for themselves, and if they find anything it’s theirs to keep! People flock to the park in the hopes that they will come away with a big prize. In addition to diamonds, the site also produces garnets, amethysts, jasper, agate, and more!

That’s not quite what father-daughter team Dan and Lauren Frederick were hoping for when they visited the state park earlier this week. The pair are amateur gem hunters and consider it a fun way to bond, not to make a living. Not half an hour after they arrived, Dan saw something glittering among the rocks three feet in front of him. What he picked up is truly astounding.

It was a white diamond, and park officials nearby who help visitors identify their gems estimated the colorless rock to be about 2.03 carats, an incredible find for amateurs! The happy pair named their gem “Lucky Diamond” and have get to get it appraised, but looking at the size of it in Dan’s palm, we’re sure it’s worth a pretty penny!

Not that the Fredericks will be selling it any time soon. They’re going to keep it as the ultimate souvenir. “It really was the cherry on top of a fun and special trip with my dad,” Lauren said.

Believe it or not, while the find is rare, it is by no means the largest gem unearthed in Crater of Diamonds. Last year, a visitor found a whopping 8.52 carat diamond in the area!

We definitely know where we’re headed on our next vacation!

Teen Suspended After Posting Nasty Picture Of Her High School’s Yellow Water

Hazel Juco was given an Out of School Suspension (OSS) on Tuesday, September 20th for posting a picture of brown water coming from a girls’ bathroom sink to Facebook and Twitter. The color of the water coming out of the tap is disturbing to say the least, and Hazel maintains that she posted the photo partly to highlight the issue. She explained, “I always hope that something good will happen, will somehow have someone who wants to help us with money, because our school obviously doesn’t have money.”

Hazel goes to school at John Glenn High School in Michigan, where it is against school policy to use cell phones in bathrooms. Technically, Hazel was in violation of that policy when she snapped the photo and that was the reason her school administration used for her suspension.

However, Hazel thinks that they were using the electronic policy, which had never been enforced before, to justify her suspension because they didn’t like the subject matter of her post and the light that it put her school in. Hazel and several other students pointed out that they take selfies in school bathrooms all the time and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So far none of them have ever been in trouble for those kind of selfie posts. Many students have reposted these photos in solidarity with Hazel while she was suspended.

Once the media and the internet got wind of Hazel’s cause, they quickly started spreading the story around, and that’s when the district superintendent got involved. Dr. Michele Harmala sided with Hazel and called her treatment, “inappropriate.” She also ensured that the OSS was removed from her school record. Dr. Harmala also dispatched a plumber to the school and made sure the maintenance staff was aware of the problem. She says that moving forward, students should report problems to the administration first so that action can be taken quickly.

Hazel is back at school and is probably very much a hero among her peers for getting the pipes cleaned up AND having the superintendent on her side. You go, Hazel!

European Woman Goes Viral After A Crazy Mistake Sends Her To The ER

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done that’s landed you in the ER? If you’re like most people, then chances are it wasn’t anything near as crazy as what happened to a lady from Eastern Europe, whose circumstances quickly went viral. In the photograph that made its rounds on popular social media sites, a woman in otherwise good health is seen with her hair loaded with builder’s foam. The unidentified woman most likely mixed up her can of builders foam and hairspray, resulting in this hilariously unfortunate ER visit.

If you aren’t familiar with builders foam, it’s absolutely not meant to be a substitute for normal hair care products. The foam is used to prevent leaks, fill gaps, and even as a strong adhesive. It’s certainly not something you’d want in contact with any part of your body, let alone your hair. Unlike hairspry, you can’t just rinse out the builder foam either. It’s made to last so the foam is pretty much impossible to remove. We don’t know what ended up happening with the woman, but hopefully the hospital she visited was well equipped to aid in handling the issue.

Can Married Couples Live Apart?

Many people argue that moving in together is a sign of progress within the relationship. For many, the act of sharing each other’s space day in and day out can be one of the most intimate and daunting aspect of the relationship. For Annie Fox and her significant other, marriage this was one aspect of their relationship that they decided not to share.

Annie, and her husband live in different apartments. Surprised? You’re not alone. Given that most married couples live together, Annie herself would be the first to tell you that their living preferences are far from the norm. However, as Annie points out, the experience has some pleasant aspects to it, all of which work better for both of them.

A general aspect of living separately seems to be that you gain and maintain a greater appreciation for your partner, since you can’t always take them for granted. Everyday tasks, from switching of the lights to doing chores have to be done by you most of the time. As a result, when your partner is around to lend a hand, you end up having a greater appreciation for their presence than you would otherwise.

Annie also points out that living separately makes a lot of things easier. For instance, surprises actually end up working out. You can order gifts for your significant other, or even plan parties without worrying about your partner seeing (and ruining) the surprise. 

Perhaps most importantly, maintaining that type of distance allows both partners to be a bit more candid about the relationship. In the instance that things don’t work out, both partners still have their own living spaces, possessions, etc. All things considered, there are many aspects of living apart that many couples might find attractive, and vice versa. It’s ultimately up to the individual couples to work out an arrangement that suits their relationship.