Thrilled Woman Realizes Her Uber Driver Is The Original Voice Behind AOL’s You’ve Got Mail

When Brandee Barker got into her Uber on Saturday in Ohio, she didn’t recognize her driver. Why would she – Brandee is a Californian who had come to the swing state to canvas for Hillary Clinton. However, when she started chatting with the driver, she knew she recognized his voice somewhere, and after pressuring him a bit, she found out why.

Elwood Edwards, 67, is an Uber driver now, but he used to be a voice actor, and in fact is best known for a gig that only paid him a measly $200… He’s the voice of AOL’s notifications, something we all have ingrained on our brains from the ‘90s! Turns out his wife used to work for Quantum Computer Services, which later became AOL, and had her husband record the original sound files on a cassette tape in their living room. Ah, nostalgia.

Needless to say, Brandee freaked out and immediately requested that Elwood say his trademark phrase “You’ve Got Mail” for her, a request he gets a lot and one he’s only too happy to oblige. Brandee says she, “completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video,” which has since gone viral.

Elwood gets a kick out of being called out for his famous voice – he even appeared on The Tonight Show last year to read funny phrases in that classic AOL way. So watch out, Ohioans, the next time you get into an Uber, you may have a huge bout of ‘90s nostalgia waiting for you in the driver’s seat!

Instagram’s New Feature Will Make You Completely Forget About Snapchat

If you’re tired about having to switch between all your social media apps, you’re going to be super excited about Instagram Live, which partially launched this week and combines the best features of several platforms, including Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat!


The update includes two new majorly awesome features. The first allows the user to take live video, something like Periscope or Facebook Live, but the video is never saved. You simply swipe right and tap “Start Live Video,” and anyone can watch. People looking for live videos can search for them on the search page, and can leave comments or “hearts” on the ones they’re watching.

Once the person recording is done filming, they close the window and it is gone forever, making it perfect for “exclusive” looks into people’s lives, or for making a video only for people, “in the know.”


The second feature is also pretty close to Snapchat in that it’s pictures that disappear after a short time. In Instagram, it’s called direct messaging, and it allows you to send a private image or video to one specific person or to a specific group of people, and lets you make that image disappear after they look at it. You can check your “direct messages inbox” by swiping left!

The direct messages feature is already out, and Instagram Live should launch in a matter of weeks. All in all, we think this integration is a lovely Christmas present from Instagram!


Scientists Say The Entire San Andreas Fault Could Rupture To Cause A California-Wide 8.3 Magnitude Quake

Californians like to joke about the “The Big One” a lot; we’ve been told so often that a major earthquake somewhere along the infamous San Andreas fault is imminent that most Californians like to indulge in doomsday humor about it. Well, scientists are back with more of dark news about this coming day of destruction.


For a long time, it was believed that the San Andreas, which is over 800 miles long, could not rupture all at once, but only in fragmented segments. Apparently, scientists are backtracking the improbability of that particular doomsday scenario and now think that the whole thing could potentially crack at once in a huge, 8.3 blowout.


While not quite the largest quake in recorded history (for example, a Chilean earthquake in 1960 registered as a massive 9.5), if this happened, it would certainly cause devastation on an unprecedented scale. Over 3.5 million homes could be destroyed, and the damage to them and to state infrastructure could total $289 billion, an estimate provided by the Wall Street Journal.

It’s almost impossible to imagine this kind of destruction. To give you an idea of scale, in October, scientists estimated that the collapse of two faults that run underneath San Francisco Bay and only span a measly 118 mile stretch could spell enough disaster to make Hurricane Katrina look like child’s play. That one would at most reach a 7.4.

As of right now, only 1 in 10 Californians have earthquake insurance, which seems like folly considering that the National Geological Survey determined recently that the state is due for a large earthquake in the next 30 years. 

Chipotle Just Got Sued For Labeling Their Chorizo As Only Having 300 Calories

Chipotle just can’t catch a break. The Mexican fast-food joint, which bills itself as a healthy alternative, is embroiled in yet another controversy following last year’s E. coli outbreak. This time a trio of Californian’s are suing Chipotle for falsely advertising that their new chorizo burrito was only 300 calories. Apparently, the number referred to the serving of meat by itself, and the actual burrito is a whopping 1,055 calories total!


That’s a huge difference, but personally we question the sanity of anyone who assumed that anything at Chipotle was that low calorically, especially a burrito. The sign is totally misleading, but also the picture looks way too good to be a meager 300 calories. Still, it’s refreshing to see Chipotle get dinged for the health of their supposedly healthy food. They might be fresh, but they’re not necessarily good for you.

Also, if these three plaintiffs win and if you’ve eaten at Chipotle in the past four years, you may have a settlement coming your way. That’s because they filed a class-action lawsuit covering any patrons of the fresh Mexican grill in that time! We don’t want Chipotle to fail; if it did, where would we get burritos as big as our faces?

However, if this settlement means we have a small amount of cash coming our way, we can buy all the extra guac we want!

The Number Of Calories You’ll Consume On Thanksgiving Will Give You Nightmares

This is the absolute worst time of year to start a diet. Not only does the colder weather make everyone want to curl up with spiced cider and not move until summer comes, it also promotes feasts.

They holidays are basically one big calorie fest until the harsh reality of New Year’s Day makes us look in the mirror and face the results of our lack of self control. So trying to lose weight over the next glorious six weeks are going to be pure hell.

Thanksgiving is the one that kicks them all off, and arguably it’s the worst for our waistlines. Sure, the Christmas season lasts weeks and involves slow snacking of all things peppermint and chocolate. Sure New Year’s is all champagne and spritzers into the wee hours of the night.


But, Thanksgiving kicks off the whole shebang, and it’s a holiday that is based around the idea of gorging yourself. It’s practically un-American to not put yourself into a food coma. How much damage could one day do?


Well, apparently quite a lot! The Calorie Control Council just announced that the average American consumes around 3,000 calories on that day! That doesn’t count leftovers or drinks, apparently, and is staggering when you consider that the daily recommended calories for women is 1,940, and for men it’s only 2,550! That means that one cheat day becomes two, essentially – it’s eating enough calories for two regular, non-diet days! Eek!


The Calorie Control Council provided some helpful hints for how to keep calories down this week, but mainly they recommend moderation. It may seem counter to the Thanksgiving spirit, but it’s probably key to maintaining a trim waistline this winter while also partaking in the festivities!