Starbucks Keeps The Humor Going Amid Criticisms

Starbucks, known best for their steaming latte’s and pricy frappuccinos, can also serve up a bit of humour in the face of criticism. Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway had a few choice words for Starbucks, as part of her last column at the Financial Times before her retirement. Lucy referenced Starbucks’ executive chairman Henry Schultz, whom she referred to as “a champion in the bullshit space… [who has] provided me with more material for columns than any other executive alive or dead.” Ouch, not necessarily a flattering characterization.

But alas, Kellaway wasn’t done.

To qualify her ire, she cited a recent announcement made by Schultz, in which he describes Starbucks Roasteries as “delivering an immersive, ultra-premium, coffee-forward experience”. Admittedly a bit of a mouthful, but also a description that Kellaway profusely decries, stating that “In this ultra-premium, jargon-forward twaddle, the only acceptable word is ‘an’.”

Clearly, Kellaway isn’t a fan of Starbucks’ excessive wording/jargon. In fact, Kellaway has spent much of her career calling out companies for using excessive jargon in their advertising and descriptions. Starbucks of course was quick to defend themselves and address the concern, and they weren’t afraid to be a little cheeky in their response. Simon Redfern, a Starbucks representative, wrote the Financial Times editor a letter stating.

The challenge is — we just don’t see the issue. Ms Kellaway says “tomato” and we say “sun-dried optimised natural product driving positive consumer sentiment if served on organic rye.” Ms Kellaway says “potato” and we say “waxy-skinned tuber with a satisfying mouthfeel when fried or boiled.” Surely there is no difference.

In the end, it seems like Starbucks has no intentions of simplifying their wording anytime soon. For both parties involved, this seems to have escalated into nothing more than a brief battle of semantics. The most important party, Starbucks’ customers, don’t seem to mind a little excessive jargon for the most part. After all, coffee, by any name or description, is still delicious.  

Anonymous People Are Fighting Terrible Drivers With These Genius Parking Notes

Parking is a hassle already, and it doesn’t help when a small percentage of people seem to be trying to take up as many spots as possible. It’s the scourge of modern society, and yet something amazing has been born from these inconsiderate parkers and their need to hover their cars directly over the parking lines.

You may have seen these before. They’re notes and business cards that random citizens and parking lot vigilantes leave on the windshields of badly parked cars, and they’re riotous! Be warned, some of them contain bad language and maybe aren’t for the eyes and ears of kids!

Our favorites probably the parking note with the dog because it’s just sarcastic enough while still being good-natured to make us laugh without making us cringe. Get the printable here.

Source: Imgur

Also, props to the one with the turtle because it’s a coloring project as well as a lesson in humility!

Source: Reddit

However, as much as we like the creative and slightly silly parking notes, there is something to be said for the ones that are direct and pointedly rude. We guess that they seem to be mimicking  the parking jobs they’re calling out! The one with the condom definitely fits this this category!

Perhaps the very best is the Game of Thrones one, but maybe that’s just because we’re going through serious GOT withdrawals!

Source: Reddit

Click through and let us know which notes are your faves too!

Source: John Pozadzides

Don’t Park Like A Tool.

Source: Imgur
Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Trend Is Taking The Nation By Storm From High Schools To Pro Football Teams

We can’t keep up with all these Twitter challenges. It seems like there’s a new one blowing up the internet every day! The latest in this craze of crazes is the Mannequin Challenge, in which a group of people freeze entirely while the cameraman takes a video walking around and among them in an eerie way. It sounds simple but it comes out looking really cool… if you can pull it off.

We detected a bit of movement in the very first video, posted by some kids from Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida, but it was only for a second. Since that video, kids seem to have it down, sometimes getting what seems like their entire school to nail it together!

However, we think the most impressive videos are the ones with sports teams, because not only are they frozen in place while playing a game (as opposed to the fake fights that seem to be over-popular with the teenage crowd), but they’re using their muscle tone to pose in some really interesting ways.

The Buffalo Bills even got in on the trend, choosing for their venue an airplane that they must’ve completely taken over. Props to them for fitting in social media challenges to their busy schedule! Check out the other trending Mannequin Challenge champs and let us know who you think did it best!

50-Year-Old Mom Reveals Beauty Secrets

Liu Yelin is proof that it is possible to look half your age. The Chinese mother of one looks young enough, people assume she is her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend. With no wrinkles and a toned body, it is hard to believe she is almost 50. She says that she frequently gets asked what her beauty secret is.

No, she is not advertising a cream or magic pill, she simply says that her secret is regular exercise for three decades.

She swims and does weight training daily. She also enjoys swimming in a nearby lake in the winter. Liu has swam across the Yangtze River in China and the Han River in South Korea. She also swam 7.45 miles from Penang, Malaysia to the Strait of Malacca in just 4 hours.

Liu has over 75K followers on Weibo, a Chinese social media site. Her personal motto: If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.

Thrilled Woman Realizes Her Uber Driver Is The Original Voice Behind AOL’s You’ve Got Mail

When Brandee Barker got into her Uber on Saturday in Ohio, she didn’t recognize her driver. Why would she – Brandee is a Californian who had come to the swing state to canvas for Hillary Clinton. However, when she started chatting with the driver, she knew she recognized his voice somewhere, and after pressuring him a bit, she found out why.

Elwood Edwards, 67, is an Uber driver now, but he used to be a voice actor, and in fact is best known for a gig that only paid him a measly $200… He’s the voice of AOL’s notifications, something we all have ingrained on our brains from the ‘90s! Turns out his wife used to work for Quantum Computer Services, which later became AOL, and had her husband record the original sound files on a cassette tape in their living room. Ah, nostalgia.

Needless to say, Brandee freaked out and immediately requested that Elwood say his trademark phrase “You’ve Got Mail” for her, a request he gets a lot and one he’s only too happy to oblige. Brandee says she, “completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video,” which has since gone viral.

Elwood gets a kick out of being called out for his famous voice – he even appeared on The Tonight Show last year to read funny phrases in that classic AOL way. So watch out, Ohioans, the next time you get into an Uber, you may have a huge bout of ‘90s nostalgia waiting for you in the driver’s seat!