Baby Girl Inherits Incredibly Rare Birthmark Like Mom

Like it or not, we are just little versions of our parents. For better or for worse, we inherit both good and bad things from our genetic donors: crooked teeth, blue eyes, blood disorders, intelligence, etc. Very seldom are we born with a completely unique trait or mutation that didn’t have some sort of inherited basis from one of our parents’ DNA. Some of these traits we may not see in children immediately after birth, but some inherited traits are blatantly obvious.

When Brianna Worthy gave birth to her daughter, she was anxious to see if her baby girl would inherit one of her favorite traits about herself. Lucky for Brianna, this trait was an easy one to spot. Both mother and daughter have a shocking white streak of hair originating near their widow’s peak.


Brianna, who inherited this trait from her mother, was hoping that baby MilliAnna would carry on the family trait. As soon as Brianna laid eyes on her daughter, she saw that MilliAnna had also inherited the family trait just like she hoped. It was apparent. “I was hoping she did have it. My younger sister that my mother had a few years after me didn’t get it, so I didn’t know if MilliAnna was going to, but once I had her and they laid her on my chest and I saw she had it I was so happy,” said Brianna.


The white streak of hair is the result of a condition called poliosis. It causes the lightening of skin and the hair around it. The condition proves just how strong genetics can be, as Brianna’s mother and grandmother also have the same distinctive white streak of hair, as well.

The striking hair is beautiful and distinctive, and Brianna hopes to raise her little girl to embrace this unique trait that has been passed on to her, even though her unique trait may bring in some criticisms. Brianna said, “I plan to raise my daughter knowing she is beautiful and special and to not listen to people mean comments at times.” 


Latina Comedian’s Impression Of JLo Is Spot On And It’s Not Just Because Of The Snapchat Filter

Melissa Villaseñor is an extremely talented comedian and actress from LA. If the name sounds familiar, or maybe you remember her face, its because you do. This talented woman rocked the crap out of America’s Got Talent and is now a cast member on Saturday Night Live! Dreams really do come true people.


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On America’s Got Talent Melissa performed some dead on celebrity impressions featuring Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Girl’s got serious skills! Well Melissa is back at the impersonation game and this time she is taking on the triple threat herself, Jennifer Lopez.

Of course, no JLo impression would be enough with just the voice, she’s got the look down too! Is that Jenny from the block? To be fair, the look isn’t all Melissa, she had some help courtesy of some Snapchat filters.

more J-Lo for ya!

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Several of her JLo impressions can be found on Youtube, where she she covers some every day talking to her ex-husband Marc Anthony and discussing the struggle that is birthday cake. Recently a new JLo impression video series titled Daily Itineraries produced by Mas Mejor has dropped, and it is fan-freaking-tastic.

J-Lo sings the updated version "Waiting FART Tonight" #jlo #jenniferlopezimpression

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Have you ever thought about how JLo plans out her day? Sure, she probably has an assistant to do all of that for her, but we absolutely LOVE Melissa’s version. What do you think, is Melissa from Jenny’s block?

A College Student Left A Note After Breaking Into A Car For A Kit Kat Bar

Children get the best deal when it comes to Halloween. They get to parade around town, look all adorable, and get to rake in the free candy. Adults, however, have to work for their candy and even buy it themselves! It’s just not fair.

One college student is learning the lesson that he must hold his hard earned candy close to his chest the hard way. College student Hunter Jobbins, who is in his second year at Kansas State University, made two huge mistakes: leaving a chocolate bar in a car and leaving a full size candy bar unattended in general. Jobbins parked his car for fifteen minutes in front of his dorm as he quickly ran inside, and when he returned his Kit Kat bar had vanished and was replaced with a hastily scrawled note on  a napkin.

The note from the Kit Kat thief informed Jobbins that they had noticed the Kit Kat in his car, and apparently blinded with hunger, tried the doors of his car only to find it was unlocked. Ensuring Jobbins they didn’t take anything else in the car, the thief took the Kit Kat, left the note, and signed it, “I am sorry and hungry.”

Jobbins, who at first felt a little uncomfortable that someone else had been in his car, said, “I couldn’t help but laugh at the person’s motive, and the whole note in general.” Jobbins shared a pic of the odd note, and the internet responded with mixed emotions. Ranging from the sheer outrage of having a precious candy bar stolen from them to laughing at the sheer desperation of the poor thief who couldn’t control their hunger. Twitter had a field day.

Most importantly, Kit Kat themselves sympathized with poor Jobbins, tweeting him back and offering to replace his missing candy bar.


Broncos Cheerleader Dresses Up As Inflatable T-Rex And Executes Flawless Dance Routine

As a child, the best part of Halloween is the trick or treating,, hands down. As an adult, the best part becomes the costumes. And, for many women, Halloween is notoriously a time to dress up as a “sexy” version of something.

The Denver Broncos cheerleaders were no exception to that rule. During a Halloween themed game against the San Diego Chargers, the cheerleaders were allowed to cheer for their home team wearing costumes. Literally ALL of the women were dressed up as a sexy something: sexy Dorothy, sexy Mario, sexy Where’s Waldo… except one!


There was one cheerleader who took the opportunity to dress up in costume for the game as a chance to show her sense of humor. One of the Broncos cheerleaders came onto the field in an inflatable T-Rex costume, which starkly contrasted with her co-cheerleaders.

The costume itself has gained internet notoriety since its release by a costume company in 2015 alongside the debut of Jurassic World. While the costume looks bulky or perhaps cumbersome, this girl proved herself to be a total pro and nailed every single one of the team’s cheer routines.

If there’s a costume that instantly makes ANYTHING funnier, it’s this T-Rex costume. And, this isn’t it’s first debut in the NFL. Earlier this year, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson had to do his warm ups in this same costume after losing his team’s weekly throwing competition.