New Mexico’s “Bottemless Lakes” Debunked

Did you know that New Mexico has several bottomless lakes? Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the lakes in question are pretty deep, anywhere from 17-90 feet deep in fact. When the lakes were first found in the then “wild west”, the cowboys that found them tried to measure the depth of the lakes with rope, but they had no luck. Overtime, people found that the strung lake currents would suck objects (and people in some cases) up, never to be seen again. As a result, the term “Bottomless Lake” was used by locals to define the nine likes with this characteristic.

Fast forward to today and we now no two things, the lakes aren’t actually bottomless, and the lakes aren’t actually lakes either. They are actually sinkholes, and aside from one of them (Lake Lea), the other eight aren’t safe to swim in. Lake Lea is one of the deepest lakes of the nine at 90 feet, so it’s perfect for diving and casual swimming. It also has under water springs and lots of rare aquatic wildlife.

If you’re ever in New Mexico, feel free to pay all nine lakes a visit. You can only swim in Lake Lea, but you can still see the other lakes, or hike on trails on Lake Lea beach. From Mid May through labor day, you can even camp onsite.

The Best Resorts On The Pocono Mountains

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are an ideal location for kicking back and taking a vacation. Located only a couple hours away from major cities like Philadelphia and New York, the Pocono Mountains are a great place to go and enjoy nature, without having to fly or drive several hours away. If you’re a city dweller looking for some outdoor fun and relaxation, there are several resorts on the mountain perfect for doing just that. Here are a few of the best ones.

Bear Creek Resort

This 116 room resort is the perfect place to go skiing, tubing, and just experience the great outdoors. While you’re there enjoy its many amenities, including fireplaces in several of the rooms and frequent special events. Bear Creek is also a year round resort, so if the cold isn’t your thing, you can visit the resort all year round!

Blue Mountain Ski Resort

If you love to ski/snowboard, Blue Mountain is definitely the resort for you. Enjoy Pennsylvania’s largest vertical drop at nearly 1100 ft! If you’ve already used up all your time off at work (or just wanna get out and have some fun one day) you can get half day skiing passes or night time skiing passes, so no need to wait till you can finally use that paid time off at work.

Jack Frost and Big Boulder

These two ski areas area fairly close to each other, and each have their own appeal. Jack Frost is the ideal location for casual skiing and snowboarding, while Big Boulder is great for more advanced skiing fun. Make sure you catch both during the winter, since these resorts are closed during the other seasons.

Camelback Resort

With over 160 acres of skiable terrain, Camelback Resort makes for an amazing vacation spot. The lodge at the resort has great amenities too, such as full kitchens and fireplaces.

A Look Inside Fiskars Village, Finlands Very Own Art Haven

Imagine a town made for artist, by artists. If you can’t, it’s still pretty easy to see just how great a town made for a certain demographic, by that demographic, would turn out to be a huge success. That’s what Ingmar Lindberg, an executive at Fiskars, thought when he proposed the idea of a haven for artists. His plan was simple, create a town with affordable housing, and the artists will come.

And come they did. Today, over 600 people live in Fiskars Village. At its inception, the small Finnish town was dying, a sad remnant of the dying ironwork industry. However where others say a dying town, Lindberg saw opportunity. Artists that moved in attracted other artists, and the low cost of living allowed creativity to flourish uninhibited.  

Such a quality community was only able to exists with careful vetting. In order to move to the village, you have to apply. Based on the type of work you do for a living, you can then gain entry into the community and live there. Naturally, space in Fiskars Village is a lot more coveted than it used to be, resulting in slightly higher prices than you’d initially have found.

The towns beautiful, rustic appeal is a huge tourist attraction. With sprawling, surrounding woodlands and villas, the village scenery seem straight out of an old fairy tail. There are also no shortage of gourmet cafes and breweries to indulge in.

So why does Fiskar, a company known for it’s bladed tools and appliances, continue to invest in this village? Well, aside from the fact that it brings in good revenue, the community they’ve curated is priceless. From the start, the village was created with the purest intentions, to cultivate an environment for artists and designers to thrive. In achieving this result, the village also managed to become a great investment for the company.

Quitting Your Job To Travel The World

For many people, the idea of quitting your job to travel the world sounds like a distant fantasy. For 27 year old Jesse Bonde however, this is everyday life.

Bonde worked on a luxury yacht before he decided that his life would be better spent traveling the world in a van with his girlfriend. His job just wasn’t fulfilling, and he wanted to ditch a bad drinking habit he’d picked up from working so close to so much alcohol.

So far, he’s new life is working out pretty well for him. With over 35K Instagram followers, Bonde has found a way to combine his passion for photography with his love for travel. His travels have taken him all over the world and Bonde and his girlfriend are currently exploring the national parks in North America. Since they lives from a van, they have complete freedom in determining where to go and how much time to spend there, which works out much better for Bonde than his old job.

It’s always cool to see someone living out their dreams the way Bonde does, but the idea of dropping everything to travel the world isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. With that being said, Bonde hopes he can still inspire others who might be more hesitant to follow in his footsteps. If you’re curious about what Bonde’s lifestyle has to offer, you can see all of his pictures here on his Instagram

Solo Hiking Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of those “must see” destinations, it is the symbol of South America. The journey to Machu Picchu can certainly be challenging, especially if you are a solo traveler. Hiking with a group of strangers may seem odd, but it could be a life altering experience. This type of travel allows you to meet like minded people from around the world, or when you feel the need set off on your own to experience the sights solo.

If you are hiking the Quarry trail, which is less crowded than the traditional Inca Trail, by Day 2 you will be pretty resolute about your hatred of switchbacks. For those unfamiliar, switchbacks are zig zags that make ascending a steep trail more manageable and protect from erosion. This is the time to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, slow and steady. It’s ok to not be the first to the top and it’s ok to stop for breaks, after all you earned every view! Pushing through this challenging day will not only leave your feeling physically, but also mentally, stronger.

You’ll be overjoyed on Day 3 to hear there will be no more uphill. Fair warning though, a descent can be just as challenging. Going down is very demanding on your knees and feet. This is when you will be most thankful you invested in supportive footwear and took the time to break them in prior to the trip! Some walking poles for extra support are always a good idea as well.

Don’t falter yet, the strenuousness of the trail pales in comparison to it’s beauty. You’ll experience towering peaks, green lush valleys, dry expanses; trek past streams and grazing animals. And when you finally set your eyes on Machu Picchu you’ll feel both the ancient magic and overwhelming pride in your accomplishment.