Would You Swim With Jellyfish?!

Jellyfish are gorgeous, ethereal creatures, but we often don’t think of them that way because of their vicious stings. They are quite a wonder to behold in the wild, however, floating along, transparent white, slowing expanding and contracting. And, believe it or not, there is a lake where jellyfish have evolved to lose their stings, and where you can swim with them in all their floaty glory!

Jellyfish Lake in Palau is a wonder of the natural world. The saltwater lake on an island off of Koror in the Micronesian nation used to be connected to the Pacific Ocean, but a long time ago it became isolated from the larger body of water… with some regular jellyfish trapped inside. That’s when nature took it’s course, and over many generations, these jellyfish lost their ability to sting because they didn’t need to protect themselves from predators (who weren’t trapped too).

These days, you can visit Palau and actually swim in Jellyfish Lake, in and among swarms of jellyfish! Sometimes you can even touch them! However, we should note that National Geographic has been reporting that the jellyfish population has dropped drastically in recent years, from about 8 million to just about .5 million. All might not be lost, though; it seems the population has fluctuated this low before and may recover. But if you don’t want to take the chance, you should head there soon, or you may miss out on this truly amazing experience!

Enjoy Nature’s Paradise At Sedona Resorts

Most of Arizona is known for adventure travel, hiking through canyons and back country, battling the heat and camping under the stars. . Sedona, on the other hand, has always been focused more on glamping and wellness. Though Sedona has plenty to offer in the way of nature, it has some of the best resort retreats in the state. Yes, you can still hike, go on horseback rides, or even take in some skiing, but the best part of Sedona is the stunning sunrises on red rocks that surround the town and the ultra laid-back vibe that caters to an entirely different clientele.

Just an hour southwest of Flagstaff, Sedona is tucked between 2 state parts and a national forest. It is close enough to major transportation hubs, while being far enough away to give the feeling of true escape. When you really want to recharge, rent a room at one of these resorts and Enjoy!

L’Auberge de Sedona


Offering cottages, suites, and English country inspired rooms, this home away from home includes breathtaking scenery, concierge service, and romantic creek-side dinners.

Grand canyon at sunrise with river Colorado

Enchantment Resort

Nestled in Boynton Canyon, this collection of adobe suites offers spa, fitness, golf and tennis on site. The rooms are outfitted with kiva fireplaces and oversized soaking tubs, as well as several indoor and outdoor pools on the property.

Amara Resort and Spa

This resort offers a full service spa, yoga classes, and a free shuttle to town. The rooms themselves offer a warm color scheme reflective of the local flora and fauna, including headboards fashioned from the planks of fallen trees. The welcoming staff can recommend hiking spots and local sight seeing adventures, and the SaltRock Southwest Kitchen offers not only local fare, but famous margaritas to round out your experience.

The staff are warm and welcoming and all too happy to recommend local hikes and sights. Even if you don’t stay, stop by for a margarita in their SaltRock Southwest Kitchen.

The World’s Most Romantic And Smallest Hotel

If you are looking for cozy, look no farther! This hotel is the smallest in the world which, somehow, makes it the most romantic! Holding the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest hotel, The Eh’häusl Hotel in Amberg, Germany has a total floorspace of only 173 square feet.

Measuring only 8 feet in with, the teeny tiny hotel is sandwiched between two bigger buildings on either side, looking tiny and a little non-descript from the outside.

The fitting name, roughly the Matrimonial house, is too small to accommodate more than two guests at a time- making it the perfect location for a romantic weekend IN.

Though some might feel it is a little cramped, it is an adorable getaway for a couple or even an individual seeking some privacy.

It contains a flat screen TV, a mini spa with a rainbow colored whirlpool, a romantic fireplace and salon, and numerous other amenities.

One might be curious as to the backstory of this tiny wonder. Built in 1728, but totally renovated in 2008, it has an amazing history. In 1728, it was necessary to provide proof of land ownership in order to marry. In an effort to somewhat circumvent this rule, a clever businessman built a house in the 8 feet 2 ½ inch space between two existing buildings. He merely added a front and back wall and a roof. Individuals could then purchase the house, marry, and sell the house to the next groom. Thus, the name, the marriage house. If you would like to experience this piece of history, you can stay a night and receive complimentary breakfast and underground parking for only 240, 00 EUR.

Charter THIS For Your Next Vacation

Sometimes you just want to go on a vacation with 87 of your closest friends. If you find that is the case, how are you going to do it? How about renting a private luxury Boeing 777. At a rate of $55,000 per hour, this dream can become a reality.

Recently, Crystal Cruises christened their new aircraft, the Crystal Skye, at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Touted as the world’s “largest private charter plane” passengers have access to the world’s largest flying wine cellar and full time private chef. Formerly of Etihad Airways, Chef Francois Van Zyl will tailor each menu to reflect not only the destinations, but requests from passengers. There is also an in-flight sommelier who can pair the food with an appropriate wine.

The seats in this luxury airliner have customizable privacy surrounds and can recline flat. Amenities include Bose headphones, Ipads, amenity kits from Etro, 24 inch entertainment screen, and unlimited Wi-Fi.

When wondering through the cabin, passengers will also find a spacious lounge and full bar. With a certified mixologist, the plane is said the have the highest staff to guest ratio of any private jet experience. Butlers are equipped with butler carts ready to clean glasses, steam clothes and even polish shoes in flight.

There are 91 different customization options for a total of 331 unique flight options. The Boeing 777-200R is available for charter flights up to 19..5 hours non-stop.

The first scheduled flight will take place on September 30, bringing 86 passengers from Hong Kong on an eight-night itinerary that includes stops in Nairobi, Kenya and Tahiti. The National Hockey League has reportedly also chartered a future flight.

Seeking Non-Monetary Motivation

The software developer and blogger behind the Mad Fientist had been planning and saving for years to retire early. At the age of 34, Brandon realized he had been motivated by money his entire life. But now, he no longer is.

Through planning and living frugally he managed to save and invest about 70% of his income, and saved enough to leave his job. He stayed on for a few years more than planned when his boss made the position a remote one. Traveling with his wife Jill until they relocated full-time to Scotland in May 2015, he continued working, blogging, and saving until he retired last summer.

Brandon reflected on his first full year of being financially independent, not reliant on a job to pay his bills and therefore able to pursue only the projects and activities he’d like.

He wrote that the “biggest mindset shift that occurred after reaching [financial independence]” was that money is no longer motivating. This was quite a shift since money had motivated him his entire life, working hard in school to go to a good college so that he could get a job that paid a good wage. Then, working hard at his job in an effort to get promoted and make even more money. He started business to increase his income, and lived his life based on the effect of that income. Where to live, travel, entertainment… all based on how much it would cost. All of his decisions led back to money.


Now that he has enough money, it has lost a lot of its importance. He says that it is disorienting to lose your main source of motivation.He had business ideas but now that money isn’t important, he has even set those aside. He goes on to say, ““think about how many decisions are motivated by money, you’ll find most of them are…I’ve had to reevaluate my entire life while finding a new source of motivation.” He also states that although money is less important, it’s not meaningless . Being content is a good thing, but you have to find something to motivate you.