Charter THIS For Your Next Vacation

Sometimes you just want to go on a vacation with 87 of your closest friends. If you find that is the case, how are you going to do it? How about renting a private luxury Boeing 777. At a rate of $55,000 per hour, this dream can become a reality.

Recently, Crystal Cruises christened their new aircraft, the Crystal Skye, at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Touted as the world’s “largest private charter plane” passengers have access to the world’s largest flying wine cellar and full time private chef. Formerly of Etihad Airways, Chef Francois Van Zyl will tailor each menu to reflect not only the destinations, but requests from passengers. There is also an in-flight sommelier who can pair the food with an appropriate wine.

The seats in this luxury airliner have customizable privacy surrounds and can recline flat. Amenities include Bose headphones, Ipads, amenity kits from Etro, 24 inch entertainment screen, and unlimited Wi-Fi.

When wondering through the cabin, passengers will also find a spacious lounge and full bar. With a certified mixologist, the plane is said the have the highest staff to guest ratio of any private jet experience. Butlers are equipped with butler carts ready to clean glasses, steam clothes and even polish shoes in flight.

There are 91 different customization options for a total of 331 unique flight options. The Boeing 777-200R is available for charter flights up to 19..5 hours non-stop.

The first scheduled flight will take place on September 30, bringing 86 passengers from Hong Kong on an eight-night itinerary that includes stops in Nairobi, Kenya and Tahiti. The National Hockey League has reportedly also chartered a future flight.

Seeking Non-Monetary Motivation

The software developer and blogger behind the Mad Fientist had been planning and saving for years to retire early. At the age of 34, Brandon realized he had been motivated by money his entire life. But now, he no longer is.

Through planning and living frugally he managed to save and invest about 70% of his income, and saved enough to leave his job. He stayed on for a few years more than planned when his boss made the position a remote one. Traveling with his wife Jill until they relocated full-time to Scotland in May 2015, he continued working, blogging, and saving until he retired last summer.

Brandon reflected on his first full year of being financially independent, not reliant on a job to pay his bills and therefore able to pursue only the projects and activities he’d like.

He wrote that the “biggest mindset shift that occurred after reaching [financial independence]” was that money is no longer motivating. This was quite a shift since money had motivated him his entire life, working hard in school to go to a good college so that he could get a job that paid a good wage. Then, working hard at his job in an effort to get promoted and make even more money. He started business to increase his income, and lived his life based on the effect of that income. Where to live, travel, entertainment… all based on how much it would cost. All of his decisions led back to money.


Now that he has enough money, it has lost a lot of its importance. He says that it is disorienting to lose your main source of motivation.He had business ideas but now that money isn’t important, he has even set those aside. He goes on to say, ““think about how many decisions are motivated by money, you’ll find most of them are…I’ve had to reevaluate my entire life while finding a new source of motivation.” He also states that although money is less important, it’s not meaningless . Being content is a good thing, but you have to find something to motivate you.


Phoenix- A Real Hot Spot!

Phoenix is known for its hot weather and large population, but there is more to this capital city than meets the eye. If traveling to Phoenix, here are some must dos for your trip itinerary.

Places to  Stay

Popular with entertainers and athletes, The Camby contains artwork with western and pop-culture influences. The in-house restaurant, Artizen, serves southwestern fare in a sophisticated presentation.  

Doubles as an art gallery, with dozens of pieces by area artists for sale throughout the property. Rooms play on an industrial-chic vibe, while the spacious bar/on-site restaurant, Match Cuisine & Cocktails, is popular with locals.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa is an award-winning location with an on site spa, including exfoliation, cascading waters, heated stone massage, and a private pool.

Places to Eat

Mora Italian offers authentic Italian cuisine in a modern atmosphere. Owned by Food Network celeb Scott Conant, this has become a true hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva features an open kitchen and walls containing Mexican legends partnered with elegantly prepared Mexican Cuisine.

Ocotillo, which is named for a desert bloom, offers Arizona-inspired cuisine with global influences created with fresh local ingredients.

Things to Do

With Gourmet foods and Art Experiences throughout the city, Phoenix is now a true Art Mecca.

Check out these places on your next visit.

Phoenix Public Market Café

Phoenix Art Museum

Roosevelt Row

Short Leash Hot Dogs and Rollover Doughnuts

DeSoto Central Market

Schnepf Farms

Queen Creek Olive Mill

True Garden

Superstition Farms

All-Inclusive Resorts Pros and Cons

All-inclusive. Show up with your bags and a smile and you are good to go! When planning a vacation, many people are choosing this option rather than doling out money for every little item. But, is it all it is cracked up to be?


  • Everything Is Included: Leave your wallet behind and you can do it all! Pool, beach, ice cream, drink after drink… all included.
  • Convenience: Typically located close to a major airport with round trip transportation. Servers are always on call and everything is at your fingertips.  
  • Food and Beverage: Buffets are open all day long, poolside grills, specialty shops and restaurants offering any type of cuisine your heart desires.
  • Activities: The whole family can enjoy a litany of activities from paddle boarding to yoga, kids activities to nightly entertainment. There is something for everyone!
  • Economical: Sticking to your budget on vacation can be difficult. All-inclusive vacations take away that worry and let your wallet rest.
  • Good For First-Time Travelers: Inexperienced travelers find this a great way to learn the rules of the road while relaxing as someone else takes over the driver’s wheel.


  • Less Authentic:When you travel to an exotic port, you want to experience the city and the culture. These resorts cater to the masses, never offering a taste of the authentic countryside.
  • Crowds: Like on a cruise ship- you find yourself vying for specialty restaurants and chairs by the pool. Reservations need to be made upon arrival, if not before, to beat back the competition.
  • Noise: For some, noise can be a real problem. In family-friendly resorts, children are the norm. In adult resorts, bars can fill with obnoxious patrons taking advantage of the free drinks.
  • Too Big: If you enjoy intimacy on your vacation, all-inclusive is not for you. For the same reasons listed above, along with the size of the resorts themselves, intimate family time is hard to come by.
  • The Fine Print: All-inclusive does not really cover EVERYTHING. There are always amenities that come with extra costs, so be careful so you are not surprised at checkout.


Paris Boutique Hotels On Any Budget


Nothing is more beautiful than Paris. The architecture, lifestyle and food make it one of the most visited cities in the world. We have narrowed the big, pricey city down to 5 boutique hotels that won’t break the bank.

Hotel Verneuil 

Just three blocks from the Seine and within walking distance of the Louvre, Hotel Verneuil is on a small, cobblestone street in a converted 17th century building that once housed merchants.

Rooms in this hotel are tiny, but it is the epitome of Parisian style. The spiral staircase also makes a beautiful photo op.


Hotel du Petit Moulin

Hotel du Petit Moulin, which is located in the trendy Haut Marais neighborhood, is the most expensive in the group. Designed by famed Frenchman Christian Lacroix, the building houses Paris’s first bakery and was a favorite of  Victor Hugo. It maintains its original painted glass and each of its 17 rooms is different from the next.  


Hotel Ekta

Hotel Ekta is a place in the middle of the action. Converted from a modern office building, this hotel boasts a cool ‘70s vibe. With 25 stylish rooms, including a mirrored staircase at the entrance, this hotel is unpretentious and affordable.


Hotel Residence Foch

If you want to live like a true Parisian while still being close to the action, this is for you. The Marie-Antoinette inspired location takes the visitor back to the 18th century, with each floor representing eras from her life. From Versailles to Petit Trianon, you will find the perfect setting for your night in Paris.


Hotel Amour

With its romance-themed decor, Hotel Amour plays on the “City of Love” nickname making it perfect for romantic getaways. Located in the northern part of the city, it has a bohemian vibe with 24 rooms filled with flea market finds in the true eclectic Parisian style. The artwork is modern and contains nudity, so this one is not for the family getaway.