Ancient Temples Are Crumbling After Huge Earthquake

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the north-central region of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The massive earthquake damaged ancient brick structures and temples across the country. Initial reports indicated a death count of one. The young man was killed in a building collapse during the earthquake.

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The country of Myanmar sits atop the Burma Tectonic Plate. On December 26, 2004, a large portion of the boundary between the Burma Plate and the Indian Plate slipped, causing the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. That earthquake had a magnitude estimated 9.1 and 9.3, which is literally off the richter scale (it only goes up to 9). Earthquakes that size and larger are characterized as causing near or total destruction. The earthquake in 2004 was responsible for the tsunami that killed over 220,000 people along the Indian Ocean.

According to the US Geological Survey, the Myanmar quake’s epicenter struck just 15.5 miles west of the city of Chauk, at a depth of 52 miles under the Earth’s surface. Tremors from the earthquake were felt as far away as Thailand, Bangladesh and India. Many residents still fearful of the aftermath from 2004 flocked into city streets.

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While deep earthquakes like the one that struck Myanmar typically cause less damage to buildings on the surface of the Earth. The many centuries old temples were no match for the 6.8 magnitude quake. It is estimated that at least 66 of centuries old Buddhist Shrines called Stupas have been damaged.

Much of the destruction was filmed and posted online to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even live broadcasts on Periscope. The Sulamani Temple can be seen crumbling into dust cloud here in this video posted to Facebook by a woman named Htay Htay.

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According to Myanmar news correspondent, Jonah Fisher, earthquakes such as the recent 6.8 magnitude quake occur regularly in central Myanmar. As a result the temples have been damaged and reconstructed before.

360-Ft Striking Super Yacht Made Of Glass Has Features Straight From Your Dreams

A New York based firm has designed a yacht with a structure made out of one-way glass. The astonishing structure, referred to as Halcyon, has all the amenities a wealthy owner could ever dream of. Setting it apart from other yachts the shell will be unlike any other.

The dream boat will include his-and-hers saunas in the owner’s suite,  two infinity hot tubs, two glass swimming pools, a casino and a spa accessible to everyone.

The concept yacht, referred to as Halcyon, has everything a yacht owner is looking for.

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Waterfalls connect the two glass-bottom swimming pools.

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The designer, Gill Schmid Design, says the yacht includes an on-board garage that can store an ICON aircraft, tenders, even a mini submarine.

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Gill Schmid Design specially designed the recreational boat for a private client. Halcyon displays the possibility of using a glass and glazing a superstructure comprising floor-to-ceiling undulated glazing giving the owners and guest much needed privacy.

The one-way glass is transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside, giving it a monochrome effect.

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The waterfall connects two glass-bottom swimming pools, one on the main deck and on the upper deck, with the water flowing through a rectangular opening.

To create a deep inside and outside space around the main pool, the design would include louvered ‘gill’ glass doors on the main deck.

Eighteen passengers would fit in the owner’s suite, two VIP suites and six guest suites.

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Guest can enjoy his-and hers saunas in the owner’s suite and two infinity hot tubs.

Source: DailyMail

The boat can accommodate a total of 55 people, 18 guest and quarters for 37 crew members.

Located between the two jacuzzi’s is a retractable touch-and-go landing pad for a second helicopter to land on the vessel.

The vessel also includes a front-facing formal dining area with panoramic views, and a lounge and cocktail bar.

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Guest can enjoy a casino spa or gym among other things on the amazing structure.

Source: DailyMail

The firm was founded by architects Alistar Gill, from the UK, and Veronika Shcmid, spending her time in Austria, Germany, and the US.

This astonishing piece of work would obviously would cost a fortune. Would spend your millions on this?