The Only 5 Swimsuits You Need

If you’re packing for the summer vacay and thinking you need a different swimsuit for every day of beach selfies, it’s time for an intervention. Regardless of whether you are prepping for a three-day excursion or a lengthy getaway following these tips and securing your favorite styles of these pieces will have you setup nicely beachside, poolside, and even a few pieces to work into your evening wear.


Find a one-piece with enough sparkle to double as an evening top to run straight from the pool to the beachside dance floor.

The Simple Bikini

This one is simple, what bikini best flatters your body. You know, that one two-piece that puts a pep in your step and makes you feel your most comfortable with sand between your toes.


The Trendy Bikini

Opt for a little more flare with texture, a lace up back, or signature detail. Push the envelope and explore outside your normal style for an eye catching look you’ll want to take double the selfies in. You won’t be likely to jump in the waves in this one, but you’ll make a few grabbing a cocktail or at the luau party.

The Flattering Neutral Color

This one can be a scoop back one-piece or a simple bandeau bikini, but either way stick with a neutral simple style. Avoid cutouts or prints, think white, black, tan, or soft pink). Build around this suit with accessories: fun scarves, hats, and chunky jewelry.

The Neon Suit

Whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini a neon suit will accentuate that glow you’ve worked so hard on poolside. It can be any shade you choose, it should just be bright and contrast with your skin tone for a truly eye catching look.


Gorgeous New Canadian Park Opens

Canada has a new national park, and there is absolutely no mistaking it’s breathtaking beauty. It’s traditional name, however, is another story. Akami-Uapishkᵁ-KakKasuak is actually in two different native languages, Innu and Labrador Inuit. It means “mountains” or “white across mountains,” but it’s okay for visitors to call the park by it’s English name, Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve. Either way, it’s a mouthful.

That doesn’t stop visitors from pouring into this joint effort between the Canadian government and the Innu Nation, which graciously offered free admission for the rest of 2017 as a way to spread the word. It encompasses 4,000 square miles and offers whale watching, camping, hiking, and a look at native landscapes important to the people who lived here way before Canada was settled. A communications officer for the park, Jane Brewer, values that last part deeply. “We’re committed to developing a system of national heritage places that recognizes the role of Indigenous People in Canada, and this landscape is of great cultural significance to Indigenous people in the region.”

Scientists are also counting on the reserve to help protect native wildlife, like caribou, wolves, and black bears, and plans to be open year round for people to come witness these animals in their natural habitats. It’s bound to get more popular the longer it’s open, so if you’re at all interested, we recommend high-tailing it to Canada this year; Akami-Uapishkᵁ-KakKasuak awaits!

Make Your Vacations Last Longer

It’s an effect everyone knows well: the week before a vacation seems to take forever, while the time you actually spend on vacation flies by in the blink of an eye. Why is this, and how in the heck can we prevent it so we can revel in our vacation time for longer and longer? Well, as the old adage goes, “time flies when you’re having fun,” and we don’t think vacation will ever feel as long as work does, simply because you aren’t checking the clock every 20 minutes. However, we do have a tip to make your vacation seem slightly longer.

It comes down to the concept of categorizing your experiences. While breaking things into quick sections in your day is helpful at work for making the time pass (and keeping yourself organized), it can be detrimental to your vacation experience. At least that’s what researchers Anuj K. Shah and Adam L. Alter found in their new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. The more you plan your day around one thing or category on your vacation (say, all art museums in one day), the more quickly time will seem to pass. However, if you break it up like you’re at work, i.e. hop from “task” to “task”, the more you’ll feel like you accomplished something and experienced more.

The authors gave an amusement park as an example. If you do every ride all at once, before focusing on games or shows, the day zips by. But, they say, it “might seem less fleeting if rides and games are interspersed so that guests can still look forward to both rides and games.” It’s an interesting thought, planning your vacation to vary your days and make it stretch out longer than it is. Neat trick, right? We bet, however, that they’ll never come up with a cure for those back-from-vacation blues!

Most Expensive Beach Vacations

Everyone loves a great beach vacation, and there’s something to be said for paying a little extra for a hotel to make sure you have a comfortable and relaxing time. However, you don’t necessarily want to go to a beach town that’s expensive just because of the hype surrounding it. We’ve got our hands on the most expensive beach cities across the U.S., and while some of them might be worth it, we’re betting there’s a handful that simply aren’t.

For example, Santa Monica is listed as number four, with the average minimum price for a hotel coming in at around $261. You might be thinking, but the beach is one way, the pier another, and hollywood is just four miles inland, right? That’s a steal! Not necessarily. That four miles can be an hour and a half in rush hour traffic, and the beach is pretty blah by LA standards (think Zuma or Malibu instead). This is definitely a place that skates by on reputation, not substance.

That makes Cannon Beach in Oregon the opposite at number three. Though the water is often too chilly to swim, people come here for the long beaches, gorgeous lighthouses, and native puffin nesting grounds, and they’re willing pay a whopping $262/night for it. Montauk is the reigning champion, however, at $312 / night, but the pristine beaches and soothing train ride make this a trip that just might be worth the money.

Number two is Nantucket in Massachusetts, and this one is completely unique-feeling. A tiny fishing village island off of Cape Cod, Nantucket is so picturesque that many consider it worth the base price of $285 / night that you can find there. Rounding out the top 5 is Kennebunkport, Maine, which is where the Bush family home is located. It also boasts plenty of hiking and is seeped in rich New England history.

The most expensive beach town in the U.S., according to the survey, was Montauk, on New York’s Long Island. The average nightly rate for the least expensive double room in a Montauk hotel was a whopping $312. But maybe that’s a small price to pay for such pristine sands.

Restaurant Offers Cliff Diving!

We all know about Rick’s Cafe, the legendary bar and restaurant from the movie Casablanca: “Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine.” Well there’s an equally cool Rick’s Cafe halfway around the world in Jamaica, and while they do have live music, that’s where the similarities between the movie classic and this funky joint end. Rick’s in Jamaica is the perfect island getaway, an alternative to the very crowded 7 Mile Beach that usually draws the tourists.

Situated cliffside on Jamaica’s West End Cliffs, Rick’s Cafe opened in 1974 as a place for locals to watch the sunset. It’s patio area overlooks a drop anywhere between 10-35ft to the ocean below, and somehow it’s become a tradition among patrons to jump off the cliff to the water below while waiting for a table!

Whether it has something to do the the excellent rum drinks Rick’s serves up (the rum punch is especially potent) or whether it’s simply island fever, customers of Rick’s have been willingly jumping from the patio for over four decades! The water is crystal clear and only fifteen feet, and we think it’s an absolutely genius way to cool off while waiting for your food. And the food, by the way, is delicious. Jamaican jerk chicken and seafood specials are served up daily, as well as mouth watering rum cake (of course!) for dessert. If you’re vacationing on Jamaica, Rick’s is a must-see, even though the secret has gotten out and the bar isn’t only for locals anymore! As Rick (from Casablanca) would say: We think this is the start of a beautiful tradition!