This Is The Reason Why Some Great Depression Photos Were Punched With Holes

The Great Depression was a turning point for the United States, but culturally, economically, and socially. It was such a low that today our government does whatever it can to prevent such a time from happening again. Through it all, however, it was a such a defining era in U.S. history, that we will never forget it, and looking back at that time is somewhat fascinating.

By the time the Great Depression took hold, journalism and photography were joined firmly hand in hand, and many journalists and photographers set out to document this historic time, giving faces to those who were suffering, and showcasing the people affected by the Depression. Many, many iconic photos came out of that era, but there were also some that never hit the press, thanks to one man – Roy Stryker.


Stryker was the director of the Farm Security Administration’s documentary photography program. The FSA was a program that aimed to fight rural poverty, and the documentary photography program was there to record the people and their plight. Stryker as editor of the program demanded the best out of his photographers, and though he gave them extensive information about their assignments before sending them out to the field, he was a bit of a “tyrannical editor” when it came to defining what the “best” photographs were.

When photographers would turn in their assignments, Stryker was notorious for punching holes through the negatives of photos he didn’t like, “killing” the photo.


Naturally, this infuriated photographers at the time, who may have liked or had emotional attachments to the photos they were turning in. Luckily, the hole punch negatives mostly still persisted, and in their own right still show an iconic era in U.S. history, despite the big black dot that sits on most of them. Today, they are stored at the Library of Congress and are on exhibition in New York City currently.


As Edwin Rosskam, a photographer at the time, puts it, “[The] punching of holes through negatives was barbaric to me… I’m sure that some very significant pictures have in that way been killed off, because there is no way of telling, no way, what photograph would come alive when.”


Stray Dog Leads Bachelor Party To Her 7 Newborns And They Adopt Them All

No wedding is complete without one last celebratory weekend with just the guys/girls to have some fun. Mitchel Craddock and his buddies were all set for a relaxing weekend of camping to celebrate his upcoming nuptials, and off to a cabin they went.

Craddock and company arrived at a cabin in the woods in Tennessee, and as the eight men started cooking some food for the weekend, they noticed something out of the ordinary at their door. The smell of the bacon they were cooking lured a hungry, skinny dog to their door, who sat there sadly staring at the men and enjoying the smell of sizzling pork.

When the men noticed her, they noticed how skinny she was so they shared some of their food. The men also noticed something else interesting about the friendly dog, who they named Annie. She appeared to be nursing a litter of puppies.


The men watched Annie go back and forth from a hole in the ground nearby and went to investigate. When they saw one puppy poke its little head out of the hole, the men reached in and retrieved the whole litter.


They found seven dirty, flea ridden, but adorable puppies in that hole and knew that their beer money for the weekend was now puppy money.

The men took all eight dogs in (eight dogs for eight men), washed and bathed them, fed them, and each one of them took a dog home!



Best yet, all eight men live within five miles of each other, which means mama and siblings get playdates ALL the time!


Not your classic bachelor party, definitely, but puppies beat waking up with a hangover any day!

Mom Posts Heartbreaking Plea After Not A Single Kid Shows Up To Her Son’s Birthday

Think back to your childhood birthdays. What do you remember? Did you have a big party with lots of friends, or did everyone you invited decided not to show up? Or was it one of those terrible days when life shoves cake in your face and you lost all hope of being happy? We have all been there, parent’s too.

Birthday parties are no cake walk for mom and dad: there’s all the planning, sending out invites, setting up, and cleaning after the party leaves. However, nothing is harder than the heartbreak you’d feel watching your kid slowly accept the reality that none of their friends are coming to celebrate with them. 

Mom, with a  blog name Kristen Layne, watched as life became rough for her son Mahlon on his 9th birthday. Up until recently, Mahlon was homeschooled and this  was to be his first real party birthday party chuck full of friends and fun. Mahlon was so excited he counted the time as it passed. “‘Only three more hours until my friends arrive. This is the happiest day of my life, Momma. I can’t wait until my friends get here!” You see where this is going right?

When the time for the party to begin, they thought folks were lost or running late. But when Mahlon’s dad showed up with pizza for a gazillion people only to find his family, the reality of the situation sunk in. Mahlon told his dad, “No one came, Dad. I guess I’m not very popular at school,” and he cried. 

Needless to say, his family was devastated, but they sprung into action to make the best of a terrible situation.

After everyone got in a cry or two, or three, they ate pizza and cake and sang happy birthday, played birthday games and opened presents. They went bowling and did everything they could to turn what was probably Mahlon’s worst day and birthday of all time into something less painful because that is what family does.

When Mom shared Mahlon’s story on her blog, a ton of support came in and a lot of people shared similar experiences. If you are a parent, and your kid is invited to a birthday party, please for the love of birthday parties everywhere, FILL OUT THE RSVP CARD and GO!

Want to wish Mahlon a happy birthday yourself?

Mahlon K.
c/o Kristen P. Layne
PO Box 8141
Bend, OR 97708

Harry Potter Yoga Is Now The Latest Magical Trend In Fitness

To those of you out there who are not Harry Potter fans, who are unable to see and appreciate the magic and wonder of the Wizarding World, I don’t understand you but I feel sorry for you. You have already lived through the record-breaking hype of the books, and then the movies, and then the theme parks. When the last one opened at Universal Studios Hollywood this year, I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief.

That is, until you realized about the five new Fantastic Beasts movies coming out beginning this year, and understood that the world is not letting go of The Boy Who Lived or his magical realm any time soon. To offer proof of this, we present to you: Harry Potter yoga. Seriously.

Circle Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas has had themed yoga classes before; their popular Pints & Poses class combined – you guessed it – yoga and beer.

However, this Harry Potter class is blowing that one out of the water. Everyone who shows up gets a wand, and instructors then lead them through Potter-themed poses like cat to cow transfiguration and the whomping willow (tree pose). Some poses are also meant to simulate casting your own patronus to ward off a dementor.

@circlebrew celebrated the lives of Lily and James Potter today with a special cask of pumpkin juice! The sorting hat kept me company at the bar.

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The class wraps with a cool down while the instructor reads from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

To Potterheads, this seems like a totally cute and fun way to work out, but I can understand that to the disgruntled muggles who just want this Harry Potter stuff to go away, this may seem like one themed-event too many. However, while I sympathize, my advice is to grab a wand do a downward-facing Fang, because it doesn’t look like hype around the wizarding world is dying down anytime soon!