Would You Swim With Jellyfish?!

Jellyfish are gorgeous, ethereal creatures, but we often don’t think of them that way because of their vicious stings. They are quite a wonder to behold in the wild, however, floating along, transparent white, slowing expanding and contracting. And, believe it or not, there is a lake where jellyfish have evolved to lose their stings, and where you can swim with them in all their floaty glory!

Jellyfish Lake in Palau is a wonder of the natural world. The saltwater lake on an island off of Koror in the Micronesian nation used to be connected to the Pacific Ocean, but a long time ago it became isolated from the larger body of water… with some regular jellyfish trapped inside. That’s when nature took it’s course, and over many generations, these jellyfish lost their ability to sting because they didn’t need to protect themselves from predators (who weren’t trapped too).

These days, you can visit Palau and actually swim in Jellyfish Lake, in and among swarms of jellyfish! Sometimes you can even touch them! However, we should note that National Geographic has been reporting that the jellyfish population has dropped drastically in recent years, from about 8 million to just about .5 million. All might not be lost, though; it seems the population has fluctuated this low before and may recover. But if you don’t want to take the chance, you should head there soon, or you may miss out on this truly amazing experience!

Get Good Sleep

Everyone knows the value of a good night’s sleep. It can mean the difference between a stellar performance at work that gets you that promotion, and a lackluster presentation that makes your bosses doubt your commitment. There are some things that will always steal our sleep; there are only so many hours in the day, and your kids will demand as many as you can give them. So what’s the best way to ensure that the sleep you do get really counts?

First of all, we recommend the best blackout curtains you can afford. Seriously, they may be heavy, but you can find them in all colors these days, and they make it seem like pitch black when it’s noon. Light is a huge factor in how our body processes sleep, which is also why you should limit the time on phones or tablets (really, screens of any time) right before bed. Make 30 minutes before lights out a book-only time, and you’ll be passing out with ease.

Some people find that noise is a factor in their sleep quality, but they don’t always buy noise-cancelling machines or soundscapes because they’re too expensive. Well now your phone can do it for you, at the smallest fraction of a cost. Apps like Sleep Pillow Sounds or Relax Melodies will lull you to sleep, in some cases for free!

Finally, if you just can’t fall asleep, it’s time to whip out some of your grandmother’s favorite remedies. Often it’s the tension left over from the day that is keeping us up, so things like camomile, warm milk, or even jujube can help calm the nerves and relax your body and mind enough for you to fall peacefully asleep. Nighty-night!

Zinc Transporter Key To Disease

Scientists at Michigan State University have discovered a key structure, a ZIP zinc transporter. The human genome encodes fourteen ZIPs, many of which are associated with disease. Mapping of the ZIP core exposes it’s framework, which is made up of thousands of metal transporters.

Patient’s with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease have significantly higher levels of zinc and iron in their brains. Patients with pancreatic cancer also have an unusually high amount of a specific zinc transporter. Controlling these levels of trace elements could be key in planning ways to combat these diseases and others.

The discovery gives pharmaceutical companies targets to develop and test new drugs. Jian Hu, a Michigan State University biochemist, explains, “”ZIP4 is aberrantly over expressed in pancreatic cancer cells, but it’s not present in normal pancreatic tissue,” Hu said. “This, and knowing that ZIP4 mutations also lead to a lethal genetic disorder, makes ZIP4 a prime drug target that could possibly help patients suffering from many diseases.”

Hu has spent most of his career studying zinc and other trace elements essential to life. Discovering the mechanisms the body uses to maintain proper levels and the effects when those levels go ary could be key to unlocking the ZIP’s secrets and the critical role they play.

“In the long run, we hope our study will contribute to the discovery of the ZIP inhibitors for pancreatic cancer and other devastating diseases,” Hu said.


Enjoy Nature’s Paradise At Sedona Resorts

Most of Arizona is known for adventure travel, hiking through canyons and back country, battling the heat and camping under the stars. . Sedona, on the other hand, has always been focused more on glamping and wellness. Though Sedona has plenty to offer in the way of nature, it has some of the best resort retreats in the state. Yes, you can still hike, go on horseback rides, or even take in some skiing, but the best part of Sedona is the stunning sunrises on red rocks that surround the town and the ultra laid-back vibe that caters to an entirely different clientele.

Just an hour southwest of Flagstaff, Sedona is tucked between 2 state parts and a national forest. It is close enough to major transportation hubs, while being far enough away to give the feeling of true escape. When you really want to recharge, rent a room at one of these resorts and Enjoy!

L’Auberge de Sedona


Offering cottages, suites, and English country inspired rooms, this home away from home includes breathtaking scenery, concierge service, and romantic creek-side dinners.

Grand canyon at sunrise with river Colorado

Enchantment Resort

Nestled in Boynton Canyon, this collection of adobe suites offers spa, fitness, golf and tennis on site. The rooms are outfitted with kiva fireplaces and oversized soaking tubs, as well as several indoor and outdoor pools on the property.

Amara Resort and Spa

This resort offers a full service spa, yoga classes, and a free shuttle to town. The rooms themselves offer a warm color scheme reflective of the local flora and fauna, including headboards fashioned from the planks of fallen trees. The welcoming staff can recommend hiking spots and local sight seeing adventures, and the SaltRock Southwest Kitchen offers not only local fare, but famous margaritas to round out your experience.

The staff are warm and welcoming and all too happy to recommend local hikes and sights. Even if you don’t stay, stop by for a margarita in their SaltRock Southwest Kitchen.

Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Consider these tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Why LinkedIn?

As “the network for professionals” with 107 million users in the U.S., many of whom have neither Twitter or Facebook, this is the best way for potential connects


Create a list of targeted keywords that you think prospects and potential connections might actually search.


Images need to be current and professional. People identify you by your image, and it will help some people decide whether to further a conversation with you.

Contact Information

Make sure you’re consistent and professional, and have your full name with proper capitalization, your email address, phone number, website, Skype and Twitter accounts. 

Make Your Profile Visible

Make sure that anyone can view your profile, whether they’re logged in or not. Offer alternative languages as needed


Do a check every month so that you can connect with people you’ve emailed recently.

Update Your Background

Summaries that have more than 40 words makes you more likely to turn up in appropriate searches.

Add Media / Links

Media can include images, links or video, and serve to help educate and engage visitors.

Review Skills & Endorsements

Members who include skills and utilize this section receive 13x more views.

Move Sections Around

Sections of your profile can be moved, allowing you to customize and prioritize the information you present

Projects and Publications

Show off some of your work, showing clients what you’ve done for other similar businesses.


Recommendations can go a long way toward establishing your expertise with potential prospects.

Status Updates

Your connections expect you to provide real value and professional content. Share blog posts as well as news and information that relates to your business and is of interest to your followers

Regularly Publish Posts

Use the blogging platform within the network which allows you to craft and publish posts like you would on your own blog.

Check Your Profile on Mobile and Embeds

Take a few moments to open the LinkedIn app on your device and review your own profile.