German Photographer Captures The Hilarious Expressions Of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats In Mid-Air

American wildlife photographer Roger Caras once wrote, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” Everyone knows this, even if they don’t have a pooch of their very own. They’re funny and sweet and ridiculous, sometimes simultaneously.

Christian Vieler is a German photographer who has made capturing this one of his projects. In a genius idea of how to do that, Vieler decided to take photos of dogs at the exact moments when they are trying to catch treats in the air!

Source: Christian Vieler

The results are, as expected, hilarious and very, very cute, especially when a pup thinks he’s going to catch the treat and then misses – the looks of confusion are amazing! Our favorites are the drooly, jowly big dogs; the more cheeks flopping in the wind, the better!

Source: Christian Vieler
Source: Christian Vieler
Source: Christian Vieler

Vieler says he looks for the most ridiculous shots in his shoots, which must not only produce a ton of awesome photos, but also be fun for canines and humans alike. “Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be,” he says. “That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.”

Source: Christian Vieler
Source: Christian Vieler
Source: Christian Vieler

And panic they do, especially when it seems like they might miss! The dogs’ eyes are so expressive; all the emotion they usually keep stoically locked away comes out when a magnificent treat is rocketing towards their faces!

Source: Christian Vieler

Vieler has been taking these photos for years, ever since he got a new camera in 2012. “I shoot a snapshot with every dog-guest in my studio. Some are pretty good, some not and a few are really gorgeous.”

We definitely think Mr. Caras knew what he was talking about: dogs do make us feel whole!

School Replaces Detention With Meditation And Results Are Undeniably Amazing

Almost everyone has gone to detention at one point in their lives, and very rarely does it solve anything. Sure, it’s a deterrent for future bad behavior, if that behavior was motivated by something as innocuous as boredom. But if bad behavior is caused by the student being angry or upset, detention in and of itself does nothing to help with those emotions. Sometimes, it can even make them worse.

An elementary school in Baltimore, Maryland is challenging the traditional idea of detention by using something called a Mindful Moment Room. Robert W. Coleman school has started using this room as part of a program called “Holistic Me,” and in it, kids learn to practice mindful meditation and breathing exercises. It’s brightly colored, quiet, and has several mats on the floor.

Source: Holistic Life Foundation

Children who got in trouble for being unruly remove their shoes, sit down on the mats, and are given time to reflect on what happened in a peaceful, non-abrasive environment. Holistic Me also encourages kids to talk to behavioral professionals.

Source: Holistic Life Foundation
Source: Holistic Life Foundation

All of these things together means that instead of children sitting in detention and fuming over whatever happened to land themselves there, they are encouraged to calm down and discuss it. And they are taught that these techniques can be done outside the Mindful Moment Room, so that hopefully in the future they can self-soothe and avoid those behaviors all together- and it seems to be working!

Source: Holistic Life Foundation

Since Coleman began the program two years ago, they have not had to issue a single suspension!

The photos of these kids engaged in meditation really brings home the good this program is doing. They look calm, reflective, and ready to face another day of the craziness that is elementary school. We hope that this becomes the norm in elementary schools, and that these children carry their tools into adulthood and beyond!

Londoners Wait In 5-Hour Line Just To Get Their Hands On a Juicy In-N-Out Burger

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of Southern California, you know the majesty that is the famous In-N-Out chain. They’re simple, they’re greasy, they’re everything we have ever wanted from a burger.

If you live in London and have never visited SoCal, you’ve had to just take the internet’s word for how tasty these burgers are… Until last week, that is.

In-N-Out decided to host a pop-up brick and mortar in London last Wednesday for four hours. They also only put out one advertisement in a small local newspaper. Like they really thought they could make bringing the best fast food burgers 5,500 miles across the pond a small affair.

Word apparently spread like wildfire and people began lining up at the storefront at 8am even though In-N-Out had announced it’s hours would be 11am-3pm. The line got so long before the doors opened that the pop-up’s employees started handing out wristbands to make sure that people in line would get a burger at some point, even if they ran out on Wednesday! WOW.

Some people reported waiting for over five hours, which is just about half the length of time it would actually take to fly to LA from London, so I guess they still came out ahead. The In-N-Out did indeed run out of burgers – just after noon actually – and many downcast Londoners took to Twitter to lament the fact that they had missed out on the food fest.

Tom McLaughlin in particular probably had a rough hump-day: “Not being able to get to the In-n-Out pop up today pains me more than words can describe #InNOut #London.” Guess they’ll just have to make their way to the Golden State if they want In-N-Out soon.

Check out the crazy video of the line below, and share if you would wait five hours for an In-N-Out burger!

Bride And Groom Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Tom Hanks Crashes Their Photo Shoot

What’s the male equivalent of America’s Sweetheart? Whatever it is, Tom Hanks is it. He’s graced our screens for over 35 years, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We also love when Tom Hanks pops up in our lives in delightfully unexpected places. This happened on Saturday to couple Ryan and Elizabeth, who just so happened to be taking photos for their wedding after the big event.

Along with photographer Meg Miller, the happy newlyweds were setting up in New York’s Central Park when Mr. Hanks jogged by in sweats and a hoodie. Because he’s America’s Sweetheart (yes, we’re just giving him the title), Hanks paused in his run and joined the couple for an impromptu photo shoot, producing some wedding photos we’re sure they’re never going to forget!

Can you imagine getting photobombed by Tom Hanks on the happiest day of your life?

The bride looks absolutely speechless, and we have to hand it to Ryan for having a smile that says, “You’re a huge celebrity, no big deal. I shake hands with tons of people all the time!”

Hanks himself even snapped a selfie with Ryan and Elizabeth and tweeted it (what?!) with the caption, “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and Blessings! Hanx.”

That’s right, America’s Sweetheart and all-around-adorable-guy Tom Hanks has his own cool twitter sign off, “Hanx.”

Congrats to Ryan and Elizabeth on their wedding, and on the most incredible wedding photos we’ve ever seen!

London Police Officer Walks Up To Dancing Pig And Challenges Him To An Epic Dance Off

Who doesn’t love a good dance battle? Come on, there have even been huge studio films made in honor of the dance battle. Step Up, You Got Serve, Stomp the Yard, Save the Last Dance? Well move over Channing Tatum, there’s a new dancing cutie in town and his name is Percy the Pig.

Last week, Kingston Police in London participated in Marks and Spencer’s 24-hour dance-a-thon to support the Macmillan Cancer charity. Not one to turn his back on the dance floor, Officer Dan Graham stepped up against one talented pig. Don’t worry though, Officer Graham totally pop-locked, cha-cha’d and moonwalked to victory!

Kingston Police posted the video on Facebook and Twitter with the caption, “Couple of pigs having a dance off.” Don’t worry, they didn’t mean anything insulting by it, clarifying that to them PIGS stands for Pride Integrity and Guts! People couldn’t get enough! The video has been viewed over 500K times and when you see it, you know why!

Macmillan Charity Dance Off

Couple of pigs having a dance off.

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