Leaps And Bounds In Video Alterations

Photoshop as altered so many aspects of our culture that it’s hard to accurately describe its impact. We now know that any image can be doctored, that any celebrity’s face can be smoothed or shadowed or shaped, and that the only real way to know what happened somewhere is to have been there. Put another way, a picture is still worth a thousand words, but those words are no longer always the truth.

It used to be that photo editing was only for the tech savvy and well trained amongst us, but the software is becoming increasingly easy to use by layman’s standards. Universities like Brown and UC Berkeley are developing software that’s a simple app, and Princeton is taking it further by developing audio alteration programs that scan particular voices and then make them say whatever words you want. They’re getting so good at it that often the audio produced passes for reality. And – brace yourself – video alteration is on it’s way. Programs like Face2Face analyze as many samples of video of a person as possible and then can produce a near-perfect video of them from scratch… all digitally.

Now the technology to create entirely artificial videos with artificial sound is still a little ways off, considering just how much data and computer power it takes to make every second convincing. However, it’s not hard to envision a future in which each and every video has the potential to be partially or entirely faked, and paints a bleak picture indeed. Every video will have to be questioned for impact and motive, every source checked and rechecked. As a public, we just have to be ready to become more savvy, just like we did when photoshop emerged in the 1980s.

Spinning Meets Netflix

We all think that having exercise equipment at home is a smart investment. Drop the gym fees and then you can work out whenever you want. The problem, your equipment is suddenly being used as a clothes rack and you haven’t had on your workout shoes in a month.

In a gym, you have an instructor pushing you with that in your face mentality, or a pack of riders pushing you to meet your goal. With that support, you are more likely to get through your workout and not have to hang the clothes up first.

A Dublin man with a similar issue found your, and his, solution. The fix for your home cycling lack of motivation. Meet Cycflix. This is Ronan Byrne’s stationary bike hack that makes it so that you can not tune into Netflix unless you are also moving your legs.

Through pulleys, levers and a little mechanical tinkering, Byrne’s bike works by pre-entering your workout details. You decide how long you’d like to ride, speed, calories, etc. Then you pick what you want to watch. Jump on, and start pedaling. If at any time during the ride you start to slack off of your goals, the TV will give you a warning, and if you don’t get it back together, the program will be paused until you do.

Ready for the bad news now that you have planned your ultimate Netflix workout night? The bike isn’t for sale! SORRY! You will just have to hack your own! But, the good news is that Byrne does offer a tutorial to allow you to hack your own bike. Now, you just have to follow the steps and you can have your own Cycflix!


Building Trust With Your Content Marketing

Trust is the glue that binds together any relationship including the brand-customer bond. When consumers trust your brand, they will feel more confident in your products and services.


Take a look at your online presence and make sure there are no inconsistencies. Not only will consistency build trust, but being inconsistent is a great way to tarnish your reputation.


Admitting our errors is what makes us human. When a customer has a complaint, react to it via the most appropriate channels. Take steps to apologize and correct what you can. This shows there is a genuine desire to provide a value-driven product or service. pixaby.com


This is where serious customer data comes into play to help segment your buyers and target your customers with better-personalized marketing. One of the best ways to convince your customers to trust your brand is to let them know there are real, live human beings behind the scenes.


Transparency is essential not just for your relationships with your customers, but also with all stakeholders. The less information people have, the more they have to guess or assume what the truth is.


Social proof is one of those tactics in marketing that seems too easy. But it works. It’s one of the graceful meeting points between marketing and psychology. What other people do influences our perception.


Millennials, in particular, are pushing for more social responsibility, and are more likely to interact with a brand that addresses it. TOMS One for One campaign, SolarCity’s GivePower Foundation, Microsoft’s YouthSpark are all excellent exam. Want to build a reputation as a brand that consumers can count on? Add finding a way to change the world to your marketing strategy.


Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword in marketing. It’s the shift from advertising to inbound, brand-centric to customer-centric. Consumers are more aware, have access to more information, and are becoming more sophisticated in the experience they want from the brands they choose to interact with.

Does Egg Color Really Matter

Most people get their eggs from the grocery store, not stopping to think of the color or quality of the eggs, but most are white. If you buy eggs at the farmer’s market, you will most likely find brown eggs. So- what is the difference, really?

Many people assume brown eggs are more nutritious. Assuming all white eggs at the grocery store come from big factory farms and brown eggs come from local farmers who raise free-range chickens … sure. Brown is better.

But is that true?

What determines the color?

An egg’s color is determined by the type of chicken that lays it- regardless of the conditions they are raised in. No breed of hen is proven to lay a more nutritious egg than another, despite the color of the eggshell.

The hen’s conditions can affect the egg’s nutrition

Tests show that true free-range eggs are nutritionally superior when compared to commercial eggs.  Free Range Eggs contain:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene

“True” free-range means hens that have spent their days roaming the barnyard, getting fresh air and eating a natural diet. When “free-range” is on an egg carton, it means hens have access to the outdoors “during their production cycle.” But, access doesn’t always mean time outside. No regulations cover how big the outdoor area must be, or that a chicken ever has to get outside.

That’s why it’s so hard to determine if free-range eggs come from truly free-range chickens. At the farmer’s market, you can ask about the conditions that the hens are raised in before you buy.

Another factor is diet. Chickens are not vegetarians by nature, but grocery store eggs produced by hens fed vegetarian diets tend to have more of certain vitamins and omega-3s than those from hens fed a conventional diet.

So when choosing eggs, don’t judge an egg by its shell color. White eggs can be just as nutritious as brown eggs.

Phoenix- A Real Hot Spot!

Phoenix is known for its hot weather and large population, but there is more to this capital city than meets the eye. If traveling to Phoenix, here are some must dos for your trip itinerary.

Places to  Stay

Popular with entertainers and athletes, The Camby contains artwork with western and pop-culture influences. The in-house restaurant, Artizen, serves southwestern fare in a sophisticated presentation.  

Doubles as an art gallery, with dozens of pieces by area artists for sale throughout the property. Rooms play on an industrial-chic vibe, while the spacious bar/on-site restaurant, Match Cuisine & Cocktails, is popular with locals.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa is an award-winning location with an on site spa, including exfoliation, cascading waters, heated stone massage, and a private pool.

Places to Eat

Mora Italian offers authentic Italian cuisine in a modern atmosphere. Owned by Food Network celeb Scott Conant, this has become a true hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva features an open kitchen and walls containing Mexican legends partnered with elegantly prepared Mexican Cuisine.

Ocotillo, which is named for a desert bloom, offers Arizona-inspired cuisine with global influences created with fresh local ingredients.

Things to Do

With Gourmet foods and Art Experiences throughout the city, Phoenix is now a true Art Mecca.

Check out these places on your next visit.

Phoenix Public Market Café

Phoenix Art Museum

Roosevelt Row

Short Leash Hot Dogs and Rollover Doughnuts

DeSoto Central Market

Schnepf Farms

Queen Creek Olive Mill

True Garden

Superstition Farms