The Golden States Finally Bans Orca Captivity And Breeding

Seaworld has always faced it’s own measure of controversy, but ever since the debut of the movie Blackfish in 2013 that controversy has been in uproarious.

The film highlighted the deplorable treatment that some orcas face in captivity and in Seawold’s many parks. The documentary eventually caused the marine parks to end it’s orca breeding program and to rethink the ways in which it highlights the orca population. The killer whales still in captivity have been dubbed “the last generation” to be held as such.

However, this week, California governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will end orca breeding and captivity programs in the Golden State once and for all. Beginning next June, killer whales will only be able to be used in educational programs and not for entertainment. They will also not be allowed to propagate. 

Seaworld is trying to rejuvenate it’s image as an organization with conservation as it’s fundamental principle and has decided to stop pure entertainment shows at all it’s marine parks nationwide. They have always conducted research on the preservation of ocean along with beach habitats and have helped in environmental recovery and cleanup programs. But, they are now expected to now bring those efforts to the forefront of their parks.

However, some critics think it’s a little late for such efforts given their orca controversy. Orcas have the second largest brains of any sea mammal and are considered extremely intelligent. Some scientists site frustration at being held captive as a motive for the incident highlighted in Blackfish, in which a killer whale mauled a human trainer at Seaworld.

This may be supported by the fact that there have never been any recorded instances of orcas killing humans in the wild. Activists for the welfare of orcas believe that given their intelligence, size, and deference to humans in the open ocean, the treatment of orcas by Seaworld in the past is simply unforgivable.

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Maid Of Honor Carries Dying Dog Down The Aisle Of Her Sister’s Wedding And Not A Dry Eye Is In Sight

When Kelly O’Connell was marrying the man of her dreams, James Garvin, she knew exactly who she wanted by her side- her 15-year-old lab mix named Charlie. Charlie had been by her side for so many big moments in her life that Kelly couldn’t wait to share her wedding with him, too. But at 15 years old, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor just 5 months before Kelly’s wedding and Kelly wasn’t sure if her best friend would be able to make it.

Kelly and Charlie first met when he was just 12 weeks old and she 19 years old. Charlie had been found abandoned in a shopping cart and was brought to the animal shelter where Kelly was working. She wasn’t looking for a dog at the time, but it was love at first sight. Kelly said,”I was 19, still living with my parents and going to college. It was the worst time in my life to even attempt to get a dog… He came in, and I was like, ‘Yup. I’m taking this puppy home.’” The best friends were inseparable, even when Kelly moved from New York to Colorado.

When the wedding day finally arrived, Charlie was there. Before the ceremony began, Charlie hobbled his way down to the aisle, but as soon as the ceremony began, he couldn’t find the strength to stand and walk the length of the aisle behind Kelly.

Surfer Teen Calmly Swims To Safety After Gnarly Shark Battle

It seems like everything in Australia is out to kill you. If the crazy hot weather and dryness don’t get you, then perhaps one of the 100+ species of dangerous animals will. Maybe this is why Aussies always seem so laid back and relaxed. They conquer death every day just by walking outside and not dying!

Certainly that seems the case for recent 17-year-old shark attack survivor, Cooper Allen. While out for an early morning surf session, the teenager was attacked and bitten by an 11.4 foot Great White off the coast of Lighthouse Beach in Ballina, Australia. Far from panicking, he calmly swam to shore by himself where he was helped by a nurse before being taken to Lismore Base Hospital. 

The photos of the shark are shocking! It’s huge, and the bite it gave Allen is even worse. Luckily, he posted a pretty gnarly photo of it to his Twitter, and you can see the four evenly spaced holes in his thigh where apparently the sharks four huge teeth sunk in.

Although gruesome, Allen has bounced back in true Aussie fashion by casually chatting with friends at the hospital and posing for ginning pics in his hospital bed. Because the bite missed his artery, he probably won’t require surgery.

Shark bites in this part of Australia are so common that up until last month the town was considering building a shark barrier, but high, rough seas put an end to that idea. However, they do use the tags on some sharks to track their movements and alert beach-goers whenever one of those is in the area.

Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird said Monday, “We can’t guarantee, clearly, at any beach, that people will be safe. But, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that we do that.”

Pub In Bristol Will Let You Hangout With Your Cat!

 After a hard day of work, you just need to unwind. Maybe head out to a bar and enjoy a drink and just relax. After a particularly rough day, sometimes even alcohol isn’t enough, and on those days, you know what would really help? Cats. Unless you’re allergic, there is nothing more guaranteed to make you feel better than snuggling a warm furry ball of fluff.

Englishman Luke Daniels is a firm believer in this. So much so that the pub he is landlord of in Bristol features not only a lovely selection of draught beers, but is also home to 15 cats.

The Bag O’Nails pub, located on St. Georges Road in Bristol used to house 24 cats, but even Daniels decided that was maybe too many cats. Unlike many cat cafes popping up across the globe, all the cats who live at Bag O’Nails are permanent residents. In fact, all but one of the cats was actually born at the pub!

While Daniels admits that his pub may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s generally well received by patrons. “The reaction is mostly positive. Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats but people love it. Some of the cats come and sit on your lap,” says Daniels.

Despite the pretty amazing amount of cats at this bar, it’s not the defining feature of the pub. Says, Daniels, “It’s a proper old fashioned pub. Coming here is all about beer and talking.” If you’re lucky enough, you may just have a fluffy kitty to stroke while doing traditional English pub activities!


Momma Duck Quacking For Help Leads To A Tense Duckling Rescue

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to focus on ourselves, and sometimes forget that we share this world with millions of other organisms. There are other animals all around us, even in urban settings.

One man in Phoenix, AZ was out taking a walk recently and noticed a feathered friend quacking at him. A lone duck stood by a grate off the side of the road  repeatedly quacking. The good Samaritan noticed that in addition to the quacks, he was also hearing little chirps. After deciding to get a little closer to investigate, he quickly noticed that this mama duck’s baby ducklings had slipped through the grate and into the pit below. She was standing guard of her roost and trying to flag down some help.

The man enlisted the help of the Phoenix Fire Department who soon arrived at the scene to help the ducklings in distress. While the firemen got to work figuring out a way to help get these little guys out of the storm drain, the mama duck flew in circles overhead to keep an eye on her babies. Luckily, the fireman found a cooler nearby, got into the storm drain and were able to rescue all nine ducklings safe and sound!

After safely pulling the ducklings out of the drain, mama duck had settled in a neighbor’s yard nearby. The firemen were able to release the little duckling back into mama’s care. While mama duck learned a hard lesson about watching where she steps, she was lucky enough to find a kind-hearted fellow Earthling or two to help her out!