Demi’s New Gig: Lyft Driver?!

What would you do if you discovered your Lyft ride was given by one of your favorite celebrities? If you’re anything like these girls, you’d flip your lid.

That’s because each of the ladies in the video was picked up in a Lyft in Denver, Colorado by none other than Demi Lovato, who was in town on her 2016 Honda Civic Tour. The pop singer, usually known for her awesome power ballads and super fun videos, was able to stretch her acting muscles again as she fooled fans into thinking she was “Samantha,” an aspiring singer who was using Lyft as a cool new side job. She even mentions that she’s performing with her ex-boyfriend’s brother, who is also just trying to get his name out there. Talk about a fun prank!

Disguised only with a pair of sunglasses, Demi chats away to her fans about all kinds of things: how talented Selena Gomez is, what they’re doing this weekend, and more. They sing Disney’s Camp Rock songs and talk about her new album. They all give their opinions about Demi to “Samantha” and it ranges from the sweet “I love her!” to the not-so-sweet.

Eventually, Demi reveals herself and gets some of best reactions we’ve ever seen! 

Fan Saves Olympian’s Life With One Email

Unfortunately, cancer is a common part of modern day life, and it can be pretty scary since there is not really a reliable cure. Skin cancer is one of the most common types, but luckily is very treatable and identifiable because the evidence is right on the skin. However, if not found and treated, skin cancer can become life-threatening, which is why it’s a good idea to have a dermatologist check all your moles once a year.

Aussie Olympic Swimmer Mackenzie “Mack” Horton knows this now, but it took an eagle-eyed fan watching the Rio Olympics to notice that a mole on his upper chest looked very different then it did four years ago at the summer games in London. The concerned fan emailed the Australian Swim Team’s doctor and recommended that he get the mole looked at, and it was very lucky for Mack that he did because it turned out the mole was melanoma!

How a fan spots a change over that length of time and over a television is beyond us, but Mack is very grateful that they did. He got the mole removed and has been doing great since! He posted a pic of himself post-op to thank the random stranger, “Shout out to the person that emailed the swim team doctor and told me to get my mole checked out. Good call. Very good call.”

Seriously. Great call! Good job, random swim fan!

All Your Favorite Celebrities Proudly Display Voting Stickers This Presidential Election

One of the defining factors of the United States of America is our election days. Since the beginning of our country, our founding fathers wanted to make sure that the people of the country got to have a say in who was leading our country and policies that got put into place. Elections happen at least every two years in the U.S., but no election seems to be as important as the presidential elections.

On Tuesday, November 8th, citizens everywhere took to their local polling places to cast their vote for president, congressional seats, local officials, governors, statewide propositions, and local policies. While some people mail in their ballots in a less climactic fashion, lots of people like to go in-person to their local polling places, if only for the inspirational photo op.

Just like most citizens, many celebrities headed out to vote, and used their “I Voted” stickers and social media to spread the importance of getting out and voting. No matter who or what you vote for, stars used their celebrity statuses to encourage people to get out and make their choices heard. Some stars posted who they specifically voted for, but most just asked fans via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram to get out there and fill in those tiny bubbles!

There's still time! 🇺🇸👍🏼 #ElectionDay (#VoteYall spirit courtesy of @draperjames)

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We did it!!!😍 @joemanganiello #vote

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Just voted!!!!!! – KU #ElectionDay #vote

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We Got This!!!!!! 🇺🇸 H.R.C. 🇺🇸 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🎉

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Today is the day. Go out and VOTE 🇺🇸

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I voted ✨🇺🇸✨

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Baby girl's first election. It's a cool time to be alive. #tearsofjoy

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Intro to democracy

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JUST VOTED! And YOU should too! Every vote counts!

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Heroic UFC Fighter Miesha Tate She Helps Carry Injured 6-Year-Old Girl Down A Mountain

If you haven’t heard of MMA, UFC fighter, and former Bantamweight (126-135lbs) champion Miesha Tate,  you should take some notes.


Miesha was recently out hiking Nevada’s Mt. Charleston when she came across a young girl named Kai, who broke her arm while hiking. She noticed that her mom was struggling to carry her daughter back down the mountain to seek medical care, so she stepped up to the plate asking if she could help to carry Kai down the mountain.


Meisha posted to her Facebook, “The mother asked her 6-year-old daughter ‘would you rather have me or her carry you down’ without hesitation (to my surprise) she quickly replied ‘I want HER to carry me’ we had to laugh.”


Could you blame her? Look at those muscles! There was still at least 2 miles of trail to cover before they would make it back down, but Meisha’s determination and strength were unwavering.


After seeking medical treatment for their daughter, Kai’s mom shared her appreciation on social media. “Our family can’t thank you enough for all the help. You saved us easily hours of hiking and helped us get her to the hospital sooner.” Meisha might be tough as nails in that octagon, but she’s also an extremely kind spirit.


This isn’t the first time Miesha put on her hero cape. In 2014, she saved the life of her longtime boyfriend Bryan Caraway’s mother while they were vacationing in Mexico. When they were out diving, his mom suffered a serious asthma attack and was unable to breath or use her inhaler. Meisha put the inhaler to her own mouth performed mother mouth-to-mouth. It worked!

This woman is kicking butt and saving lives proving that not all heroes wear capes, some really awesome ones wear UFC belts.

Michael Phelps’ Secret Wedding

Fastest swimmer in the world Michael Phelps totally slipped one by us! Everyone is raving about Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson wedding pictures. But did you know that the couple were actually already legally married?! The two wed in secret way back in June in Paradise Valley, Arizona. According to TMZ, the pair got their marriage license on June 9th, married on June 13th in Arizona, and received their record on June 15th. Phelps’ agent and and close friend, Peter Carlisle, officiated the ceremony.

Months after tying the officially knot, the couple had a stunning ceremony in Mexico. 

My best friend…. I love you!!

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Truly the happiest day of my life @m_phelps00 thank you @boonestudios for capturing this day 😘

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In a Facebook post Michael said, “You guys probably already saw the article that was posted. I’ve been married for a while, been married for a while, couple months. I had to keep it secret from y’all. I had to keep it hush-hush from you guys. Nicole and I are married. We are officially married.” Michael also hinted at the fact that he and Nicole may be trying a second Phelps baby.

My happy lil family 😍 @m_phelps00 #proudfiancé #family #bestfriend

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 Adorable baby, beautiful couple, olympic medals, world records, beauty pageant title, and now newlywed bliss, is there anything they don’t have?! Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps!