How to Maximize the Space in a (Really) Tiny Home

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean living small. When you’re home measures around the 200 square foot mark, it is all amount creatively maximizing every inch to live large. In a tiny home design is key, structure needs to equal function(s) and aesthetics as well.

For tiny home living, creativity is key. “If you don’t have a good design with a tiny home, it’s not going to be possible,” said Ryan Mitchell, who writes The Tiny Life and lives in a 150-square foot home. “They have to be well-designed and customized to the person living in them.”

Source: Good Housekeeping

How can you save space and live comfortably? It comes down to 1 thing: Storage.

Spaces need to be multipurpose. For example, in order to access your lofted room in a tiny house, you’d have to go up stairs. But what if those stairs weren’t just stairs? Annelise Hagedorn, co-founder of tiny home builder Brevard Tiny House, has built staircases that are more than meets the eye, like stairs where where each step pulls out as a drawer or disguise a hot water heater.

Source: Wind River Tiny Homes

Stairs aren’t the only secret space, underfloor storage is also very  common. “We’ve done underfloor storage for the entire living space,” said Hagedorn, whose company launched in 2014. Underfloor storage can be about a foot or deeper, the handles that open to the space can be covered with rugs or even furniture.

If you are consider living in a tiny home, creativity will become your best friend. From Murphy beds and tables to entire fold down porches, as long as you get creative and stick to what you need you’ll never run out of space.


7 Unique Homes On the Market That Could Be Yours Today

Most of us are content with the usual styles of houses – colonial or ranch style, white picket fence or garden wall? However, if you’re one of those people who needs unique digs, check out the following list for some killer ideas:

  1. The Gilmore Houseboat – This 1948 original houseboat has lost none of the old-Hollywood glamour that it was built with, a feat considering that in 1960 it was washed onto a highway from the Atlantic by a hurricane. These days it has permanent berth on land in Islamorada, Florida.

  2. Converted Church – If one of your requirements for a new home is unique lighting, look no further than this converted church in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and many original stained glass windows depicting religious scenes.

  3. Firehouse – If you’ve got a penchant for brick, perhaps consider buying this former firehouse in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Built in 1905, it’s only three blocks from the ocean and boasts a whopping five-car garage!

  4. Dome Home – Communing with nature is a must for this remote dome-shaped home in Monte Rio, California. Not only is the locale stunning, but it also has three levels, cathedral ceilings, and a sunken hot tub! Sign me up!

  5. Norumbega Carriage House – If money is no option, check out this former carriage house for the extremely wealthy in Camden, Maine. It has five bedrooms on 1.85 acres, and once was able to house seven to nine carriages!

  6. Teton Treehouse – This home is perfect if you like to get your daily cardio in while going to get the mail: It requires climbing 95 steps to arrive at the front door! Built in Wilson, Wyoming, this huge multi-level house is built into a hillside and is currently a bed and breakfast.

  7. Converted Barn – “Unfinished” is it’s own brand of decorating these days, and lovers of the look will rejoice in this barn-turned-home’s raw wood walls and exposed beams. Built in Hortonville, Wisconsin, it has vaulted ceilings and a gorgeous water view!

New Ideas For Your Fireplace (Even If You Don’t Have One!)

Nothing says winter like curling up by a fireplace. Unless of course you’re terrified of an open flame in your home, in which that full winter cozy effect never seem to come. Well cheer up because you don’t need a raging fire in a brick box to make the season seem bright.  We’ve got some stylish ideas for your home’s hot spot and even some DIY fireplace inspiration in case you don’t have one.

  1. Let’s start with the faux fireplace. Fake it till you make it! Well then kick your but into craft gear to make sure you’ve got the perfect place to hang your stockings in time for the holidays. Not the crafting type? Don’t worry, you can still chalk it up!



  2. Get your cozy on. Stock your fireplace full of baskets filled with blankets, throw pillows and a sweater or two. Top it all off with a lush rug and bam, you’ve got a new storage spot and a fireplace that will keep you warm sans flame.



  3. Utilize an unused fireplace for storage. Coffee table space comes at a serious premium, so go ahead and add some stacks of your beloved magazines to your fireplace. Or, if your kitchen is home to a fireplace, use it to hold cookbooks and tools. 




  4. Keep it colorful! Take that dark fireplace and liven it up with some pops of color. Paint the fireplace itself, or go a little more subtle by painting the ends of logs. Either way, that fireplace is bound to pop!



How to Maxmize Space in Your Tiny Apartment

Spring might be months away, but getting a jump start on that spring cleaning and organizing has never been so easy. Besides with the holidays right around the corner, and family coming to visit, you probably need to find a way to store your things that isn’t piling everything in the closet and hoping no one opens it. Even if you’re a bit tight on space, you have options, we promise!

  1. Don’t let that doorway go to waste. Using the space over your door way is a very out of the way place to store those things you don’t really need to keep hidden.

  2. Speaking of putting things up high, you’ve got high ceilings for a reason, so use it. Placing shelving right up to the ceiling not only gives you loads more space to organize things, it makes sure you are actually using every square inch of space you’ve got!
  3. For those things you really need to hide, a curtain goes a long way. Hang a curtain or an awesome textile fabric in front of some shelving, or even as an alternative to a closet door. This way you don’t need to organize absolutely everything, but your place will still look fabulous.
  4. Still need to hide some things? Think about double duty furniture like an ottoman that opens to store things or even a bar table that allows you to stash glasses in it.
  5. When all else fails, work smarter not harder, especially when organizing. A great space to start is the kitchen. Are you really using all of your cabinet space? Stack your kitchen essentials more intelligently by splitting each interior cabinet shelf into two with a device like this one.



Get your organization on!

Unusual Places to Wallpaper

When you rent an apartment, you often don’t get to customize the space in the same way that you would a home you own. The walls are up, the fixtures are in, and you kind of have to take it as-is. Sometimes, apartments don’t even let their renters paint the walls, which can be frustrating for the renter who really wants to add color and character to their home.

Well, check out these clever solutions to that very problem, that creatively use removable wallpaper (the things they think of!) to make a space feel unique and cheery without the long term consequences!

  • Brighten up dark closets and the inside of cabinets with a light, cheery pattern!
  • Make old wooden stairs pop with a modern flair when you line the front panels with a funky paper!
  • Refurbish an old bedroom dresser with a pattern to match any room – consider using it in the dining room as a sideboard!
  • Update a clock or a mirror for a piece no one else has!
  • Create a tabletop tray that doesn’t fade into the woodwork!
  • There’s no law that says refrigerators can’t be fun and patterned either! You could even try a chalkboard paper to leave cute notes to your roomies!
  • This one blew our minds! Paper the ceiling for a one-of-a-kind look that can brighten a dark room or cozy up a large space!
  • Line the inside if your medicine cabinet to make Monday mornings a little less bleak.
  • Want to separate a bar countertop from the kitchen? Dress it to fit the living room instead!
  • Brighten up your workspace for increased productivity!
  • Or, you know, on an actual wall, if you subscribe to that whole convention thing. Although seriously, is there anything conventional about these patterns?