The Golden States Finally Bans Orca Captivity And Breeding

Seaworld has always faced it’s own measure of controversy, but ever since the debut of the movie Blackfish in 2013 that controversy has been in uproarious.

The film highlighted the deplorable treatment that some orcas face in captivity and in Seawold’s many parks. The documentary eventually caused the marine parks to end it’s orca breeding program and to rethink the ways in which it highlights the orca population. The killer whales still in captivity have been dubbed “the last generation” to be held as such.

However, this week, California governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will end orca breeding and captivity programs in the Golden State once and for all. Beginning next June, killer whales will only be able to be used in educational programs and not for entertainment. They will also not be allowed to propagate. 

Seaworld is trying to rejuvenate it’s image as an organization with conservation as it’s fundamental principle and has decided to stop pure entertainment shows at all it’s marine parks nationwide. They have always conducted research on the preservation of ocean along with beach habitats and have helped in environmental recovery and cleanup programs. But, they are now expected to now bring those efforts to the forefront of their parks.

However, some critics think it’s a little late for such efforts given their orca controversy. Orcas have the second largest brains of any sea mammal and are considered extremely intelligent. Some scientists site frustration at being held captive as a motive for the incident highlighted in Blackfish, in which a killer whale mauled a human trainer at Seaworld.

This may be supported by the fact that there have never been any recorded instances of orcas killing humans in the wild. Activists for the welfare of orcas believe that given their intelligence, size, and deference to humans in the open ocean, the treatment of orcas by Seaworld in the past is simply unforgivable.

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Homecoming King Hands His Crown To Another Student And Proves High School Isn’t All That Bad

There are some high school cliches that are hard to live down: being crowned Homecoming King and Queen is of the utmost honor in your high school years, and usually goes to the most “popular” girl in school and the high school quarterback, right?

Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, CO is no different… kind of. During their Homecoming game recently, the school’s quarterback did indeed win the crown of Homecoming King, but what he did was anything but cliche.

Max Akin and his close friend K.L. Norwood were both nominees for the prestigious crown, and as Akin was announced the winner and given his crown, he turned around, kneeled down and presented the crown to Norwood instead.

Akin and Norwood have been friends throughout high school, and in Akin’s mind, Norwood was more deserving of the crown than he was. Akin believed that the homecoming king’s crown should go to the person who “positively uplifts the school and everyone around him, and that person’s K.L. for sure.” A selfless act by a close friend, Akin knew that the crown meant a lot more to Norwood, who has cerebral palsy, than him. A small action by Akin, but a huge moment for Norwood.

Obviously both of these young men are equally worthy of wearing the Homecoming crown. You’re both the real MVPs, boys!

Loofas Have More Bacteria Than You Think

Everyone loves a good loofah; red loofahs, orange loofahs, soft loofahs, hard loofahs, etc. But, what you may not know is that your loofah is basically a toxic germ colony according to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. That’s right, those hour long showers are not getting you as clean as you may think. Super gross, we know.

That same some study, conducted in 1994,  went in depth in explaining how findings showed loofahs make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Those cute little scrubbers transmit potentially pathogenic species of bacterial flora to the skin and in some cases can cause infection.

The concept of the loofah is to exfoliate dead skin cells, but in doing so those cells get caught in the crevices of the sponge. Once left to “dry” in the environment of the shower, which is often humid and damp, the bacteria multiplies and feeds on the organic matter trapped in the loofah. The bacteria will continue to bloom if the sponge is not regularly disinfected.

According to Dermatologist Dr Michele Green, M.D.,  loofahs and shower sponges are not great for the skin and continuing to use a contaminated loofah will only make things worse. “You spread the bacteria that you washed off your body the last time,” Dr. Green explained. Your wonderfully scented body wash may leave you feeling clean, but if you’re using that sponge for  months on end, clean will only be a feeling and not reality.

Dermatologist recommend replacing your loofah or sponge every three weeks. Stay clean people and throw that loofah out!

Teen Suspended After Posting Nasty Picture Of Her High School’s Yellow Water

Hazel Juco was given an Out of School Suspension (OSS) on Tuesday, September 20th for posting a picture of brown water coming from a girls’ bathroom sink to Facebook and Twitter. The color of the water coming out of the tap is disturbing to say the least, and Hazel maintains that she posted the photo partly to highlight the issue. She explained, “I always hope that something good will happen, will somehow have someone who wants to help us with money, because our school obviously doesn’t have money.”

Hazel goes to school at John Glenn High School in Michigan, where it is against school policy to use cell phones in bathrooms. Technically, Hazel was in violation of that policy when she snapped the photo and that was the reason her school administration used for her suspension.

However, Hazel thinks that they were using the electronic policy, which had never been enforced before, to justify her suspension because they didn’t like the subject matter of her post and the light that it put her school in. Hazel and several other students pointed out that they take selfies in school bathrooms all the time and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So far none of them have ever been in trouble for those kind of selfie posts. Many students have reposted these photos in solidarity with Hazel while she was suspended.

Once the media and the internet got wind of Hazel’s cause, they quickly started spreading the story around, and that’s when the district superintendent got involved. Dr. Michele Harmala sided with Hazel and called her treatment, “inappropriate.” She also ensured that the OSS was removed from her school record. Dr. Harmala also dispatched a plumber to the school and made sure the maintenance staff was aware of the problem. She says that moving forward, students should report problems to the administration first so that action can be taken quickly.

Hazel is back at school and is probably very much a hero among her peers for getting the pipes cleaned up AND having the superintendent on her side. You go, Hazel!

Schools Make Everyone Question Their Quality Of Education When They Make These Mistakes On Public Signs

People start to question how much a school can teach their kids when the school makes a spelling mistake on a sign seen by everyone! Whether the mistakes are made by a lack of the right letters or by just plain carelessness, it does not reflect well on schools to be making these kinds of mistakes so publicly. But, that doesn’t stop them from being any less funny!

Oh, how to pick our favorites from this epic list of hot messes. The one announcing no “scool” for staff “develoment” is definitely on there. Hopefully, one of the topics discussed on the staff development day will be spelling!


Along this vein, “exereise” your mind and read is also a winner; perhaps reading more will allow you to know how to spell exercise correctly.


Then there’s the ones that are just plain ridiculous. A Boston school proudly put up a real sign that read “Dudley Street Neighoborhood Charter School” – so much for running out of the right letters.


Also, while there was nothing wrong with the spelling of the Prescott High School welcome back sign, one would wonder why they’re hoping their students had good “brakes.”


Perhaps our hands-down favorite, however, has to be the Red Lion Area School District’s accidental call for sex-education sponsorship when they printed a sign asking for donations to support “pubic education” instead of “public.”


We hope that one was up for a good long time before school officials noticed. Though we’re pretty sure nothing can beat that amazing mistake, check out the rest of the hilarious list and let us know what you think! We hope no one got fired over this fantastic signs!