Things You Should Never NOT Do When You’re Dieting

Lately it seems like everyone has their own secret to losing weight, something they swear by over all other methods. Whether it’s counting calories meticulously to going paleo to only eating foods that are a certain color (we’re not kidding), every new diet trend promises it’s better and healthier than the rest.

Source: Paleo Leap

While the most sensible advice doctors give is, “Go with what works for you,” there are some pretty generally terrible dieting beliefs out there that should be stopped in their tracks. For example, have you noticed that everyone seems to be asking for gluten-free everything? Gluten is the proteins that are found in wheat based foods like breads and pastas, and while some people can have a gluten allergy (or celiac disease), for most people, gluten is a healthy and necessary part of their diet. Cut out overly processed foods instead, like cakes and cookies, and stick to whole grain breads and pastas.


Another bad piece of advice is to avoid bananas and carrots because they have a lot of carbs and sugar. While they do have slightly more than the average fruit/vegetable, they also contain lots of good vitamins and fiber, and are a much more healthy alternative to the sugars and carbs in processed sweets. All calories are not created equal, and while it’s true that you could lose weight by eating a small amount of junk food, it’s not good the overall well being of your body. A good general rule is to cut back on foods that are made, and eat more foods that are grown.

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Another one you may have heard is to avoid egg yolks, and only eat the whites. A new study has debunked the idea that the yolks contribute to heart disease, and in fact says that consuming whole eggs could lower the risk of stroke! Similarly, dieting people have been consistently told to avoid fat at all cost. This is flat out wrong. Healthy fats are an important part of a diet and can keep you full so you don’t snack on addicting foods full of sugar and salt between meals. In moderation, nuts and avocados are a good source of healthy fats that make losing weight easy!

A List Of The Best Air-Filtering Plants For Your Home According To NASA Study

In an increasingly post-industrial world, air quality is one of our chief environmental concerns. Most people keep their houses closed up when they feel like the air quality outside is low, but often unhealthy gases can get trapped in our homes and give us headaches, dizzy spells, or eye/nose/throat irritation. These gases include formaldehyde (famous for embalming but also used in paper bags, particle board, and synthetic fabrics), benzene (basically in all things plastic), and ammonia (in lots of cleaning products).


However, NASA of all institutions has a solution for this – get a houseplant. No, seriously. Pick one or a few of the plants from this list, which are the best houseplants for filtering the air in your home, removing all those unwanted chemicals and providing you with better breathable air! Who knew! Some of these are quite pretty, and all of them are tiny little air purifiers in that they suck up chemicals in the air along with the CO2 they need to survive, and they exhale oxygen!


Now, technically this study is quite old; NASA conducted it back in 1989 in partnership with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. However, their research has been proven right 27 years later, and these 18 plants really are the best to have in homes. They actually recommend one plant per 100 square feet.


However, don’t go right out and buy all of them. Note that some of these plants are extremely harmful to pets. Make sure to do your research before you bring home one of these leafy greens!