The Do’s and Don’t’s of Home Rennovation

If you’re looking to renovate your home anytime soon, good luck and Godspeed. It can be a challenging and trying process, and while good results are definitely worth it, disastrous home renovations have broken many people. Check out our list of Dos and Don’ts so you don’t make a major misstep.

Do make a decorating file, keep a notebook, or have a pinterest full of ideas. Plan, visualize, and plot it out to make sure all your choices will work well together in the final product.

Don’t paint first. Paint covers all manner of small mistakes, and should be done dead last.

Do interview your contractor, as thoroughly as you would a new babysitter. Your home is in their hands, after all.


Don’t just throw up your hands and not clean. Just because one room of your house is torn up does not mean that you want to leave the others a mess. Trust us, it’ll make you feel better.

Do know that all renovations go over budget and over schedule. Plan ahead and don’t freak out when things get a little more expensive or take too long.


Don’t leave floors exposed. Cover all your floors during a renovation, because even without any accidents, the sheer volume of people coming in and out of your home will ruin your carpets.

Do map out where furniture is going to go with butcher paper and tape, so you know everything fits and you don’t spend the first two weeks rearranging everything.

Don’t forget to breathe. Something will go wrong. Accept it, and plan for it, even if that plan is simply reminding yourself not to freak out.

Do learn the lingo. Being able to understand what your decorator and contractor are talking about immediately is going to be super helpful.

Don’t throw out receipts. Seriously, keep everything. You may not find a problem until much later, at which point having a receipt will be crucial to getting it fixed.

Do have fun! This one is self-explanatory. Enjoy the process and enjoy your new home!

The Newest Home Trend That Your Cats Will Go Crazy For

You aren’t the only one in need of a posh pad, your furry friends like to live lavishly too. For those with feline friends, cat flaps are out and “cat flats” in. What is a cat flat you ask? It is a living spaced geared towards meeting the needs of both you and your favorite furball and they are popping up all over Asia.

Source: CNN

Instead of filling you home with things for your feline babies, why not design the home to be theirs as well.  Think tiny arched doorways to connect rooms, shelves geared specifically towards climbing and scratching surfaces that double as decor.

In Taiwan alone, cat popularity has increased by 91% since 2011, with owners shelling out $598.4 million on pet-related products and services a year, according to the Council of Agriculture. With the cat industry booming many interior design companies are rising to the challenge and getting in on the almost $600 million industry.


Source: CNN
Source: CNN

On such design company is Taipei- based ST Studio Design. Founder Szuti Tsai found herself on a cat forum after adopting a kitty of his own. In the forum many post questions and share advice about life with their furry companion, but one such question posed to the forum wasn’t looking for advice, they were on the prowl for someone who could design a minimalist apartment tailored for their cats. Tsai reached out to offer her services, and out popped a cat flat.

“The client said his cats hated it when he closed the doors. They went crazy,” says Tsai. “Cats actually need a lot more attention than people think. They want to know what you’re doing at every moment.” So in order to fix the problem, Tsai knocked down converting the apartment into an open layout with the exception of the. Tsai also opened up the windows letting in more natural light and offering the cats all the room for sunbathing they could ever want.

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Tsai didn’t stop there. On walls throughout the apartment she built a system of ledges and shelves for the ultimate kitty playground, even better the layout isn’t fixed and the shelves can be moved to ensure the cats never bore. Talk about a posh pet palace?

Ready to renovate with your pet in mind?