10-Year-Old Grows Out His Hair For Cancer Patients

As the saying goes, sometimes good things come in small packages. Sometimes, however, good things come from small packages like the small, but huge heart of an 8-year old boy.

Thomas Moore, a now 10-year old boy from Maryland, has been growing out his hair for two years with the intention of chopping it all off to donate to chemotherapy patients. One day two years ago, Moore noticed a video his mother, Angie Pulos was watching on Facebook that featured children who were battling cancer and their bald heads from chemotherapy. After his mother explained how and why kids his age would lose their hair from cancer treatment, something about resonated in the young boy’s heart, and from that moment on, he decided he’d grow his hair out to donate to kids who were battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Boy, did he. Moore not only grew out his hair, he grew out a LOT of hair! Over the course of two years, he sprouted some seriously beautiful locks, and an ample amount of them.

When the time came to chop off his hair, he ended up with enough hair to not make just one wig, but three wigs! The over ten ponytails that were clipped off his head measured over a foot in length each!




Moore’s aunt Amber Ray documented the process via her Twitter account, showing the many stages of his hair growth. Moore didn’t set a timeframe for the hair growth and sometimes, the growing went tough, but Moore’s family helped him stay on track by reminding him why he was doing what he was doing. When the time finally came to chop off his hair, Moore was nervous, but according to his aunt, “He said he felt good about it and hoped it would make other people happy.”

Officer Helps Autistic Boy With Push Ups

People with autism often have a different way of approaching the world; they sometimes have sensory discrepancies and see/hear/feel things much differently than others. As such, they can get overloaded or worked up easily, and it sometimes takes a unique and individualized approach to help them calm down.

Christy Richardson knows this very well. Her son 19 year old son, Bubba, has autism, and sometimes when he gets worked up, there isn’t much she can do to help him out. However, Bubba has always been fascinated with police officers. So when Christy couldn’t get Bubba to calm down recently, she called the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department for help.

Deputy Loftis responded, and he was a godsend. The department explained how the officer was able to help Bubba, “When Dep. Loftis showed up, he was able to calm ‘Bubba’ down and showed him how to channel his frustration by doing push ups.” Christy snapped a photo and shared it online to thank the officer, and it quickly went viral.

Soon, people were sharing the photo on other pages and posting in places Christy would come across randomly. But everywhere she saw it, Christy saw praise for the innovative police who were helping her son learn to cope. Bubba is now keeping track of his push up count and is currently at 711,886!

It just goes to show what a little kindness and empathy can do. Share if you agree!

Father/Daughter Find 2 Carat Diamond!


Have you ever been interested in prospecting for gold or gems? Putting on your suspenders, ten-gallon hat and getting knee deep in a river to try to find your fortune among the pebbles sound familiar?

Well, you can do just that at an Arkansas State Park called Crater of Diamonds! There, visitors can pay a flat fee of $5 and go gem hunting for themselves, and if they find anything it’s theirs to keep! People flock to the park in the hopes that they will come away with a big prize. In addition to diamonds, the site also produces garnets, amethysts, jasper, agate, and more!

That’s not quite what father-daughter team Dan and Lauren Frederick were hoping for when they visited the state park earlier this week. The pair are amateur gem hunters and consider it a fun way to bond, not to make a living. Not half an hour after they arrived, Dan saw something glittering among the rocks three feet in front of him. What he picked up is truly astounding.

It was a white diamond, and park officials nearby who help visitors identify their gems estimated the colorless rock to be about 2.03 carats, an incredible find for amateurs! The happy pair named their gem “Lucky Diamond” and have get to get it appraised, but looking at the size of it in Dan’s palm, we’re sure it’s worth a pretty penny!

Not that the Fredericks will be selling it any time soon. They’re going to keep it as the ultimate souvenir. “It really was the cherry on top of a fun and special trip with my dad,” Lauren said.

Believe it or not, while the find is rare, it is by no means the largest gem unearthed in Crater of Diamonds. Last year, a visitor found a whopping 8.52 carat diamond in the area!

We definitely know where we’re headed on our next vacation!

Dressed Up As A Mermaid With His Daughter

Odds are, if your child has something that makes them unbelievably happy in this world, you’ll do anything to get it for them. If you’re not a parent, hopefully you can remember one time that your mom or dad went above and beyond to make you squeal in pure unbridled childish joy.

While trying to make his daughter happy with one little action, one father is making some serious waves. A  Reddit user  recently posted a picture of a father and his daughter, costumed and strutting around at Disneyland, both dressed as mermaids. The little girl is clearly donning an Ariel costume, while dad sports what we can only imagine is a King Triton get up. Both father and daughter are crushing the sequined mermaid fin look, and the internet agrees.

mermaid and her mer-dad at disneyland

However, what the internet and Reddit users are really blowing up about is how significant the strides are that this father took to make his little girl happy. Not only is he setting amazing examples about gender roles, in one simple picture, this anonymous dad is showing the world what it looks like to love a child.

One Reddit user shared his experience on the related thread saying, “Dads think all day and night about what will make their daughters happy, and then they try their best to make it happen, some how, some way, and they’re devastated when they can’t. This guy got those outfits and came up with the idea of wearing it for one reason, and one reason only – he wanted to see his little girl’s eyes light up.”

The photo even inspired other fathers to share their mildly embarrassing, but daughter pleasing pics of when they went above and beyond for their little girls!

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