Anonymous People Are Fighting Terrible Drivers With These Genius Parking Notes

Parking is a hassle already, and it doesn’t help when a small percentage of people seem to be trying to take up as many spots as possible. It’s the scourge of modern society, and yet something amazing has been born from these inconsiderate parkers and their need to hover their cars directly over the parking lines.

You may have seen these before. They’re notes and business cards that random citizens and parking lot vigilantes leave on the windshields of badly parked cars, and they’re riotous! Be warned, some of them contain bad language and maybe aren’t for the eyes and ears of kids!

Our favorites probably the parking note with the dog because it’s just sarcastic enough while still being good-natured to make us laugh without making us cringe. Get the printable here.

Source: Imgur

Also, props to the one with the turtle because it’s a coloring project as well as a lesson in humility!

Source: Reddit

However, as much as we like the creative and slightly silly parking notes, there is something to be said for the ones that are direct and pointedly rude. We guess that they seem to be mimicking  the parking jobs they’re calling out! The one with the condom definitely fits this this category!

Perhaps the very best is the Game of Thrones one, but maybe that’s just because we’re going through serious GOT withdrawals!

Source: Reddit

Click through and let us know which notes are your faves too!

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Don’t Park Like A Tool.

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Source: Reddit


The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Trend Is Taking The Nation By Storm From High Schools To Pro Football Teams

We can’t keep up with all these Twitter challenges. It seems like there’s a new one blowing up the internet every day! The latest in this craze of crazes is the Mannequin Challenge, in which a group of people freeze entirely while the cameraman takes a video walking around and among them in an eerie way. It sounds simple but it comes out looking really cool… if you can pull it off.

We detected a bit of movement in the very first video, posted by some kids from Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida, but it was only for a second. Since that video, kids seem to have it down, sometimes getting what seems like their entire school to nail it together!

However, we think the most impressive videos are the ones with sports teams, because not only are they frozen in place while playing a game (as opposed to the fake fights that seem to be over-popular with the teenage crowd), but they’re using their muscle tone to pose in some really interesting ways.

The Buffalo Bills even got in on the trend, choosing for their venue an airplane that they must’ve completely taken over. Props to them for fitting in social media challenges to their busy schedule! Check out the other trending Mannequin Challenge champs and let us know who you think did it best!

Clever Siblings Won’t Stop Pranking Each Other By Hiding A Tina Belcher Cutout Around The House

If you were an only child growing up, there were probably times that you wished you had a sibling. On the flip side, if you grew up with a sibling, there were probably times you wished you were an only child. However, two siblings in Indiana are probably caught somewhere in the middle. The brother and sister duo love and hate to prank each other, especially with one particular prop.

Ben Freeman decided to get his older sister, Molly Freeman, who is a fan of the Fox cartoon Bob’s Burgers, a “life-size” cutout of Tina Belcher. Tina is the eldest of the Belcher family in the cartoon and is obsessed with butts, boys, and badges from her Thundergirls/Girl Scouts membership. Any fan of the show would probably be pretty stoked to get a cutout of Tina, and Molly definitely was. “I could not stop laughing,” said Molly. “It was hilarious.”

Source: Twitter @molly_freeman

Since Molly got the cutout of Tina, a prank war has ensued in the Freeman house. The two siblings started to hide Tina in increasingly clever nooks around the house in attempts to scare each other. “We’ve hid her in the shower, we’ve hid her in the windows, in my closet, and under bed covers, so when you pull them back she’s laying there,” Molly said. The two siblings say they are both living in constant fear ready for Tina to pop up anywhere.

The pics the Freeman teens have shared via Twitter have made the internet super jealous of their sibling prank war. Tina, true to her Bob’s Burgers character, is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Source: Twitter @molly_freeman
Source: Twitter @molly_freeman
Source: Twitter @molly_freeman
Source: Twitter @molly_freeman

Momma Duck Quacking For Help Leads To A Tense Duckling Rescue

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to focus on ourselves, and sometimes forget that we share this world with millions of other organisms. There are other animals all around us, even in urban settings.

One man in Phoenix, AZ was out taking a walk recently and noticed a feathered friend quacking at him. A lone duck stood by a grate off the side of the road  repeatedly quacking. The good Samaritan noticed that in addition to the quacks, he was also hearing little chirps. After deciding to get a little closer to investigate, he quickly noticed that this mama duck’s baby ducklings had slipped through the grate and into the pit below. She was standing guard of her roost and trying to flag down some help.

The man enlisted the help of the Phoenix Fire Department who soon arrived at the scene to help the ducklings in distress. While the firemen got to work figuring out a way to help get these little guys out of the storm drain, the mama duck flew in circles overhead to keep an eye on her babies. Luckily, the fireman found a cooler nearby, got into the storm drain and were able to rescue all nine ducklings safe and sound!

After safely pulling the ducklings out of the drain, mama duck had settled in a neighbor’s yard nearby. The firemen were able to release the little duckling back into mama’s care. While mama duck learned a hard lesson about watching where she steps, she was lucky enough to find a kind-hearted fellow Earthling or two to help her out!

How to Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Why is it that making friends as an adult can be both the hardest and most awkward social situation of all time? In your school days you could just latch onto the kid next to you, play a game or two and be instant friends forever. You can’t do that as adult, see someone at a coffee shop drinking your same order talk to them and just immediately become buds. Nope, adulthood is the stage in life where trying to make friends is a fine line between creepy and appealing with a bunch of social media mixed in. Luckily, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are you’ve got a decent friend pool right next door. That’s right – look to your neighbors. However, if you’ve never met them, how can you go about making that first introduction?


According to a survey from, 61% of Americans would like to know more of their neighbors. Aren’t we a nosy bunch? Honestly, a sense of community and knowing those around you is important! Irene S. Levine, a psychologist and friendship expert, who wasn’t involved in the study, says that, “Getting to know your neighbors can be very beneficial both for emotional and logistic reasons. It’s nice to feel part of a community and to not feel like a stranger in your own neighborhood, and there also may be times when you need to call on a neighbor for help.”

Okay – it’s great for your health, but how do you do it?

Dish out some compliments, but don’t be fake about it. Maybe your neighbor has a puppy, or a killer handbag – consider those all conversation starters! “Friendships often start by finding what two people have in common,” says Levine. “Complimenting not only makes that person feel good, but you’re showing an interest in some choice that they’ve made.” Now for the creeper warning, don’t smother them and try to avoid anything that makes it sound like you’re actively watching them like, “I saw you come out of your building…” in fact how about just never say that in general.

Try showing off those pearly whites! “People forget how important it is to smile and make eye contact,” says Levine. Take your eyes off your smart phone and try looking around, it makes you infinitely more approachable and open to a chat.


Join a group, club or a meetup. Got kids? You’re basically a sure-in. Playgrounds are full of other parents looking for local playgroups. No baby to speak of, don’t worry! There is something out there for everyone,  running clubs, book clubs, or dinner clubs, all are a great way to meet people you already have something in common with. Not sure where to start, peruse for some great options in your area!

The easiest of all to get to know neighbors is to say hello to the new folks as they move in. “When somebody new moves onto the block, it’s an easy opportunity to welcome them,” says Levine. Stopping by to introduce yourself with some treats goes a long way.