Tips to Give a Great Housewarming Gift

Buying the perfect housewarming gift can be challenging; it’s hard to strike a balance between getting a useful gift that new homeowners will actually use and making it meaningful. However, this list makes it easy to find something for anyone moving into a new space. All the items on it solve that conundrum by walking the fine line between enjoyable and useful:

  • Create a unique (but simple!) piece of artwork. This short-term framed piece tells people that the new residents have big plans for their art collection… one day.
  • Give them a DIY tool kit. Even if they have tools already, the most frustrating part of moving is that you can never find anything. Having a screw driver or extension cord on hand will quickly have your friends singing your praises.
  • Personalize a cutting board for them. This is simple, decorative, and easy to order, and it’ll make them feel at home every time they look at it.
  • A fire extinguisher that isn’t an eyesore. Every kitchen needs one, but often people neglect to buy them right away because they’re just so industrial and ugly. Give a practical and yet classy gift to your friends (and hope they never have to use it!)
  • Build them a customizable basket. This requires a little thought, but it’s really a sweet gesture. Does their new place have a garden they’re excited about? Give them a plant and some tools. Do they love your grandmother’s banana bread recipe? Bake them a loaf and then frame the recipe for them to follow! The possibilities are endless!
  • Give them an ipod shower speaker. This one is just cool. Everyone needs this.
  • Finally, help them plant some roots at their new place. This tree-in-a-bag is not only a cute garden idea, but the symbolism is simple and sweet. Plus, every time they look at their new tree, they’ll think of you!

Clever Doormats for Your Home

First impressions are everything. From how you shake someone’s hand to how you say hello, people’s first impressions can dictate their entire opinion of you. Just like when someone meets YOU for the first time, when you welcome someone into your home, you want to set the right impression about your space, and some of these amazing doormats might just do the trick.

Perhaps you don’t even want your doormat to be welcoming at all, which is why this begrudging doormat is perfect for your hermit self.


If you’re into something more utilitarian and perhaps more selfish, then this helpful doormat that has no intent on welcoming guests, but instead is based on reminders is perfect for you.


For those who love pop culture references, AND want to compliment their guests, this mat has it all.


If you’d rather embarrass your guests a little as they walk into your home, and have a mind that lives exclusively in the gutter, this mat from Urban Outfitters has your name all over it.



If you want to prepare your guests for what sort of furry friends reside inside your home, and also tell them that you are totally obsessed with your pets, then these mats have got your back.


Easy Shower Cleaning Tips

We hate to break it to you, but your shower is probably pretty gross. Hard water and product build up don’t make that humid mess of a shower any less messy. We’re sure it’s not entirely your fault, cleaning a shower is a bit of a pain! No matter what the commercials say, those scrubbing bubbles don’t always cut it. So consider this your quick and easy guide to cleaning up where you clean up.


You’re going to need to start with supplies

  1. Get a good tile and tub cleaner. The harder the cleaner works, the less work you’ll have to do. Just make sure the cleaning product is safe for whatever material your shower tile and tub are made of.
  2. Find the a good quality sponge, don’t cheap out on this one or it might crap out on you. You’re going to want something double sided, but non abrasive. You’re going to have bigger problems than just a dirty shower if you scratch the crap out of it.
  3. It’s also a good idea to have a microfiber drying cloth, squeegee and some baking soda to make sure all your hard cleaning work doesn’t go to waste, of course if you have glass doors on your shower, you might want to get your hands on some white vinegar too.


Let the cleaning commence!

  1. Take all of your stuff out of the shower. Shampoo, out!  Conditioner out!
  2. Put that tile and tub cleaner to work. Start by spray down the tile portion of the shower and let it sit for a few minutes.
  3. After the cleaning product has sat for a while, break out that sponge and get to scrubbing. Try starting at one side of the shower and making your way to the other to make sure you don’t miss a spot.
  4. If you have any tough to clean spots, sprinkle some of that baking soda on the sponge and get to work with that elbow grease.
  5. Now that the walls are clean, time to move to the tub. Spray it down with the cleaner and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then let the scrubbing begin!
  6. Time to rinse! This part is way easier with a removable shower head. Take the shower head and start by spray down the walls of the shower, top to bottom, moving from one side to the other like you did with the scrubbing part. If you don’t have a removable shower, then you can run the water, fill up a jug you have handy and poor it down the walls to rinse them off.
  7. Once everything is rinsed, bust on that squeegee and get all the extra water off the walls and tub. Follow the squeegee with the microfiber cloth to make sure everything is dry.


Now, let’s get you in a routine of regularly cleaning your shower. For reals the more often you clean it, the less messy it will be. The longer you let your shower go, the dirtier it will be, and the dirtier it is, the longer it takes to clean. Crazy,  right?

How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar carts are a sign of classiness and sophistication. Nothing says “adulting” quite like having a place for your alcohol and all bar accessories that isn’t that one shelf in the back of the pantry by the pasta. However, bar carts can be expensive, and often needlessly so. The following DIY steps prove that you can style and stock your own bar cart for pennies compared to what you would pay for one pre-made, and this way the cart really looks like yours!


  • Choose a surface. So we know what you’re thinking, “Don’t I want a cart?” Well, yes, sure, but you don’t have to be married to the “cart” aspect of your bar. Carts are cool because they’re mobile, and you can easily make one by attaching wheels to a small bookcase or drawer set, but you could also use a table, sideboard, or simply a spare corner of counter space. Design this space however you want. Go classy, go funky, use mirrors or cool contact paper; make it yours!
  • Get rid of all your old, cheap, or ugly liquor. You don’t have to throw it away, but maybe keep it in that sad pantry corner we discussed before. Your new bar cart is a place for fancy liquor you’re not ashamed of.
  • Get some proper bar equipment. This means matching martini shakers, bottle openers, ice buckets and tongs, and glasses. Nice, uniform glasses, made of real glass. You can do it.


  • Decide on a few signature cocktail recipes you want to master and become really, really good at making them. Have the ingredients on stock so you can offer your friends more than just a gin-and-whatever-soda-I-have when they come over.
  • Slice and chop fruit and herb garnishes ahead of time, and then use them as decorations. Keep them out on the cart during a party, and consider typing up the recipes that call for them for a cute, make-your-own set up! Your friends will be impressed by how legit your bar cart is, and you will be too!