The Patriotic Man Romper Makes it Debut at the Indy 500

When 33 year old Indianapolis costume designer Jess West created a patriotic male romper for the upcoming Indy 500, she meant it as a joke. She posted it on Facebook hoping it would draw attention to her website, where she makes costumes from pop culture staples like Dr. Who, Batman, and Gremlins. However, a lot of people look one look at the romper – which features a bald eagle/flag pattern, checkered racing flags, and a zipper right up the front – and thought, heck yes I want to wear that!

Jess got 15 orders (at a pretty $125 a pop) for the hilarious rompers before she had to stop taking them, because the race was just days away! And while some of them won’t be quite as patriotic as the first (it also said “HOME OF THE FREE MERICA” on the back), they’ll still follow the red/white/blue theme with fabrics that have rocket pops or fireworks printed on them. “That is what people associate with the Indy 500 – American racing,” Jess says. She should know, she’s been a racing fan all her life.

While the rompers are being made without the measurements of the men who ordered them, the customers are able to shorten the length of the legs, and the drawstring around the middle means there’s some definite wiggle room with sizing. However, for Jess, the most crucial element of the whole ensemble is the zipper down the front. It can be worn all the way zipped up (just like the pros!) or hilariously open to the navel, which we predict will happen more and more as the day goes on. Plus, as a woman who owns a few rompers, Jess knows a thing or two about the struggles of using the restroom when you’re in a one-piece. “That’s everyone’s first question for me, ‘How am I going to go to the bathroom?’ I got you.” Functional and stylish? Well that’s just good design!