Adele Opens Up About Post-Natal Depression

Adele is known for being a “woman’s woman,” with her soulful music and brutal honesty about her life and womanhood. Whether she sings about it or talks about it candidly, Adele has been a quintessential figurehead in the media who accurately depicts what it’s like being a real woman, rather than a Hollywood version of one.

And, she’s at it again, thankfully. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she opens up about her experience with postpartum depression after giving birth to her son. She admits that she has been a naturally melancholy person her whole life, and prone to depression, which is why it was not surprising to her that she suffered from a bout of postpartum depression.

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 “I can slip in and out of it quite easily. It started when my granddad died when I was about 10, and while I never had a suicidal thought, I have been in therapy, lots. But I haven’t had that feeling since I had my son and snapped out of my postpartum depression,” she told Vanity Fair.

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The songstress admits that she sometimes wishes she could escape the demands of motherhood, and that it was a journey for her to realize that she was feeling totally natural feelings. “I love my son more than anything, but on a daily basis, if I have a minute or two, I wish I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, whenever I want. Every single day I feel like that,” said Adele.

Like many women who suffer from postpartum depression, Adele admits that she was embarrassed by it and didn’t want to talk to people about what she was going through. For Adele, her way through her period of depression was talking to other mothers about what they were all going through and taking time for herself to maintain her own mental clarity.

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Momma Duck Quacking For Help Leads To A Tense Duckling Rescue

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to focus on ourselves, and sometimes forget that we share this world with millions of other organisms. There are other animals all around us, even in urban settings.

One man in Phoenix, AZ was out taking a walk recently and noticed a feathered friend quacking at him. A lone duck stood by a grate off the side of the road  repeatedly quacking. The good Samaritan noticed that in addition to the quacks, he was also hearing little chirps. After deciding to get a little closer to investigate, he quickly noticed that this mama duck’s baby ducklings had slipped through the grate and into the pit below. She was standing guard of her roost and trying to flag down some help.

The man enlisted the help of the Phoenix Fire Department who soon arrived at the scene to help the ducklings in distress. While the firemen got to work figuring out a way to help get these little guys out of the storm drain, the mama duck flew in circles overhead to keep an eye on her babies. Luckily, the fireman found a cooler nearby, got into the storm drain and were able to rescue all nine ducklings safe and sound!

After safely pulling the ducklings out of the drain, mama duck had settled in a neighbor’s yard nearby. The firemen were able to release the little duckling back into mama’s care. While mama duck learned a hard lesson about watching where she steps, she was lucky enough to find a kind-hearted fellow Earthling or two to help her out!

4-Year-Old Honors Late Mother By Wearing Her Wedding Dress In Beautiful Photo Shoot

Losing a loved one is never easy, and losing a parent is particularly difficult.

Little Nora Davis, a 4-year-old from North Carolina, may only have a few memories of her mother as she grows up, but thanks to a dying wish and idea of her mother, Amber Davis, she’ll have some understanding of how much her mother loved her.

Amber Davis was diagnosed with a rare type of cervical cancer only a couple years after having Nora. Though Amber went through radiation and chemotherapy, she ultimately lost her battle with the cancer and passed away at the age of 27. Before passing, however, she had the idea of doing a photoshoot of Nora in her wedding dress. Amber’s husband and Nora’s father, Derek Davis, dressed his daughter in Amber’s wedding dress, wedding band, and diamond earrings and they headed to the exact same wedding venue where the couple got married years prior.


Photographer Heidi Spillane says the shoot was a beautiful way to pay tribute to the bond that mothers and daughters share, even after death. “She saw it as a way for Nora to remember her Mama once she passed away,” says Spillane. “She wanted me to promise I would do it when she was gone.”


According to Spillane, it wasn’t a sad day. It was emotional, but enjoyable, and Nora loved every moment. “She was beaming with pride in her mommy’s dress,” says Spillane. “She loved every minute of it. She would look at the picture of her mom standing in the same spot and touch the dress. It was a really special thing to witness.”


Pregnant Muay Thai Champion Shuts Down Haters Who Criticized Her For Still Training

A lot of us struggle just to get to the gym on a consistent basis. With work, social lives, commute time, and stuff like school, making working out a priority can be hard to do. However, this isn’t the case for Caley Reece. She is a six-time Muay Thai champion, who hasn’t let a little thing like being 40 weeks pregnant stop her from working out!

The martial arts queen still crushes high intensity workouts and spars with a partner in a very controlled setting, of course. Her body looks incredible because of it, but Reece has gotten a lot of criticism for working out this hard so late in her pregnancy. However, she’s responded by saying it’s right for her, and that she’s being super careful.

“There’s so much I can’t do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row (twisting), any power, any speed and quick footwork or changes, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up. It simply means, I make do with what I have,” she commented.








We think this is an excellent strategy to have, and one that a lot of injured athletes adopt as well. If your arm is broken, for example, work on your other arm and your legs. Adapt.

Reece says that she stays motivated to workout because, “I don’t have an excuse not to. It takes a reason, not an excuse and if I don’t have a reason, then that’s not good enough for me.” That’s one tough mama, if you ask us! She’s an inspiration for people to work out more.

Although seriously, if she can get her big pregnant belly into the gym, we should be able to do some crunches. However, she’s also proving that you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle when you become a parent. You can be a good mom and still be able to do what you love most in your life. Way to go, Caley Reece, and congrats!

Hospital Staff Dresses Premature Newborns In Superhero Capes To Help Them Fight For Lives

Now for news that will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Nurses and volunteers in a Kansas City hospital decided to dress up the babies born prematurely in handmade felt costumes, most of which were superheroes!


Having a baby born prematurely is extremely hard for parents, who often have to leave their child in the hospital for weeks or months after birth, so they can grow stronger and bigger. Babies fight for their lives in small incubators, and it can be incredibly challenging for parents to watch them do so when they can so rarely hold them.


However, with the help of some very kind people, the nurses at the NICU surprised parents for their baby’s first Halloween by dressing them up. They also provided them with a card that reads, “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!” and has their baby’s footprints on it. On top of all that, they gave them a Halloween children’s book and a small pumpkin filled with goodies.


“The parents were able to choose their babies’ costumes to match the babies’ personalities,” said Michelle Manuel, director of media relations for the hospital. Most of them picked superheroes because of the struggle their children are already in because of the complications that come with being born early.


Is there anything cuter than seeing a tiny infant underneath a Captain America shield? These babies, though they may not realize it yet, are already superheroes. This hospital is amazing for pointing that out! Happy first Halloween, little ones!