People’s Vote Will Decide What Place Names Will Be On The New Australia Monopoly

Ah, Monopoly. The game that ends friendships and makes your brother overturn tables. A time-honored tradition of torture and humiliation. 


The game that brought us the most tearful and frustrating family game nights of our childhood is now revamping itself for Australia. And, in the spirit of democracy and good-natured competition, Hasbro is letting people vote online for which of their favorite Australian locales will appear on the board. However, Hasbro seems to have learned a thing or two from previous online competitions where people vote to name things (Boaty McBoatface, anyone?), and is providing options for people to choose from this time.


This is really unfortunate, because Australia has some of the best-named places out there. Hasbro did, however, figure out a way to make it a little more fun by allowing the vote to determine which of Australia’s six states gets the best real estate on the board. For instance, if Queensland gets the most votes, it will get the coveted expensive dark blue properties at the end of the game, right before GO. Leave it to Hasbro to make this fun process of designing their new board a competition between real geographical states. It’s like a giant, puppeteer version of Monopoly, and all of Australia is the board.


If you’d like to vote, you can do so all month at Monopoly Australia. The finished game will be ready next summer… if the states of Australia don’t go to war with each other over who claims the best spots, that is. Hey, we know it sounds far fetched, but so does your adult sister crying because she had to sell you Park Place to pay her utility bill, and that really happened.