Bride And Groom Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Tom Hanks Crashes Their Photo Shoot

What’s the male equivalent of America’s Sweetheart? Whatever it is, Tom Hanks is it. He’s graced our screens for over 35 years, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We also love when Tom Hanks pops up in our lives in delightfully unexpected places. This happened on Saturday to couple Ryan and Elizabeth, who just so happened to be taking photos for their wedding after the big event.

Along with photographer Meg Miller, the happy newlyweds were setting up in New York’s Central Park when Mr. Hanks jogged by in sweats and a hoodie. Because he’s America’s Sweetheart (yes, we’re just giving him the title), Hanks paused in his run and joined the couple for an impromptu photo shoot, producing some wedding photos we’re sure they’re never going to forget!

Can you imagine getting photobombed by Tom Hanks on the happiest day of your life?

The bride looks absolutely speechless, and we have to hand it to Ryan for having a smile that says, “You’re a huge celebrity, no big deal. I shake hands with tons of people all the time!”

Hanks himself even snapped a selfie with Ryan and Elizabeth and tweeted it (what?!) with the caption, “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and Blessings! Hanx.”

That’s right, America’s Sweetheart and all-around-adorable-guy Tom Hanks has his own cool twitter sign off, “Hanx.”

Congrats to Ryan and Elizabeth on their wedding, and on the most incredible wedding photos we’ve ever seen!