London Police Officer Walks Up To Dancing Pig And Challenges Him To An Epic Dance Off

Who doesn’t love a good dance battle? Come on, there have even been huge studio films made in honor of the dance battle. Step Up, You Got Serve, Stomp the Yard, Save the Last Dance? Well move over Channing Tatum, there’s a new dancing cutie in town and his name is Percy the Pig.

Last week, Kingston Police in London participated in Marks and Spencer’s 24-hour dance-a-thon to support the Macmillan Cancer charity. Not one to turn his back on the dance floor, Officer Dan Graham stepped up against one talented pig. Don’t worry though, Officer Graham totally pop-locked, cha-cha’d and moonwalked to victory!

Kingston Police posted the video on Facebook and Twitter with the caption, “Couple of pigs having a dance off.” Don’t worry, they didn’t mean anything insulting by it, clarifying that to them PIGS stands for Pride Integrity and Guts! People couldn’t get enough! The video has been viewed over 500K times and when you see it, you know why!

Macmillan Charity Dance Off

Couple of pigs having a dance off.

Kingston Police 发布于 2016年9月16日