Reese Witherspoon Launches A Multimedia Brand For Women

With the news today being, well, as truly unbelievable as it is, the world could use more happy, positive, humorous and uplifting stories, and Reese Witherspoon couldn’t agree more. Witherspoon recently announced that her production company Pacific Standard will become part of a new company she is co-founding called Hello Sunshine.

Hello Sunshine aims to be a “cross-platform brand and consumer-facing content company dedicated to telling female-driven stories,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Planning to launch in 2017, the new site ( will create, curate, and bring you the most powerful content to uplift women worldwide.

Witherspoon’s production company, which produced Gone Girl and Wild, which starred Witherspoon herself, has been dedicated to creating films that tell women’s stories. Hello Sunshine, according to Witherspoon, will only help further her passion to do just that.

“My lifelong passion has been to tell women’s stories with authenticity and humor. This partnership will allow me to reach a greater audience that is eager for more female driven content,” said Witherspoon about the new venture.

The company will be chaired by other like-minded individuals, like Kerry Tucker who used to serve as Executive Vice President of Victoria’s Secret, and also used to be head of marketing for all aspects of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – both serious girl power brands in their own unique ways.

Hello Sunshine is on its way. See you soon! ☀️

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Witherspoon is both excited and hopeful for the future of women and Hello Sunshine.

“Hello Sunshine is deeply committed to creating content that will reach women where they spend time, whether it is at a movie theater, at home or on their mobile device,” said Witherspoon. “Women are looking for entertainment that speaks to them about what they value. Hello Sunshine will make content that entertains, educates and brings women together.”

Pregnant Muay Thai Champion Shuts Down Haters Who Criticized Her For Still Training

A lot of us struggle just to get to the gym on a consistent basis. With work, social lives, commute time, and stuff like school, making working out a priority can be hard to do. However, this isn’t the case for Caley Reece. She is a six-time Muay Thai champion, who hasn’t let a little thing like being 40 weeks pregnant stop her from working out!

The martial arts queen still crushes high intensity workouts and spars with a partner in a very controlled setting, of course. Her body looks incredible because of it, but Reece has gotten a lot of criticism for working out this hard so late in her pregnancy. However, she’s responded by saying it’s right for her, and that she’s being super careful.

“There’s so much I can’t do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row (twisting), any power, any speed and quick footwork or changes, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up. It simply means, I make do with what I have,” she commented.








We think this is an excellent strategy to have, and one that a lot of injured athletes adopt as well. If your arm is broken, for example, work on your other arm and your legs. Adapt.

Reece says that she stays motivated to workout because, “I don’t have an excuse not to. It takes a reason, not an excuse and if I don’t have a reason, then that’s not good enough for me.” That’s one tough mama, if you ask us! She’s an inspiration for people to work out more.

Although seriously, if she can get her big pregnant belly into the gym, we should be able to do some crunches. However, she’s also proving that you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle when you become a parent. You can be a good mom and still be able to do what you love most in your life. Way to go, Caley Reece, and congrats!

This Simple Task Helps Prevent Depression According To Recent Study

Happiness is a difficult thing to define. Sometimes we seek happiness in a fleeting sense, like a delicious piece of cake or a night out with friends. Most of the time, we seek happiness in a long-term sense, like being satisfied with our jobs, what we contribute to society, or building a family. However, sometimes try as we might to make ourselves happy, mental disorders like major depressive disorder cannot be escaped, especially if you’re a woman.


One in ten Americans report having major depressive disorder (MDD), with it being twice as likely to occur in women than men. When in a depressive episode, it’s hard to pull yourself out of it, but once out of the episode most people want to focus on preventing a relapse. There is a glimmer of hope out there for those that suffer from MDD, according to some new studies that have been released.


According to one study in Translational Psychiatry, adopting a minimal cardio routine and practicing light meditation on a daily basis can decrease one’s chance of depression as much as 40 percent. In support of this study, a new study to be released in Preventive Medicine suggests that people who do not regularly have cardiorespiratory exercise routines have a 75% higher risk of suffering from depression. Both studies suggest that the cardio workouts performed to stave off depression do not need to be of marathoner-intensity. Instead the exercise can be 30 minute workout sessions, “at at a heart rate intensity range determined by their individual baseline fitness assessment,” meaning within your own comfort zone, yet still challenging.


The combination of meditation and cardio is referred to as MAP Training, which has been shown to trigger activity in the hippocampus of the brain. In contrast, studies of individuals with MDD have been shown to have reduced hippcampal volume. MAP Training stimulates the reduced hippocampus in the brains of those who have experiences MDD, therefore, theoretically reducing the risk of another MDD episode.

Luckily, if either cardio or meditation is something you really don’t think you can stomach, other studies have significantly shown that either one of these exercises alone can still help reduce chances of depression.

Woman Hires Jewler To Handcraft Historical Ring For Incredible Proposal To Her BF

When you’ve met the love of your life, you usually figure out pretty quickly that you want to spend the rest of your days together. For some people, that means getting married right away. For others, it may not mean marriage at all. For Sonja Lishchynki and her boyfriend of 11 years, Stefan Dumas, they simply were just in no rush.

Though Lishchynki and Dumas had known they wanted to be together forever, the couple was in no urgency to make it official. However, Lishchynki decided that when it was time to make it official, she wanted to make a big deal out of it and make it something worth remembering. Two years ago, Lishchynki decided it was time to get engaged, and that she wanted to do the proposing. But, there was a catch.


Dumas is a descendant of the famous Alexandre Dumas, who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. His family obviously has a very rich history, including an heirloom signet ring that unfortunately disappeared when the Dumas family moved to North America. Lishchynki knew that this was the ring she wanted to propose to Dumas with but knew it would take some time to find it.


She reached out to historians and did a lot of her own research to gather as much information as she could about the ring and what it looked like. She then hired a Hungarian jeweler to recreate the signet ring in the “old way” to get it as close to the original as possible, the entire research and jewelry creation taking 18 months.


When the ring was finally ready, Lishchynki planned a trip for her and Dumas to go to Prague. She hired a photographer under the guise of a regular photo shoot with the couple and their dog. They had done a photo shoot on a previous vacation, so Dumas was none the wiser to Lishchynki’s plan. She then popped the question in the beautifully picturesque Czech city. He, of course, said yes!


27-Year-Old Woman To Become First Ever Female To Visit Every Country On Earth

Cassandra De Pecol is on track to getting her name in the Guinness Book of World Records, and we are insanely jealous of her. This 27-year-old’s claim to fame is going to be the first documented woman, the youngest American, and the fastest traveler ever to visit all 196 countries in the world!

After a 1 hour and 15 minute fast paced uphill trek, I arrived at Paro Taktsang. The pilgrimage was like something out of Avatar, a dream to trek, through low hanging clouds with a harrowing drop at any given moment on either side. Prayer flags swayed through the pines, prayer wheels spinning in the breeze, and tsa-tsas (ashes of the dead) wedged between crevices of stone. Passing over a bridge and waterfall and up the last flight of stairs, I entered one of the chambers where I was completely alone. Tip-toeing past the glowing butter candles and sacred relics, I kneeled on a rug, cracked open an aged window and rested my head on the windowsill to reflect and admire the massive 2,000ft plunge into the vast Himalayan valley below, as clouds swiftly passed. Without my phone or camera equipment, I was able to consciously enjoy this moment in peace. 🏔 • • • #expedition196 #everycountryintheworld

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Her journey is nothing short of incredible, especially since she has only been doing this since July 2015! Cassandra has 40 days to go and 15 countries remaining, and by the way she also visited 11 additional countries not listed as “sovereign” and thus not counted in the 196. What have you been doing lately?

Of course, Cassandra isn’t doing this all by herself. Her trip, called Expedition 196, has so far been estimated to cost about $200,000 but is fully paid for by sponsors, and she’s traveling as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

She also gets some free accommodations by advertising the places she visits on her Instagram account, which has over 227,000 followers!

On the account and on her Twitter, you can track Cassandra’s experiences from meeting lion cubs to snorkeling with jellyfish to touring ancient ruins. This girl has seen more of the world in the past 18 months than most people will ever see of it, and she hasn’t even hit her thirties yet! Seriously, she’s my hero.

Track her journey for the next month and see if she makes it – we’re betting she does because it doesn’t look like anything holds this girl back!

Get electrocuted while trying to take selfie with a cow in Liechtenstein… ✔️ You were worth it, cow. • • • #Expedition196

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